My Favorite Things and a Freshly Picked Giveaway

WINNER: CONGRATS to Nicole Saldivar, you won the Freshly Picked Giveaway!
A while back I got the itch to start a second blog.
I know, crazy right. But my vision for this blog was simple. Super casual.
A blog where I could share my most favorite things with any of y’all who might be interested.  My favorite places to shop, gift ideas, clothes, toys, books, food, people–you name it.  Nothing fancy, just a series of quick posts about the things I love, things I’ve newly discovered and/or the things on my wish list.
Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 8.49.27 PMSo I did it.
I created this fun little space where I can show you what I’m excited about,
and you can even leave comments telling us about your favorite discoveries as well.
In celebration of my new Favorite Things blog,
I will be giving away a pair of one of my MOST favorite things ever.
A pair of Freshly Picked moccasins!
(Scroll to end of post to enter)

Freshly_Picked_Moccasin Giveaway

These little puppies are hands down my favorite part of Sawyer’s wardrobe.  Since he was itty bitty, Freshly Picked moccs have been the only shoes we can get to stay on his little feet.  Not to mention they capture his adventurous spirit so perfectly. I’m so excited for the lucky winner who will get to pick out any pair from the Freshly Picked shop!










Giveaway open to those with a U.S. shipping address only.
Winner will be announced Friday, November 29th.
Also, I would love for you to stop by and check out a few of my Favorite Things.

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  1. love the platinum!

  2. I love the WEATHERED BROWN ones. I have had my eye on them for some time now. I would love them for my new baby boy Marion!!!!

  3. Jennifer L says:

    My favorite color are any of the shiny ones!

  4. I LOVE the gold ones!

  5. Linda Montes says:

    I love the Red Rock Suede.

  6. Weathered brown!

  7. Amber underhile says:

    Love these! Thank you for this awesome giveaway! And super excited about your new blog!

  8. Oh, these are my faves. Can’t decide which ones to get my little girl.

  9. I have been wanting a pair so bad for my little guy. Fingers crossed!

  10. I love any pink ones or the chrome =)

  11. I would love the pink or turquoise!

  12. Sagan O'Gwin says:

    These are the perfect baby shoe! I love every one!

  13. Pink, pink, pink!

  14. Lisa Merkley says:

    Oh I would love these!! Baby #4 is coming in a few short weeks and she needs something special just for her since she will get hand me downs with most everything else!

  15. Sarah Gates says:

    I am totally in love with the Red Rock Suede Moccasins! They are so adorable!!

  16. Caitlin Johnson says:

    I love the blush mocs, and what a great giveaway! I have a niece that is on the way who definitely will be needing a pair of these 🙂

  17. Rachael Telford says:

    Love the “Elk Hide” ones. Love that mustardy color. Thank you for offering the giveaway!

  18. Danielle Burke says:

    I’ve been wanting these for Cash for awhile now! I love every stinkin color!

  19. Love them all !

  20. I love them all but the silver is really catching my eye!

  21. Thans for the chance to win some awesome moccs for my son! Now if only they will make adult sizes…. 😉

  22. I love the Emerald, or Mint.

  23. Leah Mitchell says:

    So adorable! And I would love to squeeze Sawyer.

  24. my little dude would look so scrumptious in these!

  25. LOVE the purple ones!

  26. Red rock!

  27. I love these! Just had my first baby 7 weeks ago after trying for 9 years. He needs a pair or 5!:)

  28. Would love a pair for our little guy due any day!

  29. My granddaughters would love the pink. Thanks for the chance.

    Your boys are darling!

  30. I would love the platinum for my little girl! I love these moccasins!

  31. The olive green, it captures fall so well. 🙂

  32. Woo Hoo! I’ve been wanting a pair of the weathered brown mocs for my son Griffin for awhile now but they’re just not in the budget. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  33. I need these for my precious babe!

  34. I would be over the moon if I won the pink ones!

  35. Weathered brown, love them!!

  36. Kelly Keitzer says:

    I love the yellow ones! They just seem so happy!

