How to Curl Your Hair: Wavy Curls

How to Curl Your Hair: Wavy Curls
Wavy hair makes me happy.  It means less blow drying, less brushing, less straightening, and more volume.
Wavy hair tutorial

Many of you have emailed me wondering how I get the lose wavy curls in my hair.
And honestly, I can’t take the credit.
I watched this tutorial on The Daybook and it changed my life.
Seriously, any tutorial that cuts the time it takes me to do my hair in HALF, is life altering.  Watch Sydney’s tutorial, it will change you life too.

However, we all have different hair, and therefore need different techniques to make certain styles work for us.  So I do a few things different than The Daybook, to make the look work for me.

And here’s what I do to create my messy wavy curls:

How to curl your hair

My products:
Big Sexy Hair Spray
Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves
1.5 inch barrel curling iron
Straightener {optional} 

Hair products for wavy hair

Wonder waves

First I take a shower at night.
I brush through my hair, then spray about 4 pumps of the Wonder Waves. I part my hair the way I wear it normally. Then I scrunch my hair lightly, and wait for it to air dry. Sometimes, I blow dry my bangs so they don’t get to crazy. Once my hair is air dry {damp} I pull it back in a lose braid, and tuck my bangs behind my ears.
Then I go to bed.
When I wake up I look like this:

Morning hair

A lot of my hair has fallen out of the braid, but that’s ok.
Also note that I don’t braid my hair all the way to the bottom. I leave about 3.5 inches because I don’t like when the bottom of my hair gets all kinked.

Morning hair braid

Then I un-braid my hair. And it is in ULTRA messy/stringy waves. 

Messy morning hair

And I have cowlicks on my bangs.

Hair cowlick

So I take my straightener to my bangs.  I pull down all the front pieces and I straighten them together, curling the straightener under at the ends, so that the ends of my hair curl around my face just a bit.
Note: you must roll your eyes to the back of your head for this straightening technique to really work, see photo for reference.

Hair bangs

I also straighten out any other weird kinked parts of my hair. I tend to like the soft straight look on top, and the curled look on the bottom–so I often straighten the top of my hair about 3 inches down, all the way around my head.

Straightened hair

Now I am ready to start curling.  I put half my hair up in a pony tail.
What’s that? You’re noticing that my hair looks a bit weird like this…

Sectioned hair

That’s because this is where you can see my hair extensions.  They make up about 25% of my hair.  They don’t add any length, but they add volume.  Read this, if you’re new here and wondering why I need extensions.

Hair weave

I take the first chunk of hair, about this much…

Sectioned hair to curl

And then I start curling from the MIDDLE first.
This is the MOST important trick I learned from Sydney.  I always wondered why my curls would fall out so quickly in the past–then I learned, that if you start your curl half way up the strand, it lasts waaaayyy longer.

How to curl your hair with a curling iron

Leave the curling iron there for about 10 seconds. Then loosen the grip and pull the curling iron down to the end of your hair.

Curling hair with curling iron

Then re-roll it all the way up to the top.

Roll hair onto curling iron

Wait another 5-10 seconds and then slowly release the hair.

Curling hair with curling iron

Curled hair

Then I use my fingers to lightly separate the curls.

Run fingers through curl

Continue this step with the remaining hair.

More curled hair

Then take your hair out of the pony tail, and follow the same steps on the top. I like to curl the strands in front AWAY from my face–that way they have more of a “Charlie’s Angels” look.

Wavy curls

Then spray once over with your hair spray.

Wavy curls tutorial

And that’s it.
I can usually get this to last 2 days before washing again {or putting it up in a baseball cap}.

Wavy hair tutorial

A bit messy, a bit curly–that’s the way I like it.
How to curl your hair wavy curls

Check out some of my other hair tutorials here.beach waves short hairHow To: Beach Waves with Short Hair

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  1. You do have nice hair! Mine is the kind that doesn't keep curl very long. I am going to try the "curl the middle first" idea and see if it works for me. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Nina @ Momma Go Round says:

    Ok nerd, and you thought that shirt wouldn't look as cute with that skirt….WRONG! So glad you got the different color, it looks adorable and is a little branch out. How the pockets doing?

