Welcome Baby Sawyer

A post from Daddy.

Dear baby Sawyer,
What a blessing you are to your mommy and me!
I couldn’t sleep for days as I eagerly anticipated the special moment that you would be born.  I couldn’t wait to see what you would look like, if you would have hair, if your lips would be swollen like Wesley’s were, if you would open your eyes and smile, if you would have dimples (mommy is very happy that you do), if you would sleep and eat.  It has been overwhelming loving you in person the past couple of days.  You have the most caring, loving and amazing mom.  I am excited for you to have an older brother; I have one and it is awesome.  I especially can’t wait for many memories as a new family of four.  This video captures our special memories of your special birthday. I love you more than you know- Daddy

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  1. O my gosh! This is so sweet. Congratulations you guys. He’s so precious.

  2. Love it. He’s so precious. Life with 3 boys is amazing Ashley.

  3. What a beautiful video! Great job Daddy!! I am in tears! 🙂 so happy for your family!

  4. My daughter, she’s 3, said “why is he in that room?” I said it’s the nursery where the babies stay. She said “what if he misses his mommy?” 🙂 Sweetest video ever. Congratulations!

  5. Kirsty H says:

    Congratulations to you and your beautiful family! LOVE the video…had a few tears myself 🙂 enjoy being four…sending lots of love and best wishes 🙂

  6. What a sweet video! Daddy did good…and of course, so did mommy!! So glad things went well and enjoy being a family of four! 🙂

  7. Jenn Mitchell says:

    That made me cry a few times! How beautiful! I am so happy for your new family of 4. I just love your blog and can’t wait for all the new journeys to come. Congratulations!

  8. This is adorable and perfect. Thanks so much for posting it Ben.

  9. That’s awesome, Daddy! Best video in a long time!

  10. Yay! Congratulations! He is such a cute little guy!! Love it!!

  11. Wow! What a beautiful video! It was so wonderful seeing the love and happiness on everyone’s faces! Congratulations to your sweet family!!

  12. Sandy A says:

    Congratulations! Your little boy is just gorgeous! What a sweet video and little Wesley blowing kisses to Sawyer–so darling! Best wishes to your family of four–we look forward to more pictures of your little boys….

  13. He’s beautiful! Congratulations!

  14. This is so precious, what a sweet way to capture those memories… and I love Wesley waving at his little baby brother Sawyer. Dang, you make cute babies!

  15. ohhh this just brought the sweetest tears to my eyes! congratulations to your beautiful family!!


  16. BEN – you made me cry!!! I am bawling! you are such an amazing father and husband!!! that is so beautiful! I love you guys so much and can not WAIT to see Sawyer in person! xoxo

  17. Super cute!!!!

    My newest nephew was born this morning! Almost gives me baby fever….almost.



  18. how sweet! Congrats on #2. He’s perfect!

  19. Thanks so much for sharing with us, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  20. What a wonderful husband you have to take the time to put this together.. made me cry a few times (and I do NOT cry!!).. seriously, could you look anymore gorgeous in a hospital gown?! Congratulations to a beautiful Momma and a wonderful family!

  21. What a sweet video!! I’m sure you all will cherish this for years to come!! Congratulations on your new beautiful baby boy!! You have one gorgeous little family!

  22. THis is SO amazing! Congrats & God bless! He’s so perfectly darling just like his big brother!

  23. So beautiful. Congratulations on Sawyer’s arrival! 🙂 SO happy for you! Love & blessings!

  24. That was so precious!! Congrats, he is so adorable! My favorite thing was how excited Ben was walking into the hospital, you can tell he is a great dad!

  25. Are you kidding me?!?!? I can’t take it. That is about the most GORGEOUS thing I’ve ever seen. Seriously bawling here. I’m so in love with ALL of it— while simultaneously kinda hating Dan. 😉

  26. Congratulations! What a great memory.

  27. How wonderful. Congratulations.

  28. Mary Emma Ruiz says:

    Congratulations baby Sawyer, older brother, mommy and daddy! That was a very touching video and letter. I wish you God’s blessing on your lifes.

  29. So so cute!! Congrats!!!

  30. I’m sitting over here 26 weeks pregnant and teary eyed over that video. He is absolutely precious! Congratulations 🙂

  31. Loved it, loved watching it with my 3 month old little boy in my arms and tears rolling down my face. They do grow up too fast, especially when you know its your last. Enjoy every beautiful moment of every day with your beautiful handsome baby boy.

  32. what a beautiful post and video. congrats to your sweet family of 4!

  33. Leigh Anne says:

    So SWEET! Loved the video and post! Thanks for sharing with us 🙂 A big congrats to y’all from Texas!!

  34. This made me cry! how sweet and special!! You’ll be an amazing mom (and dad and big brother will be amazing too!)! I’ve enjoyed following your blog! Enjoy your bundle of joy and your family!

