How I Put In My Hair Extensions

Ashley Stock at the salon


I’ve talked about my hair extensions many times.
I summed up most of the details in this post.
But a lot of you still wanted to know more.
So I decided to bring my camera with me on my most recent appointment.

Cleos Annex Salon Oak Park, California

Carrie, my super hot stylist, was a great sport about having the entire experience documented.
Here is the FULL scoop on my hair extensions, and my coloring process.
If you’re new here, I need the extensions because of this.

I bought my extensions at Artistic Hairpieces and Wigs in Camarillo, CA.  Another great place online, is Extensions Plus.   I usually only use my extensions for thickness, but this time I purchased new hair that is 18 inches, which is about 2 inches longer than my own.

Weft hair extensions

Right when I get there {Cleos Annex in Oak Park, CA}, Carrie removes my hair extensions from my previous visit.  Then she mixes my color and gets to work.

Carrie Heath Stylist

I used to bleach my hair, but no more of that madness for me {although Ben so prefers me as a blonde}.  I have Carrie color it and every few visits we pull in some highlights {not sure the technical term for that}.

I sit under the dryer for a bit,
come out and get washed,
and then she puts in my toner and washes my hair again.

I come back to her chair and we get ready to sew in the extensions.

How to put in hair extensions

1. First, Carrie parts my hair at the location that she is going to put the extensions.
2-3. It is important that she doesn’t put the extensions too high, or else they will peak through my hair and you could see them.  Then, she braids a corn row along the part.
4. Next, she takes a needle and thread and sews the weft hair extension into the corn row.

Sew in weft hair extensions

Hair styling

Let’s get a closer look at that new rock on Carrie’s hand, shall we.  CONGRATS girl!

hair extension corn rows

Then she styles my hair like normal.  I have dreams that one day Carrie will blow dry my hair for me every day…one day.

Round brush hair style

Finished hair extensions

And that’s all there is too it!
I am able to blow dry, flat iron and style the extensions just like they were my own hair.

Rachel is another hot stylist at Cleos, and I love her to pieces.
Rach is the one who puts all my friends feather extensions in, and she even reads my blog!

Rachel Foos
And get a look at her super rad lace TOMS.

Lace TOMS shoes

All in all, the whole process {color, cut, extensions, blow dry, chit chat, magazine flipping} takes a little over 2 hours.
I always pick up an extra large diet Pepsi and 2 crunchy tacos from El Pollo Loco, to enjoy while Carrie puts in my foils.
And she never complains that I smell like onions for the rest of the appointment–that’s love right there.

Ashley Stock and her stylist

Little Miss Momma Hair Extensions


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  1. I have never commented on your blog, but I just want to let you know that I so enjoy your blog. It is so refreshing and fun to read! Reading your blog posts always make my day! Love you!

    Every time I think of you I thank God for you. (Phil. 1:3)

    • Tay took the words right out of my mouth. Seriously- Luv your blog!!…so refreshing all that you share. I loved your story recently about the lady in glasses, that told you were doing a good job raising your sun. It was a great story to read and gave me goose bumps/

      From your daily reader,

  2. thanks for showing this. you look like you’ve been doing really well with your hair – i can’t even tell that you’re dealing with your ‘secret’. you look amazing!

  3. Samantha C. says:

    How long do these last? Your hair looks great!

  4. I love it! And where on earth can I get those amazing lace Toms?

  5. Cute. I really love that length on you and it’s so great when you can find a stylist that you are comfortable with.

  6. I can’t remember if I’ve ever commented or not, but hello!, and I love your blog. I, too, am the momma of an almost-two year old boy and I feel like I can relate to you in a lot of ways. I’d love to get extensions someday…. along with regular pedicures, a personal trainer, etc. but we do what we can, right? Keep posting, Ashley- you’ve got a great blog!

  7. As always, gorgeous!

  8. Nice! I love it! I don’t have very many hair.. I should try this sometime. By the way, I loooove your yellow top! May I ask you where you got it from?
    Patty from

  9. hey lady! as always, i am impressed by your openness- thanks for sharing this! you look fabulous and i have the same dream about someone doing my hair every day.

