I’m Blank Because…

I’m weird because…
I can’t sleep with my hair down.
I drink ice milk regularly.
I have a no shoes policy in my home.
I like Doritos with tapatio.
I kiss the clock any time it’s 11:11.
I love to smell my sons smushy neck over a dozen times a day.
I prefer to NOT cuddle when I sleep.
I have still never left Lil W with a teenage babysitter.
I eat chips and salsa as a meal multiple times a week.
I can’t sleep with a top sheet.
I’m scared of cats and their sharp nails.
I don’t eat the crust of pizza unless I have ranch dressing.
I drink from over 10 glasses a day.
I take a scalding hot bath when I can’t get warm.
I have a cheap sunglasses and purse addiction.
I start my shopping in the sales section of every store, and most times I never leave.
I would rather pick up dog poo than empty the dishwasher or blow dry my hair.
I could eat grilled onions by themselves–because they are that good.
I would rather watch an entire season in 3 nights on DVD than watch a show weekly.
I do a happy dance when I get a package in the mail.
I know how to make homemade root beer.

I’m a bad friend because…

I  sometimes take days to check my voice mails.
I am terrible at returning phone calls and emails.
I have trouble committing to activities and play dates until the last minute.
I always say what I’m thinking.

I’m a good friend because…
I want to see those I love succeed.
I love and cherish friendship.
I love my friends kiddos like they are my own.
You can show up at my house at midnight to talk about your bad day.
I’m not afraid to get silly and slap happy.
I always say what I’m thinking.

I’m sad because…
I wish all my family lived closer.
I too often get consumed with Momma guilt.
I sometimes let little things get in the way of the big picture.
I need to be better at letting things roll off my back.
I wish I had time to answer all my sweet emails.

I’m happy because…
of the handful of kind and heartfelt emails I received yesterday, just because.
Lil W has been sleeping waaay better at night (still in my bed though).
it’s that time of year when fireplaces are lit and Wellies are worn.
we’re headed out to Wyoming to spend time with Ben’s family, and I’m packing snow clothes.

I’m excited for…
Learning to make all Benny’s favorite recipes from the MIL.
Lil W having his very own seat on the airplane.
Snowman building.
Fireplace cuddling.
Cousins laughing.
Turkey eatting.
Card playing.
Movie watching.
Family time.

This post brought to you courtesy of my random iPhone pics that I finally got around to downloading. Yay me.

And I would love to have you join me for your own version of this post.  Fill in the prompts as they fit you–either in the comments section, or on your own blog and then leave a link in the comments so others can visit.

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I'm Ashley. Sometimes I craft, occasionally I cook, everyday I write, and I'm always Momma. This is my blog. I keep it real while still seeing the rainbows and butterflies in all of life's lessons.
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  1. Holy cow. I think we’re twins.
    This is my first comment on your blog and I couldn’t resist since I resonate with um…like 95% of your statements here. Weird.

  2. I loved getting to know you more!! I can relate to so much of what you posted! Thanks so much for sharing! You are such a wonderful person Ashley! Have fun visiting Ben’s family, enjoy the snow for me too!! =D

  3. Love this idea! I’ll be sure to link up over the weekend 🙂

  4. really? pick up dog poo before emptying the dishwasher OR blow dry your hair? that just made my day!!!! I love it!!! made me laugh out loud and it made my kids ask me what was so funny 🙂

    I will blow dry your hair AND empty your dishwasher IF you pick up my dog poo 🙂 hows that for a deal? Even though we dont have a dog yet, but for the future… we could arrange that now 🙂

    You are awesome!

  5. No teenage babysitters here either, just grandparents and aunties! And, um cuddling, no way, leave me along when I am in la la land! 🙂 Love you!

  6. I love this! I’m a bad friend for some of the same reasons….but you make up for it with all your other awesome qualities! Now off to my blog to write my own version!

  7. Wow! We have a lot in common. I would SOO rather pick up dog poop than anything that has to do with the dishwasher…not too many people say that. I would also rather scrub a toilet than do the clothes. Needless to say I have sparkly toilets and piles of laundry : ) Great post!