  35. Congratulations. I love the smile on Daddy’s face. Beautiful mommy and baby.

  36. this is so sweet!! Congratulations, Sawyer is beautiful 🙂

  37. Kim pinned says:

    Congrats! That video literally made me cry. It is just amazing! I am so excited for you guys! Good luck with your new bundle of joy!

  38. This was great! I was so happy to see the title of this post I nearly “woohoo!’ed out loud. I’m glad I didn’t, however, because I don’t think my napping little one would have appreciated it 🙂 Congratulations!

  39. Congratulations you guys! He’s just beautiful!

  40. My heavens, he is precious!! I started crying almost at the beginning! We are having our first in October so I am going to show my husband when he comes back in. Congratulations to all of you!

  41. Cathy Kelemen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! That was absolutely beautiful! I too have c-sections and have never seen it put to video! Absolutely beautiful! I will be right where your family is Sept. 10th with my 4th c-section! Congrats to you all!

  42. gah – such a sweet exciting video! so beautiful! congrats, ashley and family!

  43. Beautiful video! Congrats.

  44. That video was beautiful! Congrats on new baby sawyer and I hope you have an easy transition to a family of 4. Praying for you guys that you have an easy baby this time!

  45. Well, that is just the cutest thing ever. I totally cried. Congrats!!!

  46. I sure did just cry my eyes out. Something so so special about a brand new baby. So close to heaven.
    Congratulations. Soak up this time as a new family of 4. It is precious!

  47. kendall says:

    Oh my goodness – what a sweet video! Sawyer is just perfect. xo.

  48. Congrats!! So adorable:)

  49. Wichiepoo says:

    Amazing video, made me shed a few tears also! Congrats Stock Family !

  50. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! It is so beautiful. Congratulations on your new addition!

  51. Congrats Stock Family ! I

    He is so adorable 🙂 Love the video , it brought back memories.
    I wish you and your family GOD’s Blessing!

  52. So incredibly precious. Congratulations!! The video is awesome and something to cherish for years to come.

  53. Wow – congrats! I watched the whole video, and totally teared up thinking back on the birth of my two boys! He’s ADORABLE, and that hat he was in – SO stinking cute! Congrats and blessings upon you guys!

  54. Michelle says:

    congratulations, so happy for you! he is so perfect!

  55. another handsome baby boy! so beautiful. this vid made me cry. thank you for sharing these private moments, guys!

  56. This is the sweetest thing ever!!! Congrats to one of the cutest families ever!!! Oh and btw… 7/11 is a great birthday to have (it’s mine too). 😉

  57. Congrats on life with two boys.

    Hope you have a speedy recovery as well, Ashley. I know C sections are tough… 🙂

    God Bless,

  58. How SWEET. Congratulations!

  59. oh congrats!! he looks just like his big brother!!!

  60. Krissa G says:

    Congratulations!!! He is perfect!! What a great tribute from daddy!!!

  61. Oh how sweet. Nice job on the video…I was a cry baby through most of it. How exciting for your family…best wishes and congrats! 🙂

  62. Lots of love and hugs your way for a fast recovery and lots of rest. He’s so adorable, xoxo

  63. I have a lump in my throat after watching this! It’s such a sweet and precious moment! Congrats to you and your family! Sawyer is just adorable! I hope you have a fast recovery.

  64. LOVE LOVE LOVE! What a perfect song choice too! You did a great job Ben! 🙂 Congrats to you guys on such a precious little soul entering your family. What a beautiful baby! 🙂

  65. Congrats! I’m soo happy for you! <3 Your family is the cutest ever!

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


  66. Wow that was beautiful. Glad to see mom and baby are doing well. Congrats enjoy your addition to your family.

  67. So sweet! He’s beautiful. Congrats!

  68. Congrats on Baby Sawyer! What a sweet video! We just welcomed our second son on July 3rd! So I’m hormonal and totally bawled watching this video! I hope your recovery is going well and I can’t wait to see more pictures!

  69. Melissa says:

    This is so sweet! Congratulations….the part end with big brother made me cry!

  70. This is so precious! I just found your blog and have been trying to read through all of it. I already love the person you are! I was just thinking “I wonder when she’s going to have little Sawyer” and refreshed the page and here it was. Congratulations Ash and Ben!

  71. That was so beautiful, and so touching, Daddy did a great job. Sawyer is so beautiful. Congratulations to you and your family!

    xoxo, Misty

  72. LOVE.

  73. Mariajose Zaugg says:

    awwww congratulations, that video was heart warming and he is beautiful, he looks just like baby W.

