Master Bedroom Decor Inspiration

Our bedroom before mold…I didn’t dislike our old master bedroom–but it’s a bit too warm and dark for our taste.  Also, it’s officially time to retire those Target throw pillows. Tutorial for fabric banner here.
mold 5During mold demo. Pure chaos.

If you’ve been following along with our mold saga, then you know we first noticed the smell in our bedroom, ick!  Discovery of mold under the carpet led to complete demo of everything in our room: we ripped up all the flooring, cut into the dry wall, removed all the base boards, etc.  The mold has since been removed and the house passed an air quality test, YAY!  So now it’s time to put the room back together.

We’ve already built a really cool plank wall and put down hardwood floor that matches the rest of the house.  And now that we’re moved back home (from the hotel), we are excited to give our room a fresh look.  For me, re-decorating can usually seem completely overwhelming.  I feel like I get distracted by the beautiful tastes and decor of friends and bloggers I admire.  It becomes easy to lose sight of my own sense of style in favor of the modern/boho vibes that have been tugging at my heart strings.  But as much as I love minimalist, gypsy inspired decor,  that’s not what’s at my core.  My core design style, through and through, dare I say it…is…country!   Not toll painting and raffia style country–more of a mixed woods, quilts and English florals type of country.  Maybe country isn’t the right word, but for lack of a better description, that’s what I’m going with.  How did I determine my core style, you ask?  Remember this post I wrote back in February–where I talk about the exercise I completed by the girls of A Beautiful Mess:

Read more about the exercise here and check out their book. Anyway, completing this exercise started me down a path to re-discovering my core style and has helped me be less distracted by all the other fabulous trends out there.  Before I pull the trigger on anything for our master bedroom, I decided to put together a virtual inspiration board of sorts–words and images that come to mind when I think of our dream bedroom (keeping in mind we are putting this room together on a tiny budget).

Words that describe our dream bedroom:
lived in
mixed woods
English garden
modern farmhouse
white and gray
crochet and knits
white wash
light and bright

And now, for the images that capture elements of our dream room:

What I love about this space: Pretty much everything. I love that it’s predominantly “cool”, with hints of warmth found in the baskets, rug and flooring.  I LOVE the bench at the foot of the bed with extra basket storage for blankets and pillows.  I love the mixed patterns of the pillows.

What I love about this space:  the floors are perfection!  If I weren’t trying to match the floors in the rest of our home, this is for sure the direction I would have gone.  I love all the mixed shades of white and the mixed woods. I absolutely love the small farm style bench and oversized basket at the foot of the bed.

e4ce372f147122b83becd1c93024a816 {Source}
What I love about this space:  the texture!!! Oh how I love all the different textures and shades of cream and white.  And that oversized knot blanket, I’m dying! I also love that this has an old world vibe mixed with some boho accents.  No matter how country my style goes,  I’ll never turn down a good piece of macrame art! And living in California, macrame is about the only piece of art we can safely hang above our heads because of earth quakes.

What I love about this space: Again with the texture. My dream master bedroom must feel cozy!

What I love about this space:  I love the all white with touches of gray.  I’m especially smitten with the crochet throw!  And that woven gray rug along side the bed!

Hannah+Billberg+och+Don+Nayao35051_sovrum {Source}
What I love about this space:  This space best captures the mix between my core style and those boho styles I also gravitate toward.  White, lace, vintage, wall planks, pops of color, texture and mixed fabrics.  Swoon!

What I love about this space:  Again, this entire room doesn’t reflect my core style, but I want to try to mix in some elements like this awesome bedroom chair with a throw pillow.  I’ve always wanted a chair in our bedroom but we don’t have a ton of room for an oversized one–this one would be perfect. 
What I love about this space: Everything! Several years ago Ben and I took a trip to visit Ben’s parents in England.  I fell in love with the charm and decor. And I also discovered Cath Kidston.  This room reminds me of that special trip.  I love the layers, the pops of color, the mixed patterns, the chipped wood, and that piece of art!!!

What I love about this space:  I love the layers.  And I love anything with gingham–especially gray gingham.  I also feel like our room will need a rug to help soften all the wood.  A classic jute rug feels like the best way to add a cozy feel without attracting too much attention.

What I love about this space: Vintage quilts at the foot of the bed, yes please!  And blue. I’ve always liked blue.  The sea glass lamp and the vintage furniture and planked walls.  Heaven!

Stay tuned for what we finally come up with! if you have any ideas, I would love for you to leave links or tips in the comments.

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  • Reply
    Suzi Hammond
    October 7, 2015 at 12:13 am

    If you need somewhere for those old target pillows to go I just moved into our house and could manage to find a spot ?

  • Reply
    October 7, 2015 at 12:44 am

    Eeeekkkkkkkkk, sorry I might of just fallen into decor love. 🙂 really love the styling. I have to admit, being from he UK and living in Canada I miss Cath Kidson and Laura Ashley, just a little bit of shabby chic to add a bit of ….. Homeliness *smiles*. Sorry drifted off then.

    I can’t wait till we either go back home or make the decision to put roots down here so I can try and mix up the Candian and the shabby chic styles. Can’t wait to see more. And great news being mold free 🙂

  • Reply
    October 7, 2015 at 5:25 am

    I think I’m going to need to read that book soon. I have no clue what my style is, but I know that even though I love what I see on Pinterest, it’s just not me…

    I did make that fabric wall hanging back in ’13 for my boys’ bedroom and I still love it! Thanks for the great ideas and good luck in your reno! I look forward to seeing what you all choose!

  • Reply
    October 23, 2015 at 12:30 pm

    We’re redoing our room right now. I wish I could have all of these in one room! My favorite is the chunky hand knit blanket though!

  • Reply
    November 4, 2015 at 2:40 am

    I love your style!

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