Easy Foil Dinner Recipe

When I met Ben, there were two meals he considered himself an expert at making.
Spaghetti and Foil Dinners.
The first time he cooked for me, he made his Spaghetti.
In all honesty, there was MUCH to be desired. And I remember choking it down with a smile on my face.

The second time Ben cooked for me he made his foil dinner.
From the looks of this meal, I was going to have trouble even faking a tolerance.
Imagine my surprise, when his super simple recipe turned out to be one of my favorite meals–even 6 years into our marriage.

Please note, this meal tastes waaaay better than it looks–I promise!
It’s quick, simple, cheap and even perfect as a camping meal.

Ingredients (serves 4 people):
1 lb lean ground beef
3 carrots
4 medium Russet potatoes
1 medium yellow onion
Worcestershire sauce to taste (approx 2-3 tablespoons)
Your favorite BBQ sauce to taste (approx 1/4 cup)
Ground black pepper to taste
Lawry’s seasoned salt to taste
Cooking spray (such as Pam)

*Optional additions that are also super yummy: zucchini, green peppers, cherry tomatoes, squash, etc.

Step One: Peel and slice your carrots into small bite sizes (see photo for reference).  Dice the onion. There is no need to peel the potatoes–simply finely slice them as if you were making potato chips. It is important to cut all the veges thin so that they cook all the way through on the grill. Set aside.

Step Two: In a separate bowl, combine the ground beef, Worcestershire sauce, BBQ sauce, pepper, and seasoned salt.  We use our hands to smash all the ingredients together.

 Step Three: Break off 4 sheets of foil, at about 18 inches each.  The four foil pieces will contain each individuals meal, so you can customize the ingredients you include (in case someone doesn’t like onions, etc).

Spray one side of the foil with the cooking spray. Then place about 1/4 pound of the beef on the bottom.  Add the additional ingredients on top.

Step Four: Wrap each of the foil dinners as shown below.  If you created different variations, I suggest labeling the outside of the foil with a Sharpie.

Step Five: Place each of the foil dinners on your already hot grill. Close the lid and grill on medium heat for approximately 8-10 minutes. Flip all the dinners over and grill for another 5-8 minutes.

 You can open one of the dinners to check for “doneness”. You should be able to put a fork through the veges easily.

Again, let me assure you it tastes way better than it looks.
I like to add sour cream and A-1 sauce to mine.  Ben adds BBQ sauce to his.
These also work wonderful over a camp fire, for those fun Summer-time cook outs.
Ben doesn’t like zucchini, but it is my FAVORITE addition to this meal!

 If you end up creating a variation of this meal, I would love to hear about it in the comments section. And if you blogged about it, leave a link.

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Happy eating!

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  1. My husband, Kiley makes something similar to this and we love it! He adds green peppers and onions. Love your pictures!

  2. yummmy!!!! and simple, which is the best part!

  3. My family has made these since I was a little girl! We call the “silver turtles” because we’d make them into turtle shapes! It evolved into making all sorts of different animal shapes, and that was how you identified your meal. You had to remember which “animal” shape was yours! Too much fun!

  4. Can’t wait to try these!! I hate to cook in the summer because it’s so hot here in Fresno!! This is something everyone will love. Once again you have given me a great recipe! I’ll add it to the choco banana muffins my girls love and your perfect burgers with “special” sauce that def gives In and Out a run for their money.
    Love ya!

  5. JessicaLynn says:

    We love foil dinners and I’ve never thought to cook the meat right in them, I’ll have to try it sometime. I hope your feeling better and we’re happy to have you back around here :)

  6. I do something very similar in my oven and we do the same when we camp. Quick, easy and clean up is a breeze. I’ve also done this with venison or beef or pork cutlets.

    I also LOVE zuchinni and I’ve even added fresh spinach to them on occassion. Yum!

  7. I’ve never done meat in my foil dinners.. interesting!
    We made and amazing foil dinner last summer with potatoes, onions, mushrooms, and asparagus. yummmmyyyy! :) Had it with grilled steak.

  8. Ashley, that’s so funny. We make a version of these too that we call veggie wraps. We just pile green beans, carrots, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and more into a foil wrap. Don it with some butter, season salt, steak rub, and garlic salt, and put it on the grill or in the oven for a bit. It’s SOOO good with a cookout. I’ve never added meat to it though. Good idea!

  9. Sounds delish — we’ll definitely have to do this! I like the addition of zucchini — or maybe yellow squash!
    And the best part? You throw away your “pots and pans” LOL!

  10. umm…YUM! Trying these tonight!!! Thanks for the great idea!

