It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas–in pictures.
As the boys get older, this time of year becomes more and more exciting.
Man do I love seeing the holidays through their eyes.

Christmas Fireplace 1
Christmas Mantle
Joy sign // holly garland // felt balls

felt garland
Deer Bust
Deer Bust // Merry Christmas sign, local // white tree, local

christmas fireplace decor
Christmas Living Room
christmas family room decor
christmas end table
It’s a bit of a tradition for Ben to get me an updated “personalized” ornament or plaque as our family grows.  I love watching out collection grow.

stocking plaque
Christmas Books
I like to keep our Christmas books out as part of our “Christmas room”. We read them together more this way.

burlap merry christmas banner
Burlap Merry Christmas Banner

merry christmas felt banner
Felt Merry Christmas banner // Ornament Banner Kit made by Wesley
I love using the chalkboard to hang all of Wesley’s holiday art work.

barn owl christmas sign
Merry Christmas sign

felt tree and chalkboard
Hot air balloon wall art

felt christmas tree with ornaments diy
I made this felt Christmas tree banner using a handful of tutorials I found on Pinterest (not one in particular). Search “felt Christmas tree” on pinterest and you’ll find a bunch.  The kids LOVE it.

boys playing with tree
felt tree diy
paint christmas treesLoving that Wesley is old enough for Christmas crafting. I picked these up at michaels and wesley painted them a few shades of Christmas green. Now i get to pull them out every year and smile about his 4 year old art skills.
wes painting tree
wes trees
have yourself a merry little christmas
I ended up moving the Merry Christmas sign outside to welcome people at the front door.
santa burlap pillow
My mom made me these burlap Christmas pillows.
snowflake and joy pillow
Snowflake pillow cover // joy pillow from target
merry merry pillows
Merry Merry pillow cover

This santa teddy bear was mine when I was a little girl.

let it snow pillow
Let it snow pillow cover

wesley ornament
Crazy and ecclectic would be the best way to describe our mod podge of a Christmas tree. A collection of ornaments that stir up my favorite holiday memories. Ornaments from my childhood, my moms childhood, from early in our marriage, handmade by my grandmother and mother-in-law, and ornaments marking our Children’s milestones. I look forward to pulling these out every year!
silver ornaments
My mom’s when she was a little girl.
peace ornament
One year I had an ALL peace sign Christmas tree–my grandma made me this one to add to it.

baby ornament
Sawyer’s birthday ornament
ashley deer ornament
Mine when I was a little girl.
our first christmas
fox ornament
sawyer ornament
Lisa Leonard Ornaments
Personalized pewter ornaments.
lisa leonard stocking ornament
peace christmas tree
colorful ornaments
Would love for you to share your Christmas decor in the comments.

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  1. Everything about this is perfection! I love your style! I think we could be the best of friends. Ha! Now I am THAT girl… For reals though, you are darling, your family is darling, and your decor is darling!

  2. Ashley Fuller says:

    I love this! I tried to go to the tutorial for the felt Christmas tree. It would take me to Pinterest, but from there I couldn’t get the link in the pin to work. Were you just looking at the pin when you made it? Please let me know if there is a tutorial that you used that breaks down how much felt you need and any templates, etc for ornaments. Thank you!!

  3. I absolutely love your mantel and all the pillows. I need to get myself some pillows…I am slacking this year. So far, I only have my mantel decorated and have my tree :/ Here is my decorations so far

  4. Ashley, this is such a beautiful space. Good job! Loving all the whites with pops of color.

  5. Very cute! Love the colors! My holiday decor is very rustic…. Lots of deer and moose 😉

  6. LOVE your use of color!! So, so pretty!!

  7. Love all your Christmas decor! Your front room is awesome, love the stack of Christmas books too. We need more Christmas books in our home!

  8. Your house is so beautiful! I love it. You are my home decor/organization/style idol!

  9. Oh what a beautiful home. Don’t forget to write Wes and the year under the green trees that he painted, so cute. Thanks for sharing, great fun. God Bless!

  10. I desperately need to know where you got the hot air balloon picture! please please please!!

  11. I love the ornaments that ‘stir up memories’! It makes me all kinds of sad to see those Better Homes and Gardens-type trees with only new, shiny, boring ornaments to create a “cohesive color story.” Booo!! The story is the beginning of the greatest joy ever to be born on Earth! Rock on with your beautiful decorations that focus on family!!

    I’m working on a post this week about my decorations. My husband and I hung up all our childhood toy tractors on our tree, along with a few other things. We both grew up on farms, so its dorky and personal! 😛

    Lovely home. Love it!

  12. I absolutely LOVE your 19 days until Christmas sign. Would you mind sharing where you got it?

  13. Ashley, this belongs in a magazine! Simply gorgeous! I wish I could come drink hot chocolate with you and soak it all in!!! miss you and love you! xoxo

  14. Wow, it’s also so beautiful and YOU! Love that felt tree , love the pewter ornaments!!

  15. I love it all. Your posts are always so inspiring and give me great perspective as I have just begun this parenting journey. Thank you.

    I’m also wondering if the extra stocking on the plaque has a special significance? Love this tradition.

  16. I love your house and design style. You should seriously go into decorating professionally. You have the touch.

  17. Gorgeous. I love how modernly
    Festive it all looks

  18. I love all of your bright and cheerful colors. I’m sure the boys think their home is a dream. 🙂 Here’s a couple of links to what our home looks like:

  19. LOVE the felt tree! So simple and my kids would love it! Where on earth do you buy felt that size??

  20. Ooh, I love your mix of Christmas ornaments ~ I thought I was the only one with a mish mash, but it’s one I love! And, I have the same oversized peace sign ornament, and I might up plop it on top of our Christmas tree too.

  21. So…Noisy me! Am I crazy to think they’re a blank stocking with a heart? Does that possibly mean that there is a yet to be named addition to the Stock family?

  22. Oh wow your Christmas decor is amazing!! So unique and so stylish…I love everything!

    Katie x

  23. You make me want a mantle so very badly!
    Love how colorful your holiday fireplace is!

  24. Hi, I was wondering where you got your plaque with the stockings above the fireplace. Thanks! Everything looks amazing.

  25. Monica White says:

    Where did you get your adorable christmas tree on the mantle with the red base? I love it

  26. So bright and cheery! Love how welcoming it feels 🙂 Our tree is the same way–a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but above all–lots of love and happy memories! Hope it was a very, merry one!

  27. This is beautiful! So bright and cheery. Where did you get the pom-pom on your mantel? I love it!

  28. Where di you get your mailbox? It is so cute..I’ve never seen one like that!

  29. The felt tree is amazing! How did you attach it to the wall?


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