  8. I can’t eat pizza without ranch period!! And jalapenos…but that’s a different obsession:)

  9. I don’t sleep with my hair up, but I can’t stand it in my face. I swear, some nights I’m afraid I’ll give myself whiplash, tossing my head around to move the hair out of my face. 🙂 I blogged my “fill in the blanks”, because you inspired me. http://idbeesley.blogspot.com/2011/11/blank.html

  10. You are very inspiring…as I was sitting here watching the snow fall, I thought that I needed to blog…something to get me out of this funk I’ve been in today. Thank you…I needed this today! I check your blog almost daily to see what’s up & love reading your personal stories.
    Thank you!

  11. we are very similar in alot of ways..

    love these get to know you better posts.

  12. I LOVE this!…it’s hard to remember and think of things like this….but I’ll tell ya…there are MANY things that I was shaking my head in agreeance with. Too funny! I’m gonna think about this one for a bit…and post on my blog soon 🙂

  13. You have the best posts, thanks for sharing!

  14. ahhh I drink ice milk too! Not very many people do!

  15. I want to post my own “I’m blank because…” but I’m afraid people would think I just copy and pasted your blog, we’re that alike! I’m going to try to come up with my own though! I’ll post back when I’ve done it!

  16. Ahhh soooo funnnn!!! I wanna do it! I love your answers. I’m a lot like you, especially in your “i’m weird” section!!

  17. I have done my own post.
    Thanks Ashley for the inspiration. You rock.
    Check it out.



  18. I’ve been inspired! Thanks for this, here’s mine!


  19. I LOVE THIS!!

    Totally going to do this post 🙂
    Cute, random, & me

  20. Can’t wait to do my own!! How inspiring!! I’ll be back with my own version! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  21. I love cell phone pics… yours are great.

  22. Great post! I hate blow drying my hair too. It’s the worst.

  23. My hubby, of all people, stumbled on to your blog and said to me, “Look! Someone like you who prefers NOT to cuddle when they sleep!” There was a tone…Awesome!

  24. Great post Ashley!!! Thank you for sharing such a great idea!!!

    Here is mine: http://withloveandchevrons.blogspot.com/2011/11/im-blank-because.html

  25. What an awesome post. Glad to know I’m not alone with ranch dressing and pizza. Horrible habit, lol


  26. What a special and beautiful post 🙂

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  27. Definitely have some similarities:) and took a swing at it myself, check it out:


  28. I love this post! Had fun writing my own version as well, thanks for the inspiration and invite!


  29. What a fun post! I love all the little quirks!

  30. http://madebymunchiesmama.blogspot.com/2011/11/im-blank-because-from-little-miss-momma.html
    Here is my post! So fun to get to know you better and it’s nice to know I am not the only one with “weird” quarks.

  31. Just found your blog a few weeks ago. Love it. I read this post and cant not believe all the things we have in common- likes dislikes, mom guilt, son still sleeping in bed( lol), so many things! Love the post! Have a great thankgiving.

  32. http://meandyougirl.blogspot.com/2011/11/im-blank-because.html I linked up! Go check out my blog! I love your post Ashley!

  33. Love this! Your weirds are pretty close to my “thoughts” of things that I do or think normally, so I guess I’m weird, too! lol. This is a great idea and I think I will be linking up to it on Monday 🙂

  34. I had fun filling in my own blanks! Thanks for sharing with us!

  35. Love, love, love! Isn’t it strange that what we put in the “weird” category is actually what makes us the most “unique”.

    Linked up! http://aimeebroussard.com/im-blank-because/

  36. I totally feel ya on the can’t sleep with you hair down, I’m the exact same way and I always kiss the clock at 8:31! My husband and I have done that since we started dating! ha ha I know cheesy but it’s the little things that count! : ) Loved the post!


  37. If you ever were to visit Sweden you would’t be weird at al. Over here everybody take of their shoes indoors. So welcome!

  38. I was drooling over your etsy shop today and I HAD to post about your beautiful items on my blog. I was highlighting homemade items with my first ever giveaway. http://wonderfullymadepursuits.wordpress.com/2011/11/18/first-freebie-friday-support-homemade/

    I’m also sad because my family lives too far away.

  39. I absolutely love your blog. I like posts like this that let your readers get to know you better. They are always a joy to read! I did my own version of this over here http://stuckincolderweather.blogspot.com/2011/11/im-blank-because.html. 🙂

  40. Lisa Leimkuhler says:

    okay, so you are not weird at all. I could have written your blog post. I love it! I also love you blog.