  3. Candace Boice says:

    Such a cute look! I have super curly hair, but sometimes wish I could get softer curls, but it unfortunately only gets frizzy

    • Christina says:

      I also have curly, frizzy hair. The best way I found was to use deep moisture conditioner in the shower. Rinse out and add leave in conditioner. I let my hair air dry completely before flat ironing the top few inches and then curling the rest. Then I take my curl cream (iI use all ag on my hair ) and a little bit of aran oils and finger comb it through my hair, give it a little scrunch and go.
      Alternately, if you want to try no heat, to the exact same thing but use flex rods overnight.
      I’ve tried blow drying before curling but once it’s blow dried it won’t hold artificial curl

  4. Jayna Rae says:

    Do you have to re-curl later in the day, or for day two?
    Just wondering.
    Always looks awesome.
    Cute outfit. I can't wait to see a wider shot for full effect.

  5. You need to stop being so cute and wonderful and amazing.

    No, just kidding…don't.

    Just move to Utah so we can hang out. 😉


  6. Thank you for posting this!!! I was just telling Hubby tonight that I have GOT to figure out something to do with this hair 🙂 Cannot wait to give this a try!!!

  7. I adore your hair – thank you for sharing this!

  8. Thanks for sharing this! I always need hair style tips. This is perfect for moms!! I have to wash my hair at night and I never know what to do with it but now I do… Thanks again!

  9. Sarah @ The Bird's Papaya says:

    great tutorial! I have short hair, so it's no good to me, but I still loved reading it. When I had long hair I did a lot of the same techniques, except used a straighener and "ribboned" my hair instead. Super fun 🙂

  10. Resourceful Red says:

    Big Sexy Hair is my go-to for my waves too! Love it!
    Have you tried Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Conditioning Spray? Its awesome!!

  11. Miranda says:

    I can't wait til my hair gets a little longer and I can make it curly without it being poofy.
    Yours is adorable!


  12. thank you for this post! my hair is super long and boring and ive been wanting to try new styles!

    also, i have that shirt… so im super excited to see how you wear it!!

  13. Erica @ Acire Adventures says:

    Yay! I've been wishing for this tutorial. Your hair looks amazing. 🙂

  14. Heather Mullin says:

    Thank you for sharing your hair secret! I am so excited to try it now! YAY! Hope you have an awesome day!

  15. T!ffany says:

    Fabulous Tutorial. I needed that and I've been wanting this look. 🙂 Thanks. I'm going to try it. You have gorgeous hair!


  16. live.laugh.photograph says:

    SUPER cute! I love your hair though… you could do anything with it and I would love it! haha

  17. MKR Creations says:

    Wow! It looks gorgeous!

  18. Your too cute! love ya tons! your hair always looks great…even in a messy bedhead braid! 🙂

  19. beau&lindee says:

    LOVE THIS. thanks for the tip, i will be trying it!
    new follower:)
    follow me here

  20. beau&lindee says:

    LOVE THIS. thanks for the tip, i will be trying it!
    new follower:)
    follow me here

  21. beautiful!

  22. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    I think your hair is beautiful! You did a great job with the tutorial. 🙂 I actually posted about a bad hair cut today…maybe when my hair grows out again, I can try your technique. For now, it's hot rollers to add some volume for me. 🙁

  23. Natalia Lynn says:

    I love this and have been wanting to try it for so long! I need a curling iron first!

  24. Thanks for the tips. I'm definitely going to have to give this a try because my hair is STRAIGHT and usually doesn't hold a curl. But I've never heard the tip where you curl starting in the middle so maybe it will work for me!

  25. Jamie Rubeis says:

    Hmmm. Interesting! Looks easy enough, but wait until I go try it. I am sure to have some issues!

  26. This couldn't have been more timely. I have long hair and it's really thick and kind of curly/wavy (needs to be tamed)… this might be a great trick for me. And the shower at night is key b/c I don't have the time in the a.m. to really spend time doing my hair. thanks for sharing!!

