Lil W’s Truck and Car Room

Before Lil W was born I decorated his room in the traditional light blue and white with touches of chocolate brown.  It was sweet, but I think I mostly went that direction because I was too unsure of my style to do what I really wanted–and that was to add some color and whimsy.  Flash forward two years…now I know my style a bit more and I have a toddler obsessed with cars and trucks–and so a theme for Lil W’s big boy room emerged.

It’s nothing too flashy. The room isn’t compiled of the pottery barn furniture I dream of or the perfectly coastal and colonial wainscoting.
But it’s personal, and it’s fun. And most of what you see is handmade.
So have a look around.

Canvas car art tutorial coming soon.

Penant banner from Trisha B. Designs.
Fabric Memo Board tutorial.
Clipboard wall idea from here.

Lil W painted this canvas and then I had it framed at Joann’s.
Mod Podge Wall Art tutorial.

 These shelves are from Ikea–and they are perfect for Lil W’s books.
That sweet, adorable, handcrafted owl was a gift to Lil W from BOObeloobies.

Car bedding from Target.
Lil W’s favorites get a spot on the bed. Elmo, Cookie Monster, Monkey and Bippity the Basset .
You seriously gotta check out Boobeloobie–the most unique, and adorable handcrafted toys from Africa. They’re the kinda toys you keep and pass down to your future generations.

I love this t-shirt shag rug.

Clever clipboard wall idea taken from here.

You may remember this yellow frame project. And while it turned out cute, it didn’t stand the test of time. By the time I was ready to hang it, the glue had decided to come apart, so I need to do some repair work before I get it up.  But you can still see the tutorial here.

You can see my craft room here.
My kitchen here.
My family room here.

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  1. what a fab room for a little boy to grow up in!! such great ideas in there…i’m gonna have to get on my grind and do a few of them for my little man!!

  2. Such a big boy room. It turned out great. I love the t-shirt shag rug. Did you make it?

  3. So cute! I love the car bed and the stuffed animals!

  4. It looks great!!! Love all the bright colors. Can we come over and play???
    Happy Saturday.

  5. Love it!

  6. Love it! It looks great!

  7. Adorable, perfect for a little toddler growing into a boy. You did a great job. This was always a bitter sweet transition for me with mine. xoxo

  8. looks great! of course all i can see is aLLLL of the toys that I would have to pick up about five times a day im working of trying to teach my oldest to clean up after himself when he moves his festivities into another room but i dont think its going so well right now…lol

  9. I adore every inch of this. I think our boys are twins – they’re in to all the exact same things: cars, Sesame Street, slides & art 🙂 must be a boy thing. I’m slowly transitioning Ben’s room for the monkey theme we had for his nursery to encompass more of his personality – I think I’ll be taking several queues from your kiddos room! Good job!! 🙂

  10. So cute! My little man has had those same toy bins {purchased from Target years ago} and we LOVE them! He is sitting in my lap and says he “woves” Lil W’s red race car bed! You did a great job missy! 🙂

  11. I love his room Ashley. Did you see the monogram race car track that I made for Mason? It would go perfectly in BabyDub’s room.

  12. Lindsay Lee says:

    Lil W is so lucky to have you as a momma! You did an amazing job Ash! Landyn wants to come play in Wes’s cool room 🙂 xoxo

  13. Adorable! Oh my goodness how does he go to bed in there! I feel like mine would get out of bed nonstop to okay. its so cute tho!

    Pamela @

  14. love, love, love this room!!! Thanks for sharing!! xo

  15. man i gotta redo wilder’s room. it’s just so FULL of toys! love the primary colors, ashley.

  16. Such a bright and cheerful room! Love it!

  17. big fan of the car bed. wish i could get a 6′ long one.

  18. My FAVORITE part of the room is all of his artwork on display. From a momma of 9 and 7 year old girls, I never realized what in impact this had until my older daughter told me that seeing her art hanging in our house made her feel special .

    Great job LMM!

  19. ashley, it’s adorable. nice work dear! love all the handmade whimsy!

  20. looks awesome! i love how you used so much of lil w’s own artwork to decorate, makes it so cute and personal 🙂

  21. What a cute room! love all the bright colors in his room!

  22. Very cute it turned out great! My question is how does he not play with all those fun toys when bedtime rolls around?

  23. His room is so cute! I love all the bright colors. I also love how you displayed his coloring on clip boards and hung them on the wall.

  24. Too cute! I love how you decorated his room with his own art. 🙂

  25. I love how creative you are. I like how you desplayed all his artwork!! I recently had my kids paint on canvas. I am trying to figure out where to display their work. They are so proud of what they did!

  26. Great job! I’m sure it will take your little guy a long time to discover all the fun stuff you have incorporated in his room.

  27. Awesome boy’s room! Love everything about it, especially the cool car bed. It’s so bright and colorful, I’d wanna hang out in this room myself!

  28. We are doing “transportation” for Gav’s room too. I started it before the baby came but can not find the motivation to finish it. Maybe because it’s always pitch dark in there. We had to put a dark curtain in the window because he can’t nap unless it’s dark. I need to get movin’ before he can tell me he doesn’t want to car room anymore. lol

  29. I love Lil W’s room. It contains happy bright colors! love colors!! Thanks for sharing!

  30. That’s the perfect room for a little boy!

  31. So crafty and inspiring. Your little ones toy bins resemble mine. My little dude loves Cookie, Abby, and Elmo.

  32. can you please tell me what those shelves are called from ikea? ive seen the spice racks turned into shelves but i dont see those kind on the website anywhere 🙁

  33. Such a cute room for a little boy! I bet my son would have loved to have this room when he was younger! I always adored those racecar beds 😉

  34. Auntie Bubbie says:

    Cookie Monster and Burt or Ernie (I can never tell who is who) look like they are having a conversation, REALLY.
    Looking at each other and everything. LOL

  35. I love the bedding but cant seem to find it. do you know the name/brand/site that I can purchase it from. its exactly what I am looking for. great room, I love it!!


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