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I’m the worst when it comes to makeup.  Never having learned any formal technique and often overwhelmed by online tutorials, I’ve become complacent just getting by with basic skills.  My recent obsession with lip stick, however, has left me wanting to learn more about fun ways makeup can give my style a boost. This week I was given the opportunity to try out a bunch of fun Mary Kay® products to create a festive and flirty look.  For me, flirty makeup means date night makeup–and generally, the only time you’ll see me attempt eye liner and eye shadow is for date night.  A look that made my eyes “pop” was what I was hoping to achieve for this post.

Because I have no idea about what I’m doing, I decided to turn this into a learning experience for me while also showing you guys what I found out about these products and techniques.  I had my best friend come over and literally talk me through each step of the makeup application in detail.  I didn’t make a move without her direction.  By following her instruction while also going through the motions myself, I learned so many techniques that are going to help me learn to put on makeup like a grown up now.  I can’t wait to share what she taught me for any of you out there who are complete novices like me.

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It’s amazing how “tired” I look in that before picture!


Mary Kay® sent me all these goodies to take for a spin:

Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color in Amber Blaze, Copper Glow and Coal Mary Kay® Eye Crayon in black Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick in Whipped Berries Mary Kay® Cream Blush Mary Kay® Bronzing Powder in Clair

mary kay 2

Jewelry found here.

I began with a primer, concealer over problem areas and a light foundation so freckles still poke through.  Then I got started on my eyes.  Lacey explained that sometimes we can get more precision if we use our pinky finger to apply the shadow in the corners of the eyes rather than a brush.  It felt super awkward at first but I quickly got the hang of it.  I applied the lightest of the colors (Amber Blaze mineral eye color) to the inner corners of my eyes and across my lower lid about 1/4 of the way across. Note where my pinky finger is in the photo above, and that is how far over I went with the Amber Blaze. Next I applied the Copper Glow mineral eye color to both sides and the tip of an eye shadow brush.  Lacey taught me to tap off the excess powder using the side of my hand so that there isn’t a bunch of residual shadow in places it shouldn’t be on my face.  Such a simple tip, but something I had NEVER thought to do before–and it made a big difference. 05-mk7_edited-1

I applied the Copper Glow to the remaining 3/4 of my lower eye lid (below the fold).

04-mk8_edited-122-mary kay 6 20-mary kay 8

It didn’t have to be perfect because I knew I could do some touch ups at the end. Also, let this photo serve as a reminder about how important an eye brow pencil can be, yikes! 19-mary kay 9

Next was eye liner time–the part that always stresses me out.  But Lacey walked me through each step and suddenly it didn’t seem as overwhelming.  This Mary Kay® eye liner crayon also made the job way easier.  It goes on perfectly smooth and has a built in sharpener to help you always keep the tip at a perfect point.  I pulled my eye lid sideways (see above) and began with a thin line–starting from the inner corner and working my way out.  Lacey said that the thickness you decide to make the liner can often reflect the occasion or time of day.  Thinner eye liner is perfect for day-to-day wear. Thicker liner towards the outer corner of the eye can be great for date night and a nice dinner.  Because I was wearing this look during the day to run errands with the kids I decided on a thinner line.

18-mary kay 10

You can already see the difference the liner is making to help my eye pop (one eye has the liner and the other doesn’t).


Next I took a liner brush and applied the fabulous Coal mineral eye color exactly over the eye liner on my lid.  This was a brand new step for me and the secret I had been missing out all these years.


Next is smudge brush time–this is fun! Take a smudge brush and gently blend the liner and Coal together so the eye liner no longer looks like a perfectly drawn line. This really doesn’t have to be too perfect either because you can always take a q-tip to any mistakes.


Then I drew in my eye brows.

16-mary kay 12

Even subtle eye liner can make a big difference in giving the eyes a pop.

17-mary kay 11

Then I added the light-medium bronzing powder in Claire just below my cheek bones, jaw line and my hairline.  I found this Mary Kay tutorial for applying bronzer and it was SUPER helpful! This bronzer was perfectly subtle while helping to give my chubby cheeks some definition giving the illusion of cheek bones. I also used the Mary Kay tutorial for applying mascara and learned how there are actually 3 steps to putting on mascara.