  37. Would love pink for my little girl

  38. The teal suede ones are too perfect!

  39. Love the pink!

  40. O my…i love them all!!! I would say teal or gold or maybe pink!! Thanks for the giveaway

  41. My favorite color is platinum, which we own… but I’m dying to add a blush pair to the collection. Love FP so much!

  42. The green or the blue ones are nice.

  43. i love the pink!

  44. Danielle Dykman says:

    We are all about pink! So definitely those cuties.

  45. Audrey crisp says:

    I love all the colors! Congrats on your new blog!!

  46. LOVE the gold ones!

  47. Love the blue and green!

  48. Oh, the pink ones are precious!

  49. Robin firestone says:

    I just got a pair and love love but with my babies feet growing so fast I need another!!

  50. I would pick the Chocolate brown but love all the colors!

  51. Whitney S. says:

    I love these! I like the navy blue ones or Prince George as they are called online. So cute!

  52. super cute!

  53. PuRpLe!

  54. Love the purple ones. My granddaughter would LOVE these!

  55. Purple and pink!!

  56. Nicole Urpsis says:

    We have a pair of platinum but would love to get the chrome or blush!

  57. Kristen Wilcox says:

    My mom always bought us moccasins when we were little and I’m so glad they’ve come back in style! Hope to win a purple pair for my Madison!

  58. Brianne lauer says:

    So stinkin’ cute!

  59. Who could pick a color, all so gorgeous!

  60. Steph Paul says:

    I Love the pink for my little girl:)

  61. I absolutely love these! They were the only shoes that I could keep on little Sophie’s feet for about the first year too.

  62. Kat Sonner says:

    I would have to keep it simple and pick Ebony. These shoes are adorable:)

  63. Candice jones says:

    I’ve admired these on sawyer as he’s grown up and have wanted a pair so bad. I love the Cobalt!!!

  64. I would choose red, pink, or one of the blues. So hard to choose, though!

  65. Love the mint and the chocolate ones, so cute. 🙂

  66. I love the weathered brown! So cute!

  67. I would love any pair for my son! They are adorable!

  68. Love them!

  69. The platinum rocks my socks!

  70. weathered brown!

  71. Love the gold!

  72. My baby is almost grown out of his only pair of freshly picked moccs. They are the only shoes he will wear so would love to win a pair, especially the Prince George!

  73. I love either the gold or the elk hide, I couldn’t decide!

  74. The copper would go with so much!

  75. My little one would look adorable in any color! I’ve always wanted a pair for her!

  76. SOOOOO adorable! I need these for my little guy! LOVE!

  77. Oh, I would love to win a pair of FP! Every color is adorable!

  78. Too cute! Great giveaway!

  79. I love the elk hide!!

  80. lOVE THESE!

  81. Jennifer R. says:

    These are too stinking cute!!! I would LOVE to win a pair for my granddaughter.

  82. I love the sand suede! So cute

  83. I love the weathered brown mocs!

  84. I adore the prince George, or the ox blood! So cute!

  85. platinum!

  86. Ashlie Anderson says:

    These are adorable. I don’t think I can pick one color, my little one needs them ALL!!

  87. So so cute. Trying to decide which would be best for my boy…blue maybe black? Congrats on your new blog!

  88. katie greenlaw says:

    Weathered brown, platinum…how does one chooses?

  89. Love that the weathered brown would work for boy or girl!

  90. I love the gold ones!!

  91. Katie McLennan says:

    I LOVE them all!! We would be so excited to add a pair to our little man’s wardrobe!

  92. I love the blush! But I have a boy so I think I’ll go for the cherry!

  93. would love to get these for my friends who are having babies!

  94. Red rock suede

  95. I love the cobalt suede!

  96. cerrisse wood says:

    Pink or purple for my little girl. I would love to get her first pair of moccs 🙂

  97. I love the weathered brown! Its a perfect color for a boy or girl! But I really love the platinum ones for my baby girl 🙂

  98. Love the weather brown for any future babies!

  99. These mocs are just too cute! I would love to get a pair for my soon-to-arrive neice!

  100. Matt Stringham says:

    I love the pink ones!

