My Guy
{Kissing me goodbye before I left for this party}

This is my guy.
And at this very moment I am cozied up in a twin sized, red race car bed, leaning against a Thomas the Train pillow pet, while he wakes up in 9 minute intervals struggling to catch his breath and crying as he tells me, I need to rest Mommy, I need to rest.

Me: I know you do baby, I know you do. Just try your best. I’m sorry it hurts. Mommy will be by your side, always.

I have the monitor sitting to my right, waiting for the inevitable gurgling sounds of my sweet baby Sawyer throwing up his last feeding.

Wesley has the worst cough and cold of his life,
while Sawyer has a stomach virus.
And we’re going on 6 days now.
Siiiiix days.

I’m starting to see spots.
Getting delusional from lack of sleep.
I have the permanent stank of vomit and poo in my hair.
And although my sanity and patience is hanging on by a thread,
I can’t help but set aside my exhaustion in place of heartbreak.
Because nothing hurts a Momma heart more than feelings of helplessness.
I would take on their symptoms in a heartbeat if it meant their sweet bodies could get rest tonight.

But it doesn’t work that way.
So instead I’ll offer cuddles,
and words of comfort,
and cool wash cloths,
and fresh diapers.

And patience.
Lots of patience.

P.S. No one ever warns you how much harder it is to be a Momma of TWO sick kiddos at the same time. I’m having a heart attack even thinking of what this would be like with three…Praise to all you Momma’s nursing your sick little ones back to health.




To answer the two questions your asking in your mind right now…
1. No, I don’t have one bowed leg. Despite the story this photo is telling.
2. Yes, I am that short.


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  1. So sweet. You’re an amazing mama. Hang in there. Hoping everyone feels better soon.

  2. Oh praying for you all!! Our family was hit last month and it seemed to last forever. Praying for quick recovery and that momma doesn’t get it. xox

  3. My prayers to you.. You’re such a good momma.. <3

  4. Hope those sweet boys get better and their awesome mama gets some rest! I don’t have children yet, but I can only hope to be as great as you are!!! You truly inspire me and I wish everyone could read your blog…
    Much love, prayers always ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. These are such sweet photos – I love how he is peeking at the camera! I love being on the short side, but I would love to be even shorter, I love my heels so would love to feel short even when I’m wearing them.

    I hope your little ones recover soon, I’m sure all three of you need some rest!

  6. jamie-lynn doll says:

    iam 5 foot nothing too!!! atleast, you look that tiny! i have a 15 month old son and by reading your blogs, i can tell we totally relate on how we are and feel with our lil boy…well, boy(S) for you…i wouldnt know how you do it! i freak out when my lil bean gets sick and call his doctor asap. i really really lack alot of patience. something i do need to work on forsure! so, HUGE HUGE props to you! hope you are getting some help from loved one and friends cause you need to take care of yourself too!! xoxo

  7. Call your doctor and ask about giving Wesley Children’s Benadryll and Kids Tylenol so he can sleep. When my daughter was a toddler my doctor advised this. We’d already given her some for an allergic reaction to peanuts (which she grew out of, thank goodness). You give the dose according to weight and no more. Maybe it could help. I know it’s a life saver when my three kids have colds. Praying your kids get well soon!

  8. I sure know the feeling of having two sick kids at the same time, it’s not easy and it definitely takes a toll on you after a while, the lack of sleep and patience. My God bless you and your kiddos, hope they get better soon! =]

  9. hey ashley– i LOVE your blazer. do you mind sharing where it’s from? also, i hope your boys feel better soon. poor things ๐Ÿ™

  10. These photos are priceless. I am in the process of trying to survive a house full of sickies including myself! It’s terrible when littles are sick, breaks my heart ๐Ÿ™

  11. You guys are so cute!! I do hope they get to feeling better soon! I hate it when my little guy gets sick.

  12. It is so hard on Mama’s when those little ones are sick. Hang in there, and stay healthy yourself! It really stinks when Mama is sick, too.

  13. I’m so sorry your sweeties are so sick! ๐Ÿ™ I’ll include them in my prayers (and you too…heavens knows i would be frazzled). xoxo

  14. Lindsay Roberts says:

    Hope they feel better SOON Ash! Hang in there momma!

  15. Jackie Campbell says:

    Ashley, I’m 5’1 and my son is 4’10 and in the 6th grade. I can relate.

  16. Goldengirls59 says:

    Hang in there! Enjoy the cuddles now! Everything else can wait for now…

  17. Poor babies. Its so sad when they are sick, it hurts my heart. Feel better little ones.

  18. 1. Hope your childrens feel better soon! 2. My left leg does THAT EXACT THING in photos and it always throws me off, haha

  19. Aww, that is so sweet! And, you look great.

  20. I love the gif! I’m so sorry they are sick. I was in the ER with my son this week due to asthma. I would trade his suffering in a heartbeat!

  21. Aww, he’s adorable. I know how it is. We have had those weeks, in which all three of them were sick. It felt like a never ending domino effect, argh! I hope you’ll all feel better again soon. xx

  22. Hang in there awesome momma! You and your babies are in my thoughts and prayers.
    You’re doing great.

  23. Sorry your wee ones are sick, that is no fun ๐Ÿ™
    On another thought (not to be heartless..) A Question: how did you make the .gif?

  24. cutest post ever! I love this! xoxo Monkey!

  25. I hope they’re both feeling better!

  26. Awww, as a mama dealing with two poorly bubbas for the first time, at this exact moment, I feel your pain. The helpless feeling is heartbreaking.
    I’m new to your blog I’ve just subscribed. I’m looking forward to reading more. X

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