  10. Love! I had the same type of extensions in college and when I first got married. I want to put them back in, but I’m having a hard time finding someone who knows how (as opposed to the other type). I’m still on the hunt. Yours look great!

  11. So THAT’s how it’s done!!! I have always wondered about the process… I want some- they look great!

  12. You look adorable! When you get Carrie to dry your hair every day please ask her if she’ll drop by my place too, I’m willing to wait and let YOU go first.

    I appreciate your honesty in your post. So many people hide things that they have absolutely no reason to hide, and if they only let go of their “secret” they’d realize they aren’t alone and have nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed about, and their “secret” would not have such a stranglehold on them.

    I once talked to a gal at our church and I mentioned that I suffered from panic attacks and had to take meds for it. My hubby and I agreed we would never hide it or keep it a secret (he’s a pastor) and so I was chatting with her about it. She was shocked that I took daily medication for it (at that time, I don’t anymore) and confided that she needed meds every day for depression but was feeling guilty for taking them so she had stopped taking them.

    I asked her if she’d take a tylenol if she had a headache, or an antibiotic if she had strep and she said she would, so I told her to take her meds and don’t feel guilty about it. Anyway, all this to say that sometimes, when we’re transparent as you’ve been, we will find that we’re not alone and that we can help someone find that they’re not alone too.

  13. Cool! Can you see your extensions at all if you wear your hair up?

  14. your hair looks great! love the length.
    that wasn’t your sweet baby walking around in the backround of one of the pictures was it? my 2 year old would not last a minute at the salon before wrecking the whole place. i like my 2 hours of mommy time i get when i go the salon, it’s my time to relax and enjoy all the magazines that i never get to read.

  15. beautiful

  16. I have always wondered how extensions work! So cool. I absolutely love your hair… and now I want extensions! 🙂

  17. Amazing! They look so good! I’ve had them sewn into my hair before too, but I had 3 rows and you could see them! Needless to say, I need to fly my booty out to Carrie, and her ring! Wowza! Seriously congrats to her, and good job to him! Love it, Love the blog!

  18. do you have to be careful when you brush your hair not to pull on the extensions where they are connected.

    By the way your blog rocks. I look forward to your new posts.

  19. SImplegirl says:

    Ashley, it looks fabulous! You’re an amazing blogger true to self and your lovely readers. I include your readers because of the support they give, awesome gals and you too girl. You have me hooked here:-)

  20. I was just able to get on to your site for the first time…. So cute!

  21. It’s my first time commenting on the new blog 🙂 You look gorgeous girly. LOVE that you documented this. And I LOVE the longer hair! xoxo

  22. You are adorable! I love the new length and the color! You totally can’t tell that you are hiding a secret! She does a great job!!

    I get extensions, too, but they are the single strands of human hair that are heat set. I love my extensions so much!

  23. That is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing that – I have so wanted to know about extensions, how they work, etc.
    And her bling rocks!!

  24. ooh I need these now….

  25. bwahaha i died laughing when you said she doesn’t mind you smelling like onions. that’s a good friend right there! as for the extensions, you look lovely, my dear! i love them.

  26. Wow! I’ve never considered extensions until now! They look great! I just want to say (and plz don’t be weirded out) that I love how comfortable you are in front of the camera! Or if you are not, your photos don’t show it! You are so photogenic! I wish I had that confidence!

  27. rachel foos says:

    YAYYYYY you posted it!!!! You are the hot mama!!! me, not so much, hah. Love seeing you when you come in. Your new site is amazing, i LOVE IT. And for all of you who don’t personally know Ashley, she is just as beautiful, if not more in person!!! Inside and out! XOXOXO

  28. You’re so pretty.


  29. Love your blog and find it so interesting to see how this is done. I love the new site as well. BTW, I follow in google reader and have had a problem seeing the pictures in the posts since the change. Not sure if that is my computer or a new-site thingy. Just thought you may be interested.