And last, the lip stick–my favorite! I’m a sucker for Mary Kay® lipstick–and this Whipped Berry was just the pop of color my face needed.  And just like that, I look awake and refreshed! 08-mary kay 1814-mary kay 13 13-mary kay 14 11-mary kay 15 09-mary kay 17

For being a total make up novice, I was totally pleased with how the look turned out.  I never would have thought to buy these eye shadow colors but I LOVED how they turned out so it looks I need to be a bit more brave in my future color selections.  I really want to try this liner next–totally out of my comfort zone but so beautiful!


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  1. You are beautiful without any makeup but gorgeous with it! I love how subtle it is, just enhancing rather than giving you a whole new look.

  2. Rebecca Mecham says:

    I’m wanting to try a bold lip. I’ve never been much of a lipstick wearer but definitely want to step out of my comfort zone.

  3. I usually go for a silver or brown eye shadow a little maskara and eye liner, maybe some blush. I love this eye color on you and might be brave enough to try it this holiday season!

  4. I don’t wear much makeup, but I think I would like to try sparkly eyeshadow this holiday.

  5. sparkly eyeshadow for the holidays!

  6. You look great with and without makeup! I’d like to try a bolder lip, which I normally shy away from.

  7. From the Mary Kay site I’d like to try the holiday romance look.

  8. tweet–

  9. I like a Smoky Eye with a black eyeliner and a nice muted pink lipstick with shimmer gold blush!

  10. I like the Forever in Love look by Mary Kay

  11. I love that look! I’ll be going for a pretty natural look, but with a bold(ish) lip 🙂

  12. The look I want the most is fresh faced… even a slightly dewy look. Winter is already ravaging my skin with its drying ways!

  13. I am loving the deep bold lip colors this fall. Deep mahogany, subtle purples, and deep reds, gorgeous!

  14. My favorite is the Forever in Love Look!

  15. Bonnie Parker says:

    I absolutely love this look! I love coppers and pink, a more natural look and you nailed it!

  16. Forever in Love look! I am obsessed with that sweet plum eye color!!

  17. Would like to try things in the plum color!!

  18. I love doing a bold lip for the holidays!

  19. I love the playful party girl look from Mary Kay the best, I would love to recreate this look for the holidays.

  20. I’ll have to try that trick to smudge my eyeliner. Your eyebrows look great! I need to fill mine in, but I can’t get it to look natural. I’d love to see a video tutorial on that! I’ve been experimenting with wearing more eye makeup lately, so I’ll probably try some new shades for the holidays. I might even go out if my comfort zone and try a darker red lip 🙂

  21. This holiday season I am going for a smokey eye look.

  22. Those bronzy pinks makes your eye colour pop!

  23. Everything looks great on you! I wish I could just copy everything you used. But my MK rep said no coppery colors for me. Boooo

  24. I’d like to try a bright red lip this holiday season!!

  25. Lisa Brown says:

    I like a light smoky eye and red lip for the holidays

  26. Lisa+Brown says:
  27. I am going for a smokey eye this season.

  28. I think I’ll try some bolder lipstick in a punchy holiday color!!

  29. It’s amazing how much makeup can help with the “tired” look, your eyes really do pop! I’ve been trying to get into lipstick lately but I have no idea where to start. I love red lipstick on others for the holidays, so I would like to try that!

  30. Audrey Crisp says:

    you look beautiful!

    I’d love to try the lipstick!!

  31. I love the eyeshadow! I have seen other women wear it that way before, but have always been a little scared to try it myself! 🙂

  32. I’m going to try bold lips 🙂 We’ll see…

  33. I want to play around with a gold smokey look for the holidays. Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. I just did a Mary Kay makeover with a local consultant. I am loving their primer and mascara! Your look here is gorgeous…I love that it is glam while still looking pretty natural. I would try to replicate that for my holiday look but maybe a bit heavier or darker eye shadow. Dramatic eyes and simple everything else.

  35. Jessica To says:

    I want to try a smoky eye look and maybe a bold lipstick!

  36. steven weber says:

    sparkly eyeshadow for the holidays for my girlfriend.

  37. I haven’t used Mary Kay products since I moved to another state 7 years ago. And I miss it. I always loved their products!

  38. wow! gorgeous! i love your freckles! i’ve been looking for a berry colored lipstick! i have fallen in love with a shadow color that i love and use every day. maybe for the holidays i should add some shimmer and sparkle! thanks for the giveaway!

  39. You are beautiful even without makeup. I am old and have sensitive skin so I don’t wear makeup but I would love to try these to make me look better for the holidays. Thanks for sharing.