  27. wow i so wish you had this up sat. lol i was researching how to curl my hair like this for a bachlorette party. BUT i am so thankful you put this up thankyou because of course i have rehearsal dinner and my birthday coming up so this technique will come in handy

  28. Michelle Life Buy The Beach says:

    anything to cut the hair prep time down. I'm gonna try this!

  29. What Sadie Did says:

    I need to try this – looks great! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Sadie x

  30. The Brownings says:

    Hey girlie!
    I have some questions about your extensions actually!! I used to have the ones that you put in with beads but have taken them out. I've used the clip in ones before and love them. Is that what you use? Do you sleep in them? Is there product that you use to keep them in?
    Thanks love!!!

    • Jenny

      You should try Great Length extensions. They are not put in like the ones above. They are attached individually to your hair for a really natural look. They are pricy, but it is real hair and they last about 4 months. I’ve had mine for over ten years (not the same pair!)

  31. I have always wanted my hair to look like yours but it end up looking nothing like that lol. Gorgeous hair you have. I will have to try Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves. Thanks for this lovely tutorial.

  32. Candace says:

    I LOVE your blog…I noticed in your pictures your super cute accessory holder…where did you get that? I have never seen anything like it?

  33. meg anthony says:

    Thank you for this! So sad that we all need help on how to curl our hair…but I most definitely do!

  34. jalopy and gray says:

    I'm honestly surprised there haven't been any, "GASP, OMGosh you don't wash your hair everyday" posts. Anytime I mention to people I wash my hair about every 3 days they act like I may be too dirty to be their friend! Your hair is gorgeous, and so are you! Thanks for the post!

  35. So pretty! 🙂

  36. Kara @ Nest Candy says:

    Okay, your hair is absolutely awesome! I love the color and texture and EVERYTHING! Not to mention you are gorgeous, so it all just goes together. There is really no point to my comment, other than to tell you I think you are gorgeous and this was a great tutorial. Thanks!

  37. Love this. It is just what I needed. You and I have similar hair. Mine is long, layered, not straight, but not curly either. It usually lives in a ponytail during the week. I already used the Garnier product and had a large curling iron… so I tried your curl from the middle technique this morning – AWESOMENESS! I feel like a movie star today and I only had to put 10 minutes into it. My kids aren't going to know who I am when they wake up 🙂

  38. Celesa Felix says:

    You are seriously too cute! I have found your blog from I Heart Nap Time! You both are so amazing and talented. I am so glad I have found you both. Thanks for the tutorial. This makes me wish I had my long hair again.

  39. love it, tried it, did it, blogged about it!!

    Stacey @ Maple Bacon and Beavertails.

  40. Question #1: When we gonna see this (what looks to be adorable) outfit post?!?!

    Quesiton #2: How do you tie your belts?

    Thanks hun! 🙂

  41. I admire the beneficial facts you offer in your articles . Thank you so much for sharing! I'm sharing this hair extensions article that we have. This would surely be of great help to you.

  42. Hi
    I saw this a little while ago but finally just tried it. OMGSH! This has made doing my hair so much easier. I like to wear it curly but I get the Keratin treatment done every 3 months and for like the first month I cant do much with my hair. I tried this and my curls actually stayed and looked awesome. Thank You!

    PS I love your blog. You are gorgeous and have the cutest style 🙂

  43. I am fortunate to have naturally wavy, curly hair. But it also has the natural potential to be frizzy, awkward, flat with ugly hill-like waves, or going-all-over the-place hair if I were to make one mistake: BRUSHING!!

    I always comb-out my conditioner-soaked hair with my FINGERS while showering and NEVER ever take a brush or comb to it thereafter. I “scrunch” my hair a bit while the conditioner is in it, rinse it, then lightly towel dry it while scrunching with my hanrds. I then wait for it to slightly air dry while I’m doing my makeup, then spritz it with a light-hold hairspray while scrunching again.