  41. I can’t sleep with my hair up. I eat chips and dip as a meal several times a week. Love this post!

  42. I’m weird because:

    I’m 31, have lived my whole life in California, and don’t know how to swim (don’t care to learn either)

    I love the GT-Xpress informercial w/Cathy Mitchell so much that I DVR’d it and watch it all the time (however, I have no desire to purchase it…..I know….weird)

    I don’t like condiments. No mayo, no relish, no mustard, no salad dressing, no nuthin!

    I don’t sleep with my hair up either…..makes me feel greasy in the morning.

  43. This is a great idea for a blog post and a writing exercise. I’m going to save this idea for the next time I’m stumped for something to write. Probably tomorrow. I’ll post back when I do.
    ps. I like your iPhone pics! Sometimes it’s nice to photograph in a more impromptu way, huh?

  44. I loved this. I really am not a blog person, but I truly enjoy yours. You make me feel normal ;). I so wish you could be MY friend! Thank you for your transparency.

  45. Could you make this a linky so we can easily find every one else? I will do my post this weekend…

    Love it!

  46. love this post. love this blog. so glad i found it. xx

    mikie and kristen

  47. this was so fun 🙂 here’s the link to mine. i had a few that were similar to yours! also, i feel really anti-social after re-reading my answers, hahaha 🙂 http://obnoxiouskandi.blogspot.com/2011/11/im-blank-because.html

  48. That dog poo thing made me laugh out loud! And I totally agree with you. 🙂

  49. LOVED this!!

    Also, a a lover of rootbeer…PLEASE post that recipe soon. 🙂

  50. Love it! Thought it’d be the ice breaker in starting my own blog, thanks for the inspiration, LMM!

  51. love this idea, can’t wait to give it a go on my own blog!

    we are very similar in a lot of ways…. i love hot hot baths, do a happy dance with good mail, and i hate waiting to watch a show weekly! (i’ll stay up to the wee hours of the night to watch as much as i can on netflix!)

  52. Hi! Having a good time going through your beautiful blog.

    I gave your meme a go. Here’s my link: http://anywhere-is.net/2011/11/20/i-am-blank-because

    Hope you or anyone here will stop by! 🙂

  53. I love this so much! Such a fun post. I decided to do my own as well. 🙂 http://www.bloomboutiqueonline.com/2011/11/i-am-blank-because.html

  54. Love this!!!
    Just finished up my post…..


    Hope you had a good weekend!!!

  55. This is why I look forward to reading your blog :0)
    You rock!

  56. i think we are soul mates 🙂 i am exactly the same weird as you lol

  57. Finally finished mine…

    Click here for a quick laugh

    Thanks for hosting this…it was fun and slightly bittersweet to write…

  58. You are so adorable! Love your blog! Just came across it. I loved this post and I had to do my own!!


  59. i did my own! 🙂 what an awesome idea. love it.


  60. Omg, I can relate so much. I loved your list, what a creative idea!
    Here is my list: http://jessicachronicled.blogspot.com/2011/11/i-am-blank-because.html

    I saw this list first on The Wiegand’s blog and then I traveled over here to your blog for the first time! Wowzers. I am definitely a new follower. 🙂

  61. Yeah!!! I’m so excited about this 🙂 Here’s the link to my post on it 🙂

  62. Such a cute idea! I’m joining you:) Here’s my link…

  63. here’s my post!! thanks for this fabulous idea!!


  64. http://kisertoo.blogspot.com/2011/11/im-because.html

    Good to see we’re all not alone. 🙂

  65. Awww. Here’s mine! So fun! Thanks for passing on the idea.



  66. Such a great idea Ashley! I am joining in on the fun on my blog. Can’t wait to look through everyone elses posts.

  67. Awesome post! One day, I will have to do this as well in either art journal or blog format. ^^

  68. I loved your list. I wish I could think of more to say. It took me this long to write mine, I had a hard time. I’ve been working on it since your post first came up.


  69. What a great post idea! Here is my version: http://weissfamily3.blogspot.com/2011/11/im-blank-because.html

  70. Thanks so much for such a fun posting! I’m not a fan of cats either and I’m nervous to leave my kids with teenagers also! I posted this here:

  71. Cute post! I decided to do my own too! Here’s the link 🙂

  72. Loved this post, it was fun to learn more about you… Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Here is mine:

  73. I just wanted you to know that this post prompted me to do the same on my own blog and I haven’t felt like blogging in over six months! Thanks for the inspiration and I kind of kept some of your answers verbatim because I felt exactly the same way. Hope that was okay?!

