A Wife’s Secret Revealed {hilarious, if you ask me}

Have you noticed that Secret Week can be a bit intense at times.
So let’s lighten things up for a minute, shall we.
This secret makes me smile {and giggle}.
Here’s Jillian’s secret:
Soooo, my hubby is a germaphobe.
Like BIG time!
He doesn’t let anyone drink out of his straw,
ever since he was little.
We’ve been married almost 10 years
and he doesn’t even let ME drink out of it,
or our kids,
and he won’t finish the rest of his drink if we do.
Aaaaaand he’s a Coca Cola fiend,
he has it everyday,
a couple times a day.
He often sends me to McD’s or wherever to get him one.

Well, I always,
ALWAYS take at least 3 sips out of his Coke on the ride home.
Or if it’s in the fridge, I’ll take a swig before I shut the fridge door and take it over to him.

I know it’s silly,
but he hasn’t died yet from my SCARY germs!!
That’s what he gets for being a turd, hehe!
You can grab your very own Secret Series Button on the right sidebar:
Simply copy the code, then got to “add a gadget” in your blogger dashboard, then add “html”, then paste the code, then click “save” {that’s it}!
 TOMORROW, we will conclude this portion of the Secret Series with a link up party–where I will encourage YOU to link up a post with your secret {no matter how big or small–serious or silly}.
For ALL those of you who have sent me your secrets,
You are oh-so-brave and you have my utmost respect!
I literally received over 50 secrets, and only had the opportunity to post a handful.
I want to thank you for your courage and your strength.
You are such remarkable women and your story deserves to be shared with the world.
I encourage you to post your story in tomorrows link party,
however, I completely understand if many of you will want to remain anonymous.
I will post a few more secrets tomorrow, so stay tuned.
Thanks for your support of this series and of one another!
We are NOT alone!

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