    All hair is different, and I may just be really really lucky, but this is my secret to the natural curl/wave. Sometimes, to add a bit more volume, curl, and direction, I’ll use a curling iron. Also, just to note, I have my hair cut in layers, which I also think is vital for the look.

    It’s worth a shot! 🙂

  44. Ooooh, I cant wait to try this! Has anybody ever told you, you look just like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen?? Thanks for the tute!

  45. JAnice Hiff says:

    My hairdresser started selling Shielo’s Antioxidant Leave in Protectant spray a year ago and i decided to try it, though i was hesitant. I couldnt imagine that 1 product would actually do all that this one claimed to. I tried it for a week with no other styling products, and since that week i have been a believer! This product is amazing.

    I have SUPER THICK curly hair that i blow dry straight and flat iron. The Shielo Antioxidant Spray leaves it feeling amazing. My hair is shiny, silky, soft and not damaged at all. I will not ever stop using this product. I have tried various styling products for years and have never had such amazing results. It really does do everything it claims. It’s also nice to only have to use 1 styling product as opposed to the 2,3, and sometimes even 4 that i was previously using.

  46. Rebekahlovesbeingamommy says:

    i love this hair style. I usually straighten mine but been wanting to do something diffferent and i think this will work. Plus i’m thinking bout doing my hair like this for prom. and wont take much time so i can still chase my son down and wont worry bout my hiar looking bad or taking too long.

  47. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I really appreciate it and can’t wait to try it!

  48. Thanks for the great post!!

    My questions is: how do you wear it to bed to get a second day out of this style?


  49. Great tips. I use that curling iron too.. works well 🙂

  50. So clicked on your link through pinterest because who DOESN’T want to learn to curl their hair, ESPECIALLY when it looks as nice as yours. BUT the link to Daybook tutorial is no longer posted!. Bummer. Besides that, enough info that I’ll be trying, first – curling iron and I’ll be in business!. Thanks. PS… I can get by with wavy curls with my flatiron too – my hairdresser SWEARS you only need that, but I’m from a time when we ALWAYS used a curling Iron, so I’m a bit more partial to that. Thanks.

  51. Great post – and I would love to get the tutorials that you mention – but the links don’t work. Have they gone elsewhere? Can you re-post them possibly? Thanks! 🙂

  52. Love it! I always wear my hair wavy because I find it much easier too. Spend the extra time styling once and then it looks great until I wash it again! Much less fussing.

  53. emily ellis says:

    LOVE this tutorial and your hair is absolutely fabulous! On another note, has anyone told you that you look just like the Olsen twins?! crazy. But thanks for the great tutorial definitely going to try this soon!

  54. Has anyone ever told you that you look like one of the Olsen twins?

    Beautiful curls! Loved the tutorial.


  55. Katie R. says:

    Loved the tutorial…super helpful! What do you do with your hair overnight to keep it from becoming a tangled mess????

  56. Chastity says:

    Wow – thank you so much for the wonderful advise! I always wondered why my curls fell out so fast also! I will be doing my hair like this in the next few days and can’t wait! I love trying new things with my hair!

    Also – I thought I would let you know that you are very pretty, when I first saw you I thought you looked like Jennifer Nettles mixed with Jennifer Aniston!

  57. Gorgeous curls, great tutorial! & I love your camera strap! 🙂

  58. You are so beautiful! Great hair tutorial, though it’ll never work on my long and thick hair… Nothing ever works on my hair.
    I just sent you an e-mail saying this, but your blog is great!

  59. You make me sick!! Lol sorry …. I just mean… when you wake up your hair is NOT messy AT ALL!! I’d wear my hair just like how yours is when you wake up if mine looked like that! My hair naturally curly, but it’s the frizzy kind of curls, icky. I love this although I may have to start with STRAIGHT hair first.

  60. Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!!!!! I can never get my hair curly! 😀

  61. Great tips! I just started a blog of my own, check it out! –J.B.

  62. This is EXACTLY how I curl my hair and it works & holds everytime … I skip the night before stuff though .. but I have got some natural wave to my hair so it holds pretty well regardless … But curling from the middle is the key … Just be carefull not to have the iron too hot .. it’ll kink the hair … and make sure you don’t fold the bottom part of the hair cuz that’ll kink it too 🙂
    Great pics & tips – thanks!