  11. That looks good! I’ve never done a foil dinner but that looks pretty darn good. We’ll have to try it!

  12. That sounds yummy! If i had a grill, I would so make it!

  13. We love foil dinners. Instead of hamburger we also like loose sausage.

  14. Ooh! We make things called Zip-Packs, which, in your words, are foil dinners. We have many of the same ingredients, but we put in whatever we like. I usually have ketchup with mine. They’re so good, one of my favorite meals!
    Plus it has a cool name! 😉 Sip-Packs. XD

  15. I’m a big fan of foil dinners. I’ve done a lot of chicken and fish, but never ground beef. I’m adding this to my “need to try” list!

  16. I am sooo doing this! My kids love cooking over the camp fire and we do the same three meals all the time. I can’t wait to add this into the mix! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Too funny! THis is also one of the best things my husband makes! However he uses cut up steak! I’ve posted about it before…


    And it’s the best when husband’s cook! I don’t know what it is! It tastes so much better when we don’t have to do it!!!

  18. Will definitely try this out! My hubby will love the fact we can also make it when we go camping.

  19. Looks nummy!

  20. Awesome! Pinning away…

  21. Oh my goodness I grew up eating these things!!!! We called them “Hobos” back home in Ohio!! We made them EVERY TIME we went camping and buried them in the ground next to the fire to cook. Too funny! I haven’t had them in YEARS but I might just add them to the menu plan next month!!! Thanks for the fun reminder of them!!

  22. I can’t wait to try it!!! It looks so yummy!!!



  23. Quick and easy I am so trying this one thanks for sharing!

  24. Yum-o Luke and I will definitely be trying that this weekend.
    p.s. You had me sucked in when I saw the Sweet Baby Rays in the picture!

  25. Amanda @ lillys&lollipops says:

    Thank you for sharing! I am for sure giving this a try, like this week… I should say my husband will be giving this a try, im sure if I tried grilling I would blow up the house :) It looks super easy and quick.

  26. This is our all time favorite camping meal. We like to add cabbage to our foil dinners…yum!

  27. This looks soo good.

  28. I grew up on these and it’s one of my favorite meals to make for our little family. Which reminds me, I haven’t made them in awhile. :)

  29. Lindsay Lee says:

    3 posts in 2 days…. EEEK YOUR BACK :)

  30. So happy to see you posting again!

  31. We spray the foil with oil then layer onions, hamberger meat, thin sliced potatoes and shredded cheese. To. Die. For!

  32. We make these all the time! I love to use chicken breasts instead of ground beef.

  33. After tearing up reading about Lil W’s recovery, you now have me craving a good foil dinner. Oh the woes of a pregnant woman 😉 My mom makes something similar, but with kielbasa (sp?) sausage, potatoes, and onions. She also wraps everything in cabbage leaves first, to prevent the food from sticking to the foil. Either way this is one of my favorite meals too!

  34. In my family, we call these foil burgers. We don’t do it quite as fancy as yours. We just make a hamburger patty and salt and pepper it really good. We use the same vegetables as you do, but sometimes we get the baby carrots instead of the big carrots. After their done, we just usually put ketchup on them. Always a staple when we are camping.

  35. I love tin foil dinners! We have the same veggies as you but have also started adding bell peppers. Yum! Since I don’t like BBQ sauce of any type, we put lipton onion soup mix over the hamburger. adds an extra pop of delicious flavor!!

  36. Brooke Magee says:

    I love “hobo” dinners! I make mine with pieces of steak though. Thanks for the reminder!

  37. we love these! i always add a boatload of corn and sometimes some fresh mushrooms. we also add a dollop of cream of chicken soup before we cook them, and then we eat them with ketchup. mmm. i might be making these this week!

  38. I’ll have to give this one a try! Looks yummy!

  39. I have done this with frozen green beans, potatoes and hamburger patty with italian seasoning.

  40. My family makes all kinds of foil dinners but our hands-down favorite is just a side dish of red potatoes sliced like in your picture, with an onion or 2. Add garlic powder, salt, pepper, and Pappys to your liking with a couple tablespoons of olive oil and half a stick of butter cut into small pieces. Cook on grill (or in the oven) until the taters are done (some being crispy is fantastic) and VOILA!

  41. Lorna McDonald says:

    We make these with hamburger, potatoes, onion, Canned green beans, then top with 1/2 can cream of mushroom soup and 1/2 can of cream of asparagus soup. They look awful but taste yummy. We also buy baby ears of corn and throw in sometimes. You could use different cream soups such as cream of celery, broccoli, or ay that you like. I hate asparagus but love the soup in this recipe.

  42. Bon je n’ai guère terminé de regarder cependant je passerai demain


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