Meet Barn Owl Primitives

Brace Yourselves…

Because I’m not sure you’re ready
for the complete and utter awesomeness of our newest sponsor!

Allow me to introduce you to

How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways

No really, I am totally in love
with E.V.E.R.Y single item in their shop.

Barn Owl Primitives hand paints and distresses beautiful and unique wooden typography word art signs that will knock your socks off!

Wanna see what BOP sent me in the mail:

My very own Family Rules sign–my new pride and joy!
Isn’t it a beaut!

Confession Alert:
Right when I opened the package, I picked up my sign, gave it a big loving squeeze and then took a giant sniff of its yummy woodsy scent.  For some reason, I smell things that make me happy–don’t ask.

Take a closer look at the fine detail BOP puts into distressing her pieces:
Would it be overkill if I had like 20 of these signs hanging up in my house–because I can’t choose just a few favorites–I must have them ALL.
Here’s a quick peak of some of my glorious fav’s:

If I lived on the beach, I would own this sign NOW {left}.
And I plan on getting the famous golf course sign for the hub’s office {right}.
I think these would be super cute in a kids room or baby nursery.

And if you don’t love having people ring your door bell waking your baby up only 10 minutes into his nap so that they can sell you a newspaper subscription {and you don’t even read the newspaper}, then this “No Soliciting” sign is for you {and me}.
These latitude/longitude signs are such a great idea!
I’m thinking it would be cute if I got one with the lat/long of where my hubby and I had our first kiss–I know, I know, how mushy am I.
That’s right!
If you don’t see a sign in her shop that “speaks to you”, don’t fret! Because BOP gladly accepts custom orders.  Just take a look at these clever custom orders:
I know, right. Uh-Maze-Ing!
So start thinking about your inside jokes, family mottos, precious memories, hobbies and more–then head over to
and order a sign that will have a special palce on your wall and in your heart!
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And say hi to BOP from LMM, will ya.
Happy Shopping!

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