  63. Hi! I found you on pinterest. What brand curling iron is that?

  64. you re beautiful and love the hair! i loveee your wedding ring!!! this is probably a weird question but i have to ask, do you have any idea where it is from or the designer?

  65. The above post easily described how to curl your hairs by using virgin human hair extensions for waving and strangling colorful style hairs.

  66. You may have already answered this, but I’ve been told it is a good idea to make your curls go both ways (like turning the iron each time). When I try this it tends to be a hot mess. Do you do all of your curls going the same direction? Other than the pieces around your face? Thanks! Super cute!!!

  67. hahaha Ashley, I got to this page from Pinterest. I clicked the pin not knowing where it would take me, but it led me to you! of course it did, you’re the best! just thought it was funny 🙂 thanks for posting pretty lady! <3

  68. I tried this today and it worked perfectly! I love it! I’ve been wondering how to create waves like this, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  69. Another Mother says:

    Thank you so much for this post. This may be what my son has. He was 5 last year when he pulled out a chunk of hair. My older son was really sick at the time and my younger son was really nervous for him. We have been to the dermatologist and he was diagnosed with Alopecia, but that never felt right and it hasn’t happened again. I’m going to look into this, as I’m constantly waiting for when he will pull out another mass of hair. Thank you again. You coming forward has helped another mother and I thank you!!

  70. Nice. thank u “momma”

  71. Oh my gosh! I have the same problem cowlick right at the bangs. I thought I was the only one. Mine is so funky that no one knows how to cut them. I also have a very high forehead, but bangs don’t work. My hair is so thick that it’s heavy and lays flat. I will try your idea of working with the cowlick, but I have a feeling it won’t with mine. Love the curls!

  72. Great tutorial! I’ll have to try this when my hair is long enough.

    Also, you look so much like Jennifer Aniston

  73. I came across your blog on pinterest and I am wonder where I can find wonder waves at? I tried 3 stores in my area and I’m concerned that it might have been discontinued and there is something else that you might use in its place. Your blog was very insightful.

  74. Do you sleep in your extensions?

    • Curious you should ask! I was going to private message to offer her some custom extensions! We custom make extensions- daily and extended. wear. Because they are 100% Human hair, you can sleep in them, shower, swim, all your normal activities.

  75. Actually no matter if someone doesn’t know then its up to other people that they will assist, so here it occurs.

  76. STLchick says:

    I’m looking forward to curling my hair now (just gotta wait for the right occasion/have the extra time). I was wondering what brand curler/straightener you use/recommend and if you use any heat protectant (which do you recommend?) Thanks for sharing!

  77. I wish my hair would do this! It is super thin and straight and doesn’t hold much curl. But, I am going to try it anyways. Maybe I have been doing something wrong this whole time.


    P.S. I love the camera strap.

  78. I tried this this morning, and my hair looks awesome! I haven’t had a hair day this good in a long time. Mine turned out less curly at the ends, but more beach-wavy, but I like it all the same. I normally can’t get this much volume, so I think curling it at the roots first is the way to go. I also used Tresseme curl enhancing spray for a little extra stick to the curls.

  79. You look like the Olsen twins! Lol thanks for the help!

  80. BeautyLove says:

    Omg I bought this amazing curling iron here at TomoBeauty it heated up so quick and made my curls so bouncy……I got a great discount 30off100…..I’m tellin you girls try it out maybe even review their website….I’ve never seen anyone do that……

  81. Thanks , I’ve recently been looking for info about this topic for a long time and yours is the greatest I’ve found out so far.
    But, what about the conclusion? Are you positive about the

  82. Did you make the camera strap???

  83. Thank you for this beach hair step by step….can’t wait to try it tonight.
    By the way, love your colorful camera sling strap…where can I buy it? Keep writing love your blog.

