All The Little Things

Completing yesterday’s daily challenge {compile a gratitude list}, proved to be just what I needed.
My list went on and on and on
Now, I had planned on sharing this list with you–but let’s face it, you aren’t really in any mood to read my four page list.
So, I decided to focus my gratitude list on
All The Little Things
that I am grateful for.
I am grateful that my Lil guy still likes to cuddle with his Momma.
Yes, I realize that I am breaking all the rules from every parenting book ever written–but there is nothing I cherish more than 4 to 6 am–when Baby W wakes up in his crib ready for Mommy to scoop him up and bring him into the big bed for cuddle time. 
I mean, how can I possibly be expected to follow the parenting book rules when the Lil guy looks this smooshy and cuddly when he sleeps?
I am grateful for small gestures of affection that I notice in complete strangers.  And there is nothing cuter than two “old{er} people” still being romantic.
{No, they don’t know that I am sneaking a picture of their steamy romantic cuteness}
I am grateful for moments when nature subtly reminds me of an important life lesson.
Take this snail, for example.
Against all odds, he made his way {slowly-but-surely} more than half up this slide.  And he’s still moving forward–uphill!
I am grateful for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with BBQ chips.
They are yummy and they make me happy–enough said.
I am grateful for a baby who is eager to learn.
Yes, my one year old is already reading. He is such a genius that he can even read books upside down!  {Side note: Dear readers, I hope we are bff now so that you can sense my sarcastic tones all on your own *wink*}
I am grateful for a baby who craves the yumminess that life has to offer!
I am grateful for all 10 of this pudgy little toes–because they won’t be pudgy forever.
And now for just a few of the BIG things I am grateful for:
I am grateful for my faith.
I am grateful for what I know to be true.
I am grateful for the men and women who sacrifice for our freedoms.
I am especially grateful for the strength of the families they leave back home.  I too often take for granted that I get to spend every waking second with my hubby.  So I am grateful to you ladies, at home, while your hubbies are far far away–making my home a safe place to live.  I admire your strength.
And to those Mommies–who do the impossible:
I am more grateful to you thank you’ll ever know.
I am grateful for forgiveness.
Both the ability to forgive,
and the opportunity to be forgiven.
 And most important, I am grateful for my happy, healthy family.
I am grateful that we support one another,
that we love unconditionally,
that we want the best for each other,
that we sacrifice for one another,
that we have faith in one another,
and that we are happy together.
Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
– Robert Brault

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    January 6, 2011 at 6:37 am

    i just had to go and read this just less than an hour after my daughter turned one!! I am in tears!!! This is so beautiful!!!

    And you really got me on the mommy soldiers party :**( I left active duty to spend more time with her, but I went into the reserves, heres hoping I don't have to go anywhere TOO soon!

    Im so glad I found your blog….you have such great posts!

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