    God Bless

  40. Kathy Hanson says:

    Great post. I learned something new!

  41. Kathy+Hanson says:
  42. I would like to try their Merry Berry Look, since I like the berry colored lipstick.

  43. I usually go for a bright, sparkly neutral eyeshadow by my brow, and them a darker brown eyeshadow above my eyelid. I wear black eyeliner and mascara as well.

  44. Learning how to do makeup is on my 30 before 30 bucket list this year!

  45. This year I am going for a bold lip.

  46. I’m going for smokey eyes abd bold lips!

  47. i love mary kay’s face wash/lotion & their mascara!! i’ll be going for a really glittery eye look for parties!

  48. As a fellow makeup novice, I would love to learn something like the 5-minute face look. =)

  49. I’d really like to learn to do a smoky eye.

  50. Sagan O'Gwin says:

    I would love to do a really dark brown smoky eye! I live the way it looks but just can’t seem to find the right colors to make it work. (Also, their make-up remover is the BEST.)

  51. The Merry Berry Look…you look great! Love the lip color you were wearing, too.

  52. I would love to try some more lipcolors this winter. I love some shimmer eyeshadow as well

  53. I love this post. I am very similar to you, I always get intimidated by makeup application and mostly just do some eye makeup before date nights and otherwise I go pretty natural.
    We are having dinner with the boyfriends family so I think I might try some of your tips for a little bit of an extra pop around my eyes and maybe a nice color for my lips to stand out a bit.
    Thanks for the insight.

  54. So beautiful! I’ve always been afraid of a bold lip, but I think I’ll try it this holiday season!

  55. Lauren Ceane says:

    I love how your eyes pop with the shadows! I Want to try a bold lip and sparkly kids.

  56. Dennette S. says:

    I love the eye colors you used and now will want to try them, how pretty! I think I will go with bold lips as well.

  57. Would love to try a bolder lip look or smoky eyes!

  58. I’m going for a shimmer/sparkle look. Something fun to wear with a sequin dress maybe? 🙂

  59. fun tips! I’m going for a smoky eye look this season.

  60. SHANNA+WATSON says:

    You did a great job, beautiful as always! I’m loving that lip color!! I will have to hit up my friend who sells Mary Kay for that one 🙂

  61. I love the look of smokey eyes.

  62. Jessica P. says:

    Honestly, I have no idea. I really like the smokey eye, but I feel weird when I put it on. I am fair skinned and blonde and it just feels too dark. Maybe I will try it anyway and see what others think.

  63. Jessica+P. says:
  64. Looks great! I need to wear makeup every now and again for a pick me up. I just feel like everyone is staring at me when I wear it (since I never do!)!

  65. I think this year I will try to keep it simple with simple tones!

  66. I usually always go for a classic subtle look when it comes to makeup, but this holiday season maybe I’ll try a bolder eye and brighter lip color! It is a festive season after all!

  67. I love metallics in the corner of the eye. I also should be brave enough to try a bold lipstick like red or the berry you are wearing!
    Seems so grown up, haha, and festive!
    Thanks for these tips – the links to the tutorials are great!
    I just recently tried Mary Kay – love their moisturizing lip balm!

  68. I usually go for a bolder lip color and something sparkly, like eyeshadow, for the holidays.

  69. Visited the site and my favorite look is Holiday Romance.

  70. I would go for Forever in Love Look this holiday season.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  71. -

  72. Wow! Love the look. I never wear lipstick and I am on the search for a perfect one for the holidays. Love the color you used!

  73. It’s been many years since I’ve used Mary Kay but I remember having great fun at the parties and doing the make overs! You look fab thanks for the tutorial. Eyeliner is always tricky for me!

  74. I would do the luminous look

  75. Julie Tate says:

    I’m boring and always use neutral colors so that’s probably what I will end up doing for the holidays 🙂

  76. I’m going to attempt the smokey eye =)

  77. i like it simple. i will use lipstick and eyeliner

  78. I like playing up my eyes with a little more eyeliner and shadow for the holidays.


  79. I’d go for the “Forever in Love” look!

  80. wow ,, nice , very beautiful

  81. Jessica Maple says:

    Love your look and I am so excited for the giveaway’s! This holiday, I will be going for a bold red lip and A bronze shimmer eye shadow. Here is where I found my inspiration:

  82. maria cantu says:

    My holiday look will be wearing red lipstick.