  74. LOVE this! What a fun way to get to know other bloggers!!!

  75. This is the first I have posted but I love your blog, and just started my own.Thanks for the inspiration!! hope to link up to a few of ur followers.

  76. Thanks for thinking of this! Just did mine! It was fun to come up with stuff!!


  77. I love this idea! We have a lot in common!

  78. I’m super late but I posted a similar post inspired by you!

  79. Got me out of my funk for a few mins… Thanks


  80. Heya, i’ve seen this posted on literally every blog i’ve seen! it’s crazy how one post can make it’s way to so many places! keep it up… p.s. i’m your newest follower!

  81. This was fun. Way to start a trend that takes over the blogging world! LOL


  82. I saw this on your site as well as The Weigands and loved it! Thanks so much for the inspirstion! Hope you had a lovely thanksgiving!

  83. Finally got around to doing one of these. =D


  84. Lindsay Lee says:

    Finally joined in :)http://leelala.net/2011/11/i-am-blank-because/

  85. I love this post! I can’t wait to do my own version of it and link it up here! Thanks for the inspiration for my next post 🙂

  86. I love your blog and your amazing ideas! You remind me a little of myself. I loved this idea and wrote a post about it! It took me a little longer than most…it was harder than I expected!


  87. and I finally got a chance to do my own version 🙂 love this idea– thanks!!!

  88. I love stopping by and like so many other readers, your posts resonate with me as a mom & wife…and I loved doing my own “I’m blank”. Here’s mine:



  89. I LOVE this post!! You are an amazing woman, I admire you so much!! Check out my post at http://www.JackyKaye.blogspot.com

  90. I love making lists, so I made my own “i’m blank” about myself… http://www.jonesjourneyblog.com/2011/12/im-blank-because.html

  91. you look so cute with those glasses!!! i love lays with tapatio and lime one of my fave things to have at night when watching a movie!!!

  92. I’m Blank because….


    Thanks for sharing!!

  93. I guess I’m weird also because I said ‘me too’ on almost all of that part! Love it! That’s for being so real!

  94. Hi! I’ve been a reader for quite some time but never commented before now 🙂 (yes, I’m a little behind on my Reader reading). I don’t think you are weird for never having a teenager baby sit W. My girls are 5, 6, and 8 and I’ve never let them stay with anyone but my parents, my in-laws or their aunt!! I TOTALLY get it!! 🙂

  95. I loved this post, and planned on doing one forever before I got around to it.

    I’m Blank Because…http://stresscasey.blogspot.com/2012/01/im-blank-because.html

  96. Great post. I’m visiting from Fabulously Flawed.

  97. How crush worthy cute is this post? Very! Super sweet and funny. I immediately said, “I gotta do one of these on my blog that I so sadly neglect but am trying to get back to”! This will be an awesome way to say, “Hey! Look! This is me!” Lol Anywho…yay you!

    Kisses and Cupcakes

  98. Great post! Here’s mine! 🙂 http://kmanndesigns.com/blog/2012/02/01/i-am/

  99. You inspired me! I made my own Blank post….http://bit.ly/JwM7Ot Hope you enjoy and thanks for giving me a virtual pep talk this morning. 🙂

  100. Thanks for the inspiration – it was much needed! http://littlebabybutt.blogspot.com/2012/05/im-blank-because.html

  101. This was such a fun post, I had to do it! I’m with everyone else on the dog poop…the dishwasher?!


  102. I totally agree with you about watching a season on DVD rather than an episode every week! The suspense kills me! To think of waiting to watch NCIS or Bones with the cliff hangers they give you … I would go crazy for sure!

  103. Great post, only found it recently via Pinterest! Just did my own version, thank you for the inspiration 🙂


  104. Wow, what a fun & creative idea…..I must do this on my blog!!!

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  107. Now! Thanks for this…. I am also completely blank on what to write… and this gave me the perfect answer. 🙂

  108. Thanks for sharing a fab post idea! Here’s my link : http://shilpaagarg.com/2014/08/blank.html

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