  101. love the tan/brown for a boy or a girl!

  102. I love the Mint, Elk Hide, & Cobalt!! Thanks for such a lovely giveaway! Good luck, mamas! : )

  103. So cute 🙂 Love those purple ones!

  104. Love the platinum!

  105. Love the turquoise

  106. love the green ones

  107. My 13-month-old is walking like crazy and I’d love to put these on him!

  108. I am in love with both the blush and gold ones!

  109. LOVE! All I can say is NEED NEED NEED!!!!

  110. green or yellow!!!

  111. I love Red Rock Suede…of course I don’t have kids yet, but wouldn’t these cute little moccasins be a good motivation to have some kids? 🙂

  112. I seriously enter to win a pair of these every chance I get!! I hope this is it this time!!

  113. I love the platinum

  114. Love these and congrats on your new blog 🙂

  115. Gold!!

  116. Kalie Kehler says:

    I love the weathered brown ones for my little guy!

  117. Weathered brown. Love!

  118. Christine F says:

    Love them all, but probably the distressed brown for my baby boy #2 coming in January!

  119. Love the gold!

  120. Love to win the distressed brown!

  121. Brittany M says:

    I love the smoke color!

  122. I love the pink and teal colors! They are all so adorable!

  123. Love the brown or pink ones!

  124. I like the pink pair for my little girl!

  125. Brianne C. says:

    I like the pink ones.

  126. PLATINUM!!!

  127. I have been wanting some of these for my little girl! I would love to win so I could get her some Platinum ones!

  128. I have been eyeing the oxblood since they came out! Perfect Fall/Winter color!

  129. I would love the Prince George, chocolate, or walnut for my little man!!

  130. I love their Gold and Blush moccs!

  131. Wendy Orme says:

    My little grandson would look great in chocolate brown.

  132. La La Love these!! Obsessed!!! I love the light brown ones!!!!

  133. LOVE THESE!!! So stinking cute 🙂

  134. I can’t decide. I like weathered brown, pumpkin and smoke a whole lot.

  135. I love these! My niece needs the little pink ones! She would look adorable in them!

  136. I love them all but the weathered brown and smoke are my top two

  137. I love the royal blue ones!

  138. I love the copper colored ones… They would look adorable on my little girl!

  139. Weathered Brown hands down!

  140. Sarah Schmid says:

    I like both the chocolate and the sapphire!

  141. LOVE the orange, hubby and son both adore the color orange!

  142. I would love Walnut or Ebony for my little guy who was born in September!

  143. Platinum will look absolutely fabulous on my little girl

  144. My favorite is the blue!

  145. I love the turquoise suede!

  146. Christy Johnson says:

    I am absolutely obsessed with Freshly Picked mocs! My favorite color is platinum!

  147. Love the lemon! So cheerful 🙂

  148. I’m pregnant, so this is the perfect giveaway!!! Babies in mocs are the cutest 🙂 I love the Walnut ones. So classic!


  149. Mandy Wilbert says:

    The pink ones are super cute!

  150. Katie Murry says:

    I love the weathered brown! Such a great color to go with all things!

  151. These are so cute! I’m pregnant with number two and these would be awesome to have!

  152. Love the yellow ones!

  153. Courtney E. says:

    Oh goodness! It’s a tie between the Red Rock Suede and the Weathered Brown leather! LOVE them both!

  154. This is so awesome! My favorite color is Walnut, but any would be perfect for my 9 month old.

  155. Sarah Ehlers says:

    I’d love the elk hide, pumpkin or smoke!

  156. I love the Sand Suede Moccasins – so cute!

  157. I love the classic look of the weathered brown suede moccasins. Perfect!

  158. I love the olive green suede ones!

  159. Bailey Baldwin says:

    I LOVE the weathered brown! Oh please please!!