  74. Oh my gosh. Ashley. I bawled my eyes out watching this. lol. I’m sure my pregnancy hormones didn’t help one bit. He is absolutely perfect – and looks so much like his big brother 🙂 Congratulations Stock family – you have made yet another beautiful little boy 🙂

  75. This was soo sweet. My due date is today for my 2nd little girl…and i have a 2 1/2 year old little girl. so this touches home…i haven’t had too many emotional moments this pregnancy except the last few days…watching your video being one of those moments. Thanks for sharing with us!

  76. Welcome to the world little Sawyer! What a gorgeous video Daddy! Definitely could not watch it with a dry eye! Congrats Stock family!

  77. Absolutely precious, congratulations Stock family! I enjoyed every second of the video, what an adorable family 🙂

  78. Beautiful video! Welcome baby Sawyer! Congratulations to you all!!

  79. This melted my heart! I have a sweet boy who is two and we just found out were expecting so the tears ran to see how special a moment it is going to be. Congratulations!

  80. Michelle Lubbers says:

    Beautifully done, Thank you for sharing your baby boy’s entrance into the world. I was bawling through the whole thing. Sawyer is perfect, good work =). Congratulations to all of you!

  81. Congrats Stock family! He’s beautiful!!!!! Enjoy this beautiful time!

  82. Oh, I am so happy for your family. Thank you for sharing so much with us. He is just perfect and looks SO much like his brother to me : ) The smile and excitement on your husband’s face is awesome. I love the joy you have as a family. Enjoy each blessed moment. Praying Sawyer adapts well to his new home on the outside and sleeps well, eats well and is blessed with great health.

  83. Congrats! I’m a mama to three boys and just had a baby Sawyer back in March 🙂

  84. Congratulations! You can see the love and pride in your face! Could you be any happier?!
    Beautiful baby and beautiful big brother…enjoy!

  85. STANDING OVATION!!!!!!!!(CLAP CLAP CLAP , Woo WHO, YAEH!!!) Awesome job DADDY!!!! MOMMY will be so proud and teary!! I just about started to tear up myself. Super cute and a great memory for him to have when he is old enough to share.

  86. Congradulation and you two have a very beautiful family!!

  87. such a sweet video. it made me tear up! congratulations on your sweet new baby boy.

  88. oh my goodness this is the sweetest thing ever! congrats you FOUR!

  89. ohhh my gracious, what a sweet video. totally captures the excitement of sawyer’s birth. he is ADORABLE and i love his name. congrats and good job, mama! wesley looks SO big and ready to be a big brother 🙂

  90. Congrats!!!!!!

  91. I cried, and cried, and cried. Congratulations to you and your growing family. What an amazing little baby. Kudos to hubby for putting this together with so much heart. Thank you for sharing. xoxo

  92. Congratulations! What a beautiful video…a special memory captured forever! Love it! He’s a beautiful little boy…can’t wait for more post and pictures!

  93. A few tears on my end too…you are so lucky, your husband is amazing ashley and you have a beautiful family. congratulations on little sawyer and hope you’re feeling good!

  94. So Sweet! Congrats!!! He’s so cute! Good job on the video Dad!

  95. Okay, I have tears in my eyes now!! What a gift!! Thanks so much for sharing with us… I love the journey you’ve taken us on… CONGRATS!! Get some rest!

  96. Love, love, loved the Video. Congrats! The four of you make a beautiful family. Can’t wait to see the two brothers bond.

  97. Congratulations!
    from the bottom of my heart.
    God bless.
    The video made me cry and remember when I had my daughter! time goes by so fast. (shes already 2)
    take care and get sleep 🙂

  98. Ashley, congrats. I happened to have my new baby girl on the same day as you(I went over my due date). She was 7 lbs. 10 oz. so I am feeling especially close to you right now. Congrats congrats. I hope you are healing well. He is adorable.

  99. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you guys. This is a great video & God Bless your family.

  100. This definitely made me cry!! Wow I am in love with all of it – baby Sawyer and family are BEAUTIFUL!

  101. Beautiful video, thanks for sharing your special moment with us! Truly.

  102. That was so perfect. What a wonderful, wonderful way to capture so many first moments. I love it! Congratulations!!!

  103. Melanie says:

    Congratulations! He is beautiful!

  104. Ohh my!!!!! So special I tell ya!! This makes me want to have another baby… ha ha, Sending you big Congrats from NC!!!!!! You have a Beautiful family, and your a Beautiful Mama….

  105. LOVE this post. That video literally made me cry. Congrats to you and your family!!!

  106. Yay!!!! Welcome to the world Sawyer! Congratulations!!!

  107. Congratulations! it’s such an amazing video! something that you’ll always cherish forever! I just recently stumbled upon your blog and have been reading it ever since. I love it! I’ve been checking in for the past couple of days to see if you put pics of your new arrival…and getting a video to look at was even better!:)

  108. Congratulations! What a lovely video and lovely baby!

  109. So, so beautiful! Oh those baby dimples!!! So excited for you all! xo!

  110. Vanessa says:

    Yay! Video and pics! Worth the wait!