  30. Ahhh…freshly colored and styled hair. What a great feeling, isn’t it??
    I have 2 questions, because I have mulled over getting some extensions in for a year now, just for volume (I have super duper thin, fine hair)…
    1- does the corn row hurt? and do you get used to it? does it itch?
    2- does having the extension in damage your hair?

    (ok, I guess that’s more than 2).

  31. I think it’s safe to say I now have the hair extension bug too!! 🙂 You look beautiful!

  32. I think it’s safe to say I now have the hair extension bug too!! 🙂 You look beautiful!

  33. woah woah woah, fancy new layout! [i’ve been on vaca and haven’t stopped by in a while, in case you couldn’t tell]. but i love your pretty hair and how honest you are about it all. and that’s definitely true love if she just lets you sit there and munch away while she does all the hard work.

  34. Ashley I love your hair! It really is gorgeous! I wanted to tell you thanks for being so honest in all of your posts… It takes a lot to be that open with all of your readers! THANK YOU FOR INSPIRING!

  35. Your hair looks amazing! Now I badly want extensions to fill out my poor naturally thin, fine, hair!

    p.s. the new blog design is fabulous!

  36. I have always wondered how extensions work! This was so cool to see! And you look gorgeous, as always. 😉

  37. i love your honesty and openess. Thx for that!

    You always look FABULOUS!!!! Yay for new color, cut, extensions and some alone-taco-eating-onion-smelling time 🙂 You deserve it. 🙂

  38. Your honesty is so amazing! And your hair is fabulous btw! 😉
    Much love,

  39. great post– really fun to read through the process. you look gorgeous!!

    have a lovely day:) xo

  40. I KNEW you lived near me! haha! I get my hair done right across the street from that El Pollo Loco you probably stop at on your way to get your hair done!

    It looks so great!

  41. I like the combination of the different looks of the hair style by giving the individual image on individual style…..Thanks for this golden things……

  42. Leigh Anne says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! I love my day at the hair salon…..just some great “me time”…….gotta love it!

  43. need. want those hair extensions.

  44. I didnt realise they actually stitch the hair in. I have no idea what I thought they did to keep it in…

    and Jen in the comment above is right, you are super photogenic.

    Great post

  45. danyiel Johnson says:

    Looks like you just get the straight hair, I would have thought for sure that you would have ones with body?…oh man, love the font how cute is that little question mark??????????? adorable.

  46. danyiel Johnson says:

    It’s cuter before it’s actually published ?, it’s more curly in the preview.

  47. Looks fantastic!

  48. Love your hair so much!! It’s so pretty!! She is FAST!!

  49. Awww……your hair looks GREAT Ashley!! LOVE IT!! You’re such a cutie!!

  50. Megan Smith says:

    Girl, your natural hair is not even thin! But I love extensions too. And is that your son in the background at the salon?? My babe would have EVERY hair product in the store on the floor or in her ears, nose..etc. ha ha
    Thanks for the blog posts! I love reading them you. Your blog has sincere, positive, and happy vibes 🙂

  51. i used to wear 18″ extensions all the time – but i didn’t have mine sewn in – i just clipped them in. they we’re colored to match my red hair and boy did i get the compliments with long red curly hair = but atlas this summer {after our wedding} it was time to cut it off and donate (again) i do it every couple years – figure someone out there would like to have naturally curly Irish red hair. honestly i wouldn’t have known yours were even extensions at all if you weren’t so darn honest!! you sweet thing you!

  52. i used to wear 18″ extensions all the time – but i didn’t have mine sewn in – i just clipped them in. they we’re colored to match my red hair and boy did i get the compliments with long red curly hair = but atlas this summer {after our wedding} it was time to cut it off and donate (again) i do it every couple years – figure someone out there would like to have naturally curly Irish red hair. honestly i wouldn’t have known yours were even extensions at all if you weren’t so darn honest!! you sweet thing you!