  84. Just used this to do my hair and it looks amazing! I could never make my curls look natural but now they do! Thank you so much 🙂

  85. Thanks for every other wonderful article. Where else may
    just anybody get that kind of info in such a perfect approach of
    writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I am on the search for such information.

  86. I LOVE THIS! My hair is always straight, limp, and boring… I wish I would’ve seen this first because I think I tried 1,000 things before I finally found something that worked for me. I’m still going to try this though! If you’re interested in trying out what worked for me you can get the instructions here and tell me what you think! xoxo, WearToStandOut

  87. Fine way of describing, and nice article to take facts regarding my
    presentation topic, which i am going to convey in academy.

  88. My brother suggested I may like this website. He used to be entirely right.
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  89. What product would I use to de-frizz my hair before I do these wavy curls?

  90. The link for the hair tutorials by Sydney and the other one do not work!

  91. I would adore to retire in San Raphael, France on the Mediterranean Sea. It is so beautiful! I’d also perform on learning French since pretty few men and women there speak English.

  92. Hey I love this ! I’m gonna try it this week. I hve extremely short hair that doesn’t ever grow so I wear extensions for length and volume. In this blog you say you do this at night and what not do you also spray and sleep in your extensions ?
    Thank you !

  93. I have really thin hair myself for numerous reasons. I used to pull it. Now it seems like it won’t grow back. What different types of extensions have you tried? And what seems to be the best for the price/time they last? Mine is so thin I’m afraid you could see them when my hair is pulled up. On one side you can almost see straight through it it seems like.

    • Not to sell on your site, but I work with medical patients, male-patterned baldness, and with clients with thin, thinning, and fine hair. email any questions you may have!

  94. Hey I love this ! I’m gonna try it this week.

  95. シャネル 巾着

  96. but what if you have a wand? i would love a video tutorial if you could do one! specifically with a wand! i have the chi wand curler thing. thanks!!

  97. So I love the tutorial! I have extensions too but I find that they get tangled with the slightest move. I have read that is super common. Do you have that problem? how do you counter it?

    • Are your extensions human hair? They shouldn’t tangle so easily. Our extensions are 100% Human and I find when they are dry or dirty the can become less manageable. Try a dry shampoo and a dry oil spray on “stiff” days. Hope this helps!

  98. Amazing 🙂 I have to try out some extensions and see how it looks. So far I’ve been pretty happy with my karmin g3 clipless curling iron so I’m goign to keep on experimenting with it!

  99. Awesome! and Fab! Thanks for sharing this. 😉

  100. Your hair looks amazing! I am going to try to incorporate some of that into my routine. I love that you don’t use the hair dryer, since you are using a curling iron!

  101. You look quite doable.

  102. Calli T. says:

    Wow, your hair is gorgeous. Thanks for posting this!

  103. Do you know why curling it in the middle first helps? I’m super curious now!

  104. My problem is… 1. cant braid my hair and expect it to be dry the next morning. Even if I wash it at 3pm and do a very loose braid.
    2. if I place any additional hair on my head I wont be able to keep it up.

    Summary: cursed with straight hair forever.

  105. Heather says:

    I’m getting th curling iron kinks in my hair… I think I’m doing something wrong. How are you holding the iron when start to curl the middle? Like you’re going to curl your hair under or over? I’ve got the basic concept but those kinks are keeping mine from looking like yours 🙁

  106. Howdy! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a team of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same niche.

    Your blog provided us useful information to work on. You have done a wonderful job!

  107. I pretty much only clicked on this because you look so much like Mary Kate and Ashley Olson I had to see if it was actually one of them.. crazy!

  108. Lydia Blank says:

    Holy crap you’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen ! 😮

  109. Easy instructions. Thank you. You mentioned you like to write every day. May I suggest you edit carefully as you misspell several common words that are important to know how to spell at your age. For example “loose”, not lose.

  110. Thank you so much! For the first time in my life, I’m able to curl my hair nicely ^__^

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  114. You just saved my life.. I was almost in TEARS trying to curl my hair and then I came upon your tutorial. Now I have adorable ringlets and I can’t thank you enough!!

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