Hello Monday: Feeling the Love

family at beachJan Beach 1boys at the beach boys at beachseagulsawyer at beach 2 sawyer teepee shirtben ans saw at beachwes at beachwes beachheart rock wes jumping beach brotherssawyer at beach 3sawyer at beach lifeguard station sawyersawyer beach sandsawyer beach

Sawyers shirt c/o The Printed Palette

Hello Monday.

These 3 boys are my life. They are my happy place.
And because I’m not feeling especially wordy today,  I’ll just say that these past few days my heart has been full.
Very, very full.

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  1. Precious! The picture of Wesley and Sawyer against the waves is just precious. Your little ones are becoming taller by the day. I can’t believe Wesley is already up to Ben’s waist. Soak up all these fantastic moments that make your heart full Momma!


  2. Wes looks WAY too big in these pics! Tell him he must stop growing immediately!

  3. Auntie Bubbie says:

    WISH we could have been there with you guys today. How fun and the weather is PERFECT.
    But alas, no work holiday for me today. Happy MLK day. Looks like you had a blast. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

  4. Could they get any cuter??? Your family is so adorable!!!

  5. Great shots Ashley. Sometimes words aren’t necessary, you can feel the emotion through the pictures. Wes looks so big. I hate that they grow so fast. Cash just turned one. I just had him yesterday:(

  6. for those wonderful photos, words are unnecessary. thank you for sharing.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous…love your little family x


  8. No words needed. My heart is full and they aren’t my grandchildren. A job well done!
    God Bless

  9. Ashley, no words needed. These photos speak a thousand words. I love the one of the two boys looking at the ocean. They are just too adorable.

  10. Beautiful. Just beautiful. The photos are stunning. You have a gorgeous family and it’s no wonder you’re feeling so full of love for them.
    And I want to go to the beach so badly now…! x

  11. as it should be 🙂

  12. Baby W isn’t looking like a baby anymore! I saw a pic of him from the back and that “Wait is he hers?” LOL I’m blown away! Time goes by so fast!

    ♥ [author of http://keepingupwiththeduchess.tumblr.com/ ]

  13. I just found your blog, and I’m already in love. Not only because you seem wonderful, but because MY SON’S NAME IS SAWYER TOO! So exciting, as you can see.

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