  160. I like the frosted rose!

  161. I love the weathered brown ones for my nephew!!!

  162. I would love to have a pair of these for my little girl. 😉 Congrats on your new blog!

  163. Caitlin Weaver says:

    I love the turquoise suede pair, and elk hide!

  164. I’m in love with the gold moccasins. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  165. Love all of them! <3

  166. Love the brown suede!

  167. Your little boy is gorgeous!!!!!!! Prince George is my current fav!

  168. What a hard choice! I love them all, but the chocolate would go with a lot of my 18 month olds outfits. Fun giveaway and love all your favorites!!

  169. I get so many ideas for how to dress my little boy (when he gets here) from your blog! I absolutely love your pictures and your sweet posts.

  170. Oh and I am head over heels for the Prince George and oxblood moccs!

  171. I would love a pair for my girl! Every color is to die for!

  172. turqouis and blue! such cutie pie shoes!

  173. Can’t wait..Love the brown! It will by far get the most use 🙂

  174. I would love some pink moccasins!

  175. Love the platinum or gold!

  176. Weathered brown or rock red.

  177. Cherry, it’s so happy!

  178. Kara Selander says:

    There are so many colors I live but I think weathered brown is my favorite.

  179. light pink!!! for my little girl!! agh i want them!!!

  180. I love the red!

  181. I would pick the SMOKE – MOCCASIN

  182. Oohhh I love these!!

  183. Stephanie W says:

    i would LOVE to win. i’ve wanted a pair for my kids for a long time. i would get either the walnut or smoke.

  184. Would love to get a couple of these for my baby girl! Crossing my fingers….

  185. I’d love the smoke or weathered brown.

  186. Bright blue! Love it

  187. I love the pink for my little girl!

  188. The teal – so cute!!

  189. I love the gold or pink ones. Perfect for my little girl. 🙂

  190. Obsessed with the pink ones!!! You’re little boy defines precious, too!

  191. Love the platinum. Or maybe the gold.

  192. I love these! I’ve been eyeing them on Sawyer for months and would love some for my daughter!

  193. Gold!

  194. Sarah Goldsberry says:

    So excited to visit your new blog! Love seeing what fun things you find and appreciate that you share them with us 🙂

  195. I love Freshly Picked! I would love the Fool’s Gold mocs for my 6 month old. So cute!

  196. I have a little 4 mo old boy- would love these for him. Congrats on your new blog. All the hard work will pay off!

  197. Andrea Jensen says:

    Turquoise is so fun!

  198. Jaden Squires says:

    Obsessed with Ox Blood!

  199. Sheylo Torrence says:

    Love love the platinum!

  200. So cute! I love these!

  201. Annie Horcasitas says:

    Love the turquoise ones!!

  202. Erika Johanntges says:

    I Love Love Love all of the mocs!!! My absolute fav are the cobalt blue!

  203. I love all of the jewel tones!! I’d probably buy the emerald pair if I was lucky enough to win! Pick me!!

  204. Heidi Stingel says:

    Love the blue ones for my lil guy! 🙂

  205. Love the turquoise!

  206. Sarah Ford says:

    I want a pair in every color for my daughter!

  207. Love the moccs!

  208. Love the turquoise ones!!

  209. I love the smoke mocs. They are all amazing though!

  210. Meghan Ippoliti says:

    I adore the weathered brown!

  211. Katherine Delman says:

    Love your blog and these mocs! A killer combo 🙂

  212. I love the pumpkin moccs!

  213. I love these, and I adore you!!!!!

  214. I want the tam ones!!! hope i win!!! checkout my up and coming blog at Tresbebes! i have 3 boys!! Love Little miss momma

  215. These moccasins are so cute!! I’d love for my son to have a pair.

  216. Love the aqua color, would look so cute on my lil miss’ feet!

  217. These moccs are so amazing! I’ve always wanted a pair for my daughter! I window shop her site way to much. Husband can’t justify me getting a pair 🙁 Men are so mean!

