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San Diego Staycation with Embassy Suites by Hilton™

The boys, soaking up their very first ocean view. As much as we need structure, consistency and a schedule to operate at our very best as a family: all four {…Read More…}

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Memory Making: Family Picnic

Thank you for supporting the sponsors who help support this blog and our family. Every year, before school is out, we sit down as a family and put together a {…Read More…}

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Do Less, Feel More.

Do less, feel more. 2016 intentions. I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the past couple weeks. Sometimes these thoughts run through my mind in moments when I feel on {…Read More…}

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The Mold Saga

You guys. If you’ve been following along on Instagram for the past month then you probably know the saga about finding mold in our home. If this is news to {…Read More…}

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On My Mind: 5 things

button down  //  sweatshirt tunic  //  sweater  //  shoes (similar)  //  jeans  //  glasses Super comfy and classic outfit c/o one of my favorites: J.Jill dress  //  jacket  //  shoes  // {…Read More…}

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One of the more obvious changes motherhood has had on me:  I am both the best and worst multi-tasker around.  I can whip up some dinner while replacing batteries in {…Read More…}

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This Is My Year

Shirt c/o: The Shine Project Get 10% OFF with the code: missmomma10 Shop here. I’m wearing a small and I love the loose fit. Necklace and rings c/o: Wrenn Jewelry {…Read More…}

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The Stepdad

Get out there and hit a home run today! He flashes me a big smile–an obvious sparkle of sincerity can be seen in his eyes. It’s a figure of speech {…Read More…}

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You Never Know

This hit home–like in the goosebumps on my arms and tears on my cheeks kinda way.  And sure it was produced by my church–but you don’t have to share my {…Read More…}

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Four Seasons Family Staycation: Part 2

Click here to see part 1 of our Four Seasons staycation weekend. _____ While our arrival and date night were a complete blast, these next two days at the Four {…Read More…}

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Four Seasons Westlake Village Family Staycation: Part 1

We needed a vacation. Boy did we ever need a vacation.  It had been a loooong summer for our little family. Even though life was the same, it all seemed {…Read More…}

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Beauty in Brokenness

Forgive how cryptic this post seems. I’m still searching for the right words to share some of the more personal details of our journey as a family with you. It {…Read More…}

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I’m Not Fancy

My friends from the Girls With Glasses made this parody and it had me laughing my butt off! I thought you guys would enjoy!

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BE Still

via Sisterhood of Secrets It’s important to find your art, your craft, your outlet, your healthy release, your voice, your place, your story… **** Sometimes I feel a heavy pressure {…Read More…}

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Sisterhood of Secrets

I’ve written and re-written this post maybe a hundred times.  I knew there was so much that needed to be said, so many emotions to share…and I’ve been struggling to {…Read More…}

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The Advice that Built This Blog

If there’s one thing you never forget, it’s your very first blog conference. For me, it was the Casual Bloggers Conference. I had only been blogging for about 3 months. {…Read More…}

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The Bigger Picture

It’s bath time and I’m carefully and strategically pouring the water on Wesley’s head to rinse out the shampoo–a task that for sensory reasons has been nearly impossible for the {…Read More…}

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I ran my very first half marathon over the weekend. And I almost didn’t do it.  I made a bunch of excuses. And I almost backed out. Then sure enough, {…Read More…}

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{3 Things} Celebrity Girl Crush

A new series: A simple list of three things — a different theme — every week, just for fun. Play along if you like. Leave your list or a link {…Read More…}

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Hawaii Part 2

 Read part 1 here. In my last post I talked all about our experience at the Disney Aulani.  Because there was so much to do, we only spent 2 of {…Read More…}