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1,001 Questions

Family Hike Spring, 2014 It’s 7:30 pm and we’re in the car, leaving the park and heading home to start the bedtime routine. Wes: Mommy, why can’t we see the {…Read More…}

grow plane activity bags

My Tips for Traveling With Young Children

We each have a kid sitting next to us. And Ben has Sawyer on his lap. Many of you who follow along on instagram know that we recently took a {…Read More…}

grow photo

The Pictures We’ll Remember

I always make an effort to capture pictures of Ben with the boys when we’re out and about on our mini adventures–photos we’ll look back on when we’re old and {…Read More…}

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It’s Okay to Be Sad

Do you ever have one of those days where you’re completely overwhelmed with worry for your children and your heart just needs a really good, long, hard cry? Often times {…Read More…}

grow mom and wes

when weakness becomes strength

For those who asked, my jacket can be found here. And the Hunter boots, here. We had one non-sick day while we were in Wyoming.  So we made the most {…Read More…}

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The ER, twice in one week.

Bow Tie c/o: Lemons & Lace, Moccs c/o: Freshly Picked This little cowboy had a rough week. And so did his Mommy and Daddy. Two trips to the ER for {…Read More…}

grow sawyer 16 months

Already 16 Months

Shirt c/o: The Printed Palette Leggings c/o: Little Nugget Noggins This kid. His chubby cheeks. And  wacky hair. His inquiring mind. And the way he puts his ear all the {…Read More…}

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The 3 Best Days of My Life

   Captain Adorable Shirt c/o: The Printed Palette My bedhead boys. I’m not sure who loves the new chalkboard lunch box most–me or Wes.  I get to write him a {…Read More…}

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Dear Mom, Love Sawyer

  Inspired by my favorite commercial. You can watch it here. And you can play along even. Write a letter to you, as if written by your child. Be sure to {…Read More…}

grow sunnyblanket

9 Months

  Sawyers ruffle blankie c/o: Tulip Taffy. Quite possibly the softest, most cuddly and elegant blanket we own. Sawyer loves it–and so does his Momma.   Sawyer turned 9 months {…Read More…}

grow 19-DSC_0800

Sawyer’s First Words: a video

I spent my weekend watching this clip again…and again…and again. 36 seconds of pure joy to a Momma heart. Despite my attempts to assure him that he looks adorable, Ben {…Read More…}

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That One Time I Drank From a Bottle

Did I ever tell you about that one time a while back when I was fed a bottle by my husband in the middle of the night? No, I haven’t? {…Read More…}

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Take It Easy

Ouch! Those are my earrings. Said about 1,000 times a day. The Happy Wrap in my happy color–yellow. Use the code: LMM to get 20% OFF. You can see me {…Read More…}

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Best Toys for Energetic Toddlers

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 A little while back I wrote this post telling you a bit about our journey with Wesley–my {…Read More…}

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My Dreamboat Baby

Little Dude doll from Aubrey Plays Wall Decal c/o: Wallums Get 15% OFF your entire purchase with the code: littlemissmomma Details on other wall decor found here. Sawyer: there are three {…Read More…}

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My Guy

{Kissing me goodbye before I left for this party} This is my guy. And at this very moment I am cozied up in a twin sized, red race car bed, {…Read More…}

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This Kid, I Keep Him Close

   Bamboo Baby Wrap c/o: Happy Wrap 20% OFF with coupon code: LMM20 Bracelet c/o: Neon & Nude Dear Sawyer, Me and You. We’re BFF. We have a rhythm. A {…Read More…}

grow Wes kissig sawyer

Flickers and a Ditch Day

Every morning I snuggle up close to my boys and whisper in their ear that I love them–at least a dozen times.  These sweet nothings are followed by kisses. Lots {…Read More…}

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3 Ways To Encourage Your Kids to Love Books

I was the kind of kid who had to have my book pried from my grasp every night before bed. I was that girl who hid under the sheets with {…Read More…}

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Which Got Me Thinking

  I mean, does it really get any better than this? Hill rolling. Good times. Good times. On my way to drop Wes off at preschool this morning I got {…Read More…}