A Daughter’s Confession: Secret #4 {on Secret Week}

Elle is oh-so-brave for sharing her deepest, darkest thoughts with us…

Here is Elle’s secret.

It makes me feel like an evil person:

I sort of look forward to life without my mom.
Yes, that’s right: like when she is dead.
Oh, that is so horrible.

I do love my mom, and I don’t wish her dead.

It’s just that she is a constant source of stress in my life.
My relationship with my husband has suffered and continues to suffer an enormous strain because of her.

I have to tell my kids that what Grandma said or did was inappropriate after we spend time with her. I look forward to the weight being off my shoulders.

I realize that I will probably have to seek counseling to come to terms with those emotions,
 if I really do feel relief from her death.

Let’s show Elle some comment love, shall we.

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