1st Annual Cousin Halloween Party: Part 2

See part one of our party here–for the full scoop on the decor.
And now, for the behind the scenes scoop on our activities and food.
loving bubbie
Bubbie and Sawyer decorating with spiders before the party.

oreo eye ball halloween cookie cake

Putting the finishing touches on the Oreo eye ball cake.  string art pumpkin paranormal pretzelsstock boys
These three boys melt my heart every time I’m lucky enough to spend time with them.  Wesley is so lucky to have these boys as cousins.
pumpkin decorating for kids

Our first activity was pumpkin decorating with foam stickers.  I couldn’t believe how “into it” the kids got.  Kiddo creativity always inspires and impresses me.  Next we made Halloween necklaces and played with the goodies in our gift bags.  I got all the craft kits through Oriental Trading, but there are also a ton of options at Michaels. halloween wes pumpkin lilster b dog pumpkin sawyer pumpkin saw dog sawyer blakey pumpkin teethlily spider man tutu
lily pumpkinpumpkin decoratingkids decorated pumpkinsdarth vador costume spider girl
Lily’s adorable Spider Girl tutu is from TuTus by Diane–so stinkin cute, and she fit right in with the boys while still being totally girly.  halloween tats frankenstein tat chest tatlight sabor boy
Wes catching lizards in his Darth Vador get-up.  I promise he didn’t squeeze that lizard to death–he’s actually quite gentle with them.  lizard catchingbest friendsLily and Wesley.  These two–they’re the most authentic kind of best friend a kid can have.  Lily is living proof that love really IS patient…and kind. Even when he hurts her feelings, even when he melts down–she loves him through and through.  She is his safe place. Unconditional love.  They fight, they hug, they share, they argue, they have each others backs.  And through it all I’m certain there is no other kid they’d rather have by their side.  halloween goodie bags j man wax fangs
Wax lips! Such nostalgia from my own childhood when I see these!

monster fingers
pirate boy kids hallween masks foampizza and salad
I kept the food simple with ordered pizza, Costco kale salad, fruit and chips.  watermelon monster
witches brew
Witches brew:  (koolaid packets, sugar, gingerale and dry ice)

witches brew halloween drink for kids
black and white cake kids having cake cake stripesbesties for life games
Playing Simon says with Uncle Matt and Ben.  jacob boy simon says
Simon says “get the spider” while crab walking.
simon says game
Simon says “stretch out your arms reeeeally far”.
hugging ashleySimon says “give aunt ashley a really big hug and tell her how much fun you’re having”.  This party goes down as one of my favorite days ever.  There is something so absolutely gratifying about watching the children in your family experience complete joy.
Don’t forget to check out part one here.

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