DIY Painted Cinder Block Planters

I had the idea for this project a few months ago when I was working on a baby shower for a dear friend.  She’s not the ruffles and bows type of girl so I knew I needed to find a style of decor that would be more “modern”.  I knew I wanted cacti and succulents in place of flowers and I knew we needed centerpieces.  But when I got to the hardware store I was blown away that every pot I wanted was over $20!  By the time I bought succulents and the pots each centerpiece would cost over $50–and that just wasn’t in the budget.  When I stumbled on the hardscape isle, the cinder blocks jumped out at me. They had clean lines, a neutral color and a spot right in the middle for planting flowers–oh, and they were only 99 cents each!  I loaded up my cart.

cinder block planters diy
cinder block supplies
cinder block planter diy
I used painters tape to outline where I wanted my color blocking.  Then I used a paintbrush and good ol’ acrylic paint.  It took a couple coats because of the porous cement.  I made gold ones and then a few weeks later I tried out some black ones.
cinder block planter painted
cinder block taped for paint
cinder blocks taped

Once the paint was dry I got to work planting the succulents/cacti.  First I stuffed either crumpled newspaper or paper towels into the bottom of each opening.  Next I planted to succulents into plastic bags to keep the dirt from pouring out everywhere.
plant in bag
Then I squeezed those plants into the opening and topped with some white rocks to cover the soil.  What an inexpensive and unique centerpiece.  The color and plant possibilities are endless!  diy cinder block planter for succulents
cinder block planter cacti diy
cinder block cacti planters
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  1. What a cute idea! Love this!

  2. Beautiful, very creative !!!

  3. Cacti flowers look beautiful too!

  4. I like handmade items. Thank you for teaching. Hope i will do it

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