  83. I need a makeover too. My makeup routine and colors need to be revamped.

  84. I love that lipstick on you! I am usually a pale lip girl but I would try that one!

  85. Love the smokey eye look!

  86. Rebecca Graham says:

    Smokey eyes and a bold lip color.

  87. I would go for the Forever in Love look.

  88. I love their Holiday Romance look!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  89. tweet–

  90. Donna Marchlewski says:

    I would like a soft natural look for the holidays 🙂

  91. I’d like to try the Holiday Romance look.

  92. I like Mary Kay’s Forever in Love look, the coloring is so pretty! Also, I love going for a bold and open looking eye, with lush full lashes (no clumps). 🙂

  93. the holiday romance look

  94. the merry berry look

  95. From the Mary Kay website, my favorite holiday look is the Merry Berry. I love the Copper Glow shadow you used – and the lip shade is absolutely perfect for you – looks great!

  96. I like Radiant in Red look by Mary Kay!
    onefrugalgirl AT gmail DOT com

  97. You look beautiful, great job putting it all on being a novice. I LOVE putting makeup on, its one of my favorite things to do. Except I always do a thick cat eye eyeliner no matter what time of the day 😉

  98. Susan Smith says:

    I’d like to try the holiday romance look from the Mary Kay site

  99. Susan+Smith says:
  100. Barbara M says:

    I’d be going with more dramatic colors with my eye make up.
    I might even try false eyelashes!
    Will definitely be glitzing up my nails.
    thank you

  101. Barbara+M says:
  102. keep it simple/classic – the holiday romance look

  103. Very simple – just the basics without a lot of flair and then just a hint of shimmer.

  104. the holiday romance look is my favorite!!

  105. I like the luminous look!

  106. I would do the Festive Flirt Look for a holiday party [email protected]

  107. Stephanie Phelps says:

    The holiday look I would love to have this year is the Forever in Love Look

  108. Stephanie+Phelps says:
  109. Vicki BabaHooHoo says:

    My holiday look is watching the grandkids with a big smile on my face! I do love Mary Kay products

  110. i love the holiday romance

  111. i like the holiday romance look

  112. ANGEL+JACKLYN says:
  113. ANGEL+JACKLYN says:


  114. ELIZABETH P says:

    I love the holiday romance smoky eye look – I can never get mine to look so good truckredford(AT)gmail(DOT)com

  115. ELIZABETH+P says:
  116. sherri crawford says:

    i’ll try to do the holiday romance look

  117. I like the festive flirt look.

  118. I would go with the Forever in Love Look by using the Shimmering Lilac mineral eye color.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  119. Jessica Lee P. says:

    I love the “Forever in Love” look. Purple is my favorite color, but because I have blue eyes, I have never really thought I could pull off purple/lilac eye lids. The model has beautiful brown eyes, which the purple looks wonderful with, but I’m willing to give it a shot. Thanks MaryKay.

  120. Sonya Morris says:

    I need to get a smudge brush! I would love to try the Holiday Romance Look for myself.

  121. Sonya+Morris says:
  122. This holiday season I am going for the natural look. I celebrate the Winter Solstice and that is all about appreciating what nature gave to you!

  123. I think the Forever in Love look would fit me well. Your makeup looks great by the way!

  124. At 50 I have to keep the makeup simple, because too much will add years to my look. So, I’ll emphasize my eyes for the holidays.

  125. Tabathia B says:

    I like the holiday romance look

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  126. Tabathia B says:


    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  127. i would like to try Mary Kay Merry Berry Holiday look this season.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  128. Tweet:

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  129. I love a glam look. A gold lame top with long dangling earrings will make my otherwise ordinary jeans look fab.

  130. Thomas+Murphy says:

    I am going for the casual look this holiday season.

  131. Thomas+Murphy says:
  132. Amanda+Sakovitz says:

    i want to try the holiday romance look!

  133. Amanda+Sakovitz says:
  134. definitely want to go for the Holiday Romance look

    Kathryn C
    [email protected]

  135. I’d love to try the merry berry look!

  136. maureen simiyu says:

    That makeup is soo lovely!

  137. maureen+simiyu says:
  138. I like the Holiday Romance look

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  139. I just read MK’s book and it was terrific. then i found your blog and WOW! I am loving it! thanks for posting. your writing and layout is fantastic!

  140. thank you for you blogs so good 🙂
    view my diary

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