    Goosebumps. Congratulations on your newest little to love.

  111. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing video. You have two beautiful boys – what a blessing. Congratulations to all of you! My very best, Renee

  112. That is just precious! Congratulations on your new little cutie!

  113. Oh my lordie. SO precious. Congrats to both of you guys!!!!!!!!! Now I want to go cry. And have a baby!! 🙂 hehe 🙂

  114. Oh man! As a mom of a 2 year old and a baby due in short 8 weeks can I just say this made me bawl my eyes out! So excited for my new little guy to get here! What a sweet video by dad!

  115. Oh Ashley! He is simply beautiful! He looks just like his big brother Wesley! Congrats to your sweet little family!

  116. Wow-he is beautiful and perfect. Congratulations on the birth of your little boy! What a wonderful life he will have growing up with his big brother!

  117. YAY! Congrats on the brand new bundle of joy! 🙂

  118. Ashley & Wes, what an incredible tribute to the wonderful addition to an already beautiful family… God Bless YOU all… with many years of awesome times and memories.

  119. Aw!!! Welcome baby Sawyer!!! And well done daddy! Amazing video! 🙂

  120. Welcome baby Sawyer. I just cried my eyes out. So sweet!

  121. So precious. What a great daddy/family.
    So happy for you guys.

    Oh, and he looks like his big brother. 😉

    Xo. Tara

  122. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for sharing these precious moments! Congratulations to you and your family!

  123. That video is beautiful and he is so precious. Congratulations. I think my next go around, I’m gonna request that daddy video tape like your hubby did. What a special video.

  124. This is wonderful!!! I think I had to watch it three times beacuse I was crying the other two…. You are all four VERY lucky. Congratulations!! Enjoy every minute.

  125. Brittney says:

    YAY! PREGNANCY IS OVER!!!! He is absolutely perfect!
    I love him AND I guessed his weight right!
    he has 2 sisters by the way!

  126. Congrats!! He is just beautiful…many blessing to you!!

  127. I have been following this blog for a while but have never commented before. I have to say, congrats Ashley and Ben on your precious bundle of joy. Baby Sawyer is beautiful. The video literally made me cry……so sweet and Sawyer will be able to watch it some day and know how much his Mommy and Daddy love him. You two are amazing parents and the love you have for your two boys is evident.

  128. CONGRATS! Love the name and of course, the gorgeous little man! xoxo

  129. Being a family of four is amazing! Speaking from experience. You new little one is precious. I got teary eyed watching this video. Babies are always such wonderful miracles.

  130. What a great video! So amazing! Congrats!!

  131. Natalie says:

    Congratulations on Sawyer’s birth! I love the video you made for him — he will certainly enjoy watching that when he is a little bit older. My daughter used to watch videos of herself all the time…of course, maybe that wasn’t a good thing… Anyway, Ashley looks so beautiful in the picture, she looks like a model pretending to have just had a baby; since I know how difficult her pregnancy was, I won’t begrudge her that. Congratulations to you all, and I hope everything is going well at home.

  132. Congrats!! Sawyer is so beautiful 🙂

  133. This is so beautiful, I totally got a little teary eyed.. Congratulations!! You have a precious family!

  134. Congratulations! God Bless your new bundle of joy!

  135. Farida Tweini says:

    What a beautiful video. I had tears, It reminds me when my daughter was born. Congratulations and God bless your beautiful Sawyer.

  136. This is just SO sweet! Oh my goodness, I seriously just ugly cried watching this (I’ll blame the pregnancy hormones,) congrats on sweet Sawyer!!! <3

  137. OMG… just sitting here sobbing my 39-week preggo eyeballs out, soooo amazing and sweet!!
    Love this video! What an amazing keepsake to have. Enjoy all these moments! xo

  138. Congrats to you and your family on your darling blessing! So enjoyed seeing part of this beautiful moment! Thanks so much for sharing!

  139. I stumbled upon your blog from a recent post on pinterest. I absolutely LOVED that you shared this very special moment and it brought tears to my eyes. I recently (by recent, I mean 5 mos ago) welcomed my 1st baby {boy} into this world and your memories sparked mine all over again 🙂

  140. It was amazing! Congratulations to you and your sweet baby 🙂

  141. Hola! no hablo inglés, pero ante éstas imágenes sobran las palabras….precioso, tierno, emotivo…..me ha encantado…..
    Muchas felicidades!!!!!
    Hello! I don’t speak English, but these images are unnecessary to words…. beautiful, tender, emotional ….. I love it …..

  142. I like the name Sawyer 🙂

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