  53. Ashley! I don’t comment often, not sure why. I LOVE to get comments on my tiny, private family blog. I read them every day though and LOVE what you have to say. I am seriously wishing I could afford extensions. Are they pretty pricy to buy? Plus getting them put in. . . Have you ever tried small clip in ones that you put in yourself daily? My hair is SUPER long but very thin. I would love to add some for volume, especially with curls. Anyway, thanks for all your wonderfully honests posts, especially about motherhood. I am the mommy of a 8 month old daughter and love to hear the honest truth about your experiences. You are real. Love it. Thanks. 🙂

  54. Well, I wouldn’t wear these as a daily look, but I think they would look very striking in a colour-coordinated upstyle/arrangement with different colours of hair extensions.

  55. Hmm… I hadn’t really thought of extensions, but now that I see them I might consider giving them a try. I haaaaate the growing-out stage!

  56. Hi-I was wondering if they are heavy? I had extensions put in last year and they were so heavy that they gave me a headache.

    • i have her sew in 2 ounces of hair, which is actually a lot, but its not heavy. If you get hair that is much longer than your actual hair, then it will feel heavier. I wouldn’t go more than 2-3 inched longer than your real hair.

  57. I go to Cleo’s in OP too! how random 🙂 Lindsay does my hair (the updo queen) and I cannot wait for her to dye my hair in a few weeks. and she is going to put in some extensions in my hair when i get married next year but i’m not sure if they’re as serious as these are. i wish i could have long flowing extensions like these!

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  59. A good bargain and a good transaction

  60. I live your hair! She does a great job.
    Ask her what color line and color she uses, I’m curious…

    P.S. Love the blog!

  61. Beautiful bag and fast postage

  62. Good ‘ol Cleo Annex!! That’s where I got all done up for my wedding – and my bridesmaids too. I’d always grab a Beanscene blast and a BRC from El Pollo. YUM!! or yuck…

  63. Do the corn rows ever hurt/irritate your hair?!

  64. What are your thoughts on clip in extensions? I have annoyingly thin hair, but I love it long – it gets to a point where it looks kind of stringy, your extensions are gorgeous, and I could see my hair looking similar in length and texture with extensions, but not ready to pay for the professionally done due. Have you ever used clip in ones? (like Jessica Simpson’s for example) I know they won’t last as long, more of a one night stand for my hair (lol), but curious if you have any tips on the clip ins?! Thanks!

  65. Hey Ashley,

    I was just reading through this old post of yours cause I’m thinking of getting some extensions too, and I was just looking for some hair sources to buy from…. I thought I’d reach out because the link for extensions plus leads to something called mark barrington. I don’t know – but I thought I’d let you know just because it seems strange. Hope you and the new baby are doing good! 🙂

  66. I was wondering about how much does this cost you to do, how often do you get this done and how often do you have to change out the hair extensions??? I was thinking about getting them, but never have before so any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you!! 🙂

  67. I think you are absolutely G O R G E O U S and so courageous for sharing your story. I am so proud of you.

  68. love da hair! 😉

  69. Do you only sew on one track? Or do you have multiple layers?

    I have thin… fine hair. I have been contemplating a partial weave… but worry about covering the wefts.


  70. What part of yor hair do you pull? I am just curious because I didn’t see anywhere where it looked like hair was missing.

  71. I’m a little late to the party here! Only just found your blog and WOW!…I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to see a fellow trichotillomania sufferer making it work! I’ve been a hair puller for 17 years and it’s still not under control. I’ve been on countless anxiety/depression meds seen behavioral secialists, etc and it’s just as it was a kid and teen, unfortunately. Going to get my hair done has been a nightmare for as long as I can remember and it’s only gotten worse living overseas and having to explain my situation each time, all while others sit and stare at me…it’s utterly humiliating.
    Would love to try your method, thank you so so so much for sharing!!
    How much do you normally spend on the extensions? How much to get your hair coloured and the wefts sewn in? How often do you get your hair done?
    Thanks again so much!!

  72. I have always been so nervous to get extensions but they look great on you!

  73. fantastic poinhts altogether, you simply won a brand new reader.
    What might you recommend about your publish that yyou simnply made a few
    days ago? Any certain?

  74. It is so refreshing and fun to read!


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