  218. I love them ALL! But since I have a boy, I would like browns or blues!! 🙂

  219. Awesome giveaway. My daughter would like the pink or purple ones. Thanks

  220. I Love the bright Blue Shoes they are soo cute!

  221. I love the chocolate color!

  222. The weathered brown are wonderful! Honestly, there are so many to love! Great giveaway, thank you!!

  223. I love all the colors! Can’t choose…

  224. Awesome!

  225. Megan Downam says:

    I must have some sage green ones for my little Grey man!

  226. Love the blush color!

  227. All so cute love the pink ones!

  228. Sarah Quail says:

    Love the weathered brown!

  229. I love the platinum too. xoxo! thank you.

  230. I’ve loved and wanted the suede cobalt forever!

  231. Looove the mint ones for my daughter!

  232. Melissa Monroe says:

    Love brown for my baby boy! 🙂

  233. I’ve been dying over all the colors! I’d love to have the gold for a baby girl though!

  234. Megan Marino says:

    I love love love the weathered brown ones. So adorable!

  235. Kensley Ross says:

    I love all of them! I’d probably get the sand or red rock for my little guy, but I love the cobalt blue ones too!! Crossing my fingers we win!!

  236. Love the cobalt blue. My little grandson has such chubby feet that his mama couldn’t get a pair of shoes on him. We found these and they have been wonderful! Thanks for doing this.

  237. I seriously need these! Those cobalt blue ones are amazing!

  238. LOVE the green!

  239. My grandson is ready for the next size. We love these mocs. So much easier to get on than shoes!

  240. Jennalyn Wood says:

    I love the red ones!

  241. I LOVE the Prince George and the Chocolate! So sweet.

  242. I would love the Sapphire !!! 🙂

  243. I love the chocolate and smoke!

  244. At the moment it would be pumpkin- but how can you honestly pick just one?

  245. Honestly—I love how dressy the black ones look! 🙂

  246. Erin Lockhart says:

    I would be happy with any color! The pink is pretty cute though!

  247. I’ve been wanting a pair SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO bad for my little dude!! Any of the bright colors please!

  248. I love the old standby- weathered brown!

  249. Oh so adorable! Love the gold 🙂 Thanks!

  250. maybe brown…or gold?? 🙂

  251. I love these! The aqua are my favorite. I love putting my baby girl in colors other than pink!

  252. I love the walnut mocs the best!

  253. Sapphire and walnut are my favorites! But honestly, how can you just choose one?! 🙂

  254. I love the Weathered Brown Moccasins


  255. I love the Turquoise Suede 🙂

  256. Would love any but cobalt suede has my heart!

  257. Love the suede! So cute!!

  258. Lindsy Fox says:

    Pick me! Pick me! I love them!

  259. I love them all, but the red and yellow are my two favorite!

  260. I’d pick the weathered brown for my little guy!

  261. ooo i love the purple ones!

  262. the reddish, leather… yummy

  263. I love both of the blue ones!

  264. Nikki Hook says:

    The suede ones are to die for!

  265. Lindsay Hutchins says:

    love the blue!

  266. I love the weathered brown and the platinum moccasins!!!

  267. LOVE LOVE LOVE the gold!

  268. Lisa Petersen says:

    Gold and blush are my favorite! I can’t wait to check out your new blog!

  269. I LOOOOOOOOVE the purple..gorgeous !

  270. Ooh favorite mocs? Toss up between the grass and turquoise suede. Yum!

  271. Wendy Garrison says:

    I love the teal colored mocs..sooo adorable!

  272. I absolutely LOVE the smoke color moccs!

  273. These tiny shoes are so cute! I would love to try out a pair on my little girl’s piggies.

  274. Love the sand suede moccasins!

  275. Summer Anderson says:

    Definitely Platinum. Wait, maybe Frosted Rose. Ok wait…..I can’t decide!!!!! I love them all!

  276. I love the mossy green suede! Adorable!

  277. Platinum <3 These moccs are gorgeous. My daughter is obsessed with moccasins and would love a pair of these under the tree.

  278. I love the pink ones!

  279. Margilyne Williamson says:

    I love the grape suede.

  280. I love the red ones!

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