Remember Your Happy

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It’s Monday.
Maybe try this.
Before you start anything,
before the grind of the day
and the endless to-do list of this week begins to settle in,
write your list.
A list of 25 things guaranteed to bring you joy.
Remember your happy, I like to call it.
It really gets things off on the right foot, especially on a Monday.
Too late? Already gotten caught up in the chaos? That’s okay!
Pause a moment. Take a deep breath–and make your list anyway.
Here’s mine:

1. getting packages in the mail
2. the smell of rain on the pavement
3. puppy kisses
4. my Grandmas really soft hands
5. white nail polish
6. blowing bubbles with pink bubble gum
7. a freshly mowed lawn
8. star gazing from the trampoline
9. toddler belly laughs
10. impromptu “i love you’s”
11. frozen grapes
12. toes in the grass
13. Trader Joes flowers in mason jars
14. foot rubs
15. chips and salsa
16. Anthropologie tag sale
17. all things American flag
18. farmers markets and fresh kettle corn
19. scalding hot bath
20. cul de sacs
21. pumpkin festivals
22. the initial warmth stepping into a car thats been sitting in the sun
23. picking strawberries
24. random acts of kindness
25. time alone in a bookstore

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  1. It’s going to be hard to write my own original list because I love so much of what’s on yours 😉

    Thanks for the reminder! I’m doing this now (even though I’m 5 hours into my crazy week)

  2. This is such a great idea and just what I needed to start this week off right! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a sweet idea! Mind if I copy you and do my own list on my blog next week? =)

  4. Borrowing for my own post, with credit of course 🙂

    I’m going with black nail polish instead of white though.

  5. Thank you! I needed this today……..

    It’s Tuesday afternoon but I’m writing my list now!

  6. There are a small handful of blogs guaranteed to make me smile and feel happy if I hit a slump and you’ve just totally fixed my slumpness with your list idea! It may be Wednesday, but not too late right? Still two days before the weekend and I need to breathe in the early morning air, to smell some new books and to have giggles with my children! Thank you! Hope your list is helping you through your week xx

  7. love this! I love getting packages in the mail too.. the best! xo

  8. Thank you for sharing! I need to make this list and read whenever I feel depressed :'( I must be really effective

  9. Such beautiful pieces, the photography captures them well. x

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