Use Scrapbooking Supplies to Make Jewelry

I saw these adorable packages of scrapbook supplies at Joann’s and immediately I picture them as jewelry rather than glued down on paper.  The best part is that you can literally make all this jewelry in 5 minutes.  All you need are your favorite jewelry findings and some E6000 glue.

1. Doily Necklace Tutorial
Supplies: 2 jump rings, doily trim, necklace chain

2. Felt Flower Jewelry Tutorial
Supplies: ring base, pin base, bobby pin base, E6000 glue

3. Yo Yo Jewelry Tutorial
Supplies: Earring base, ring base, bobby pin vase, E6000 glue

It really doesn’t get any easier than this!
So next time you head out to the craft supply store, be sure to check out the scrapbooking section as well as the jewelry section for supplies.

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  1. Lindsay Lee says:

    You are so creative! Love you!

  2. These are so wonderful. I will be making a run to the craft store tomorrow. Love them!

  3. I love, love, love the doily necklace. Wouldn’t that look rad with white lace and a black chain?

  4. Such cute ideas!

  5. Oh my gosh – how have I not thought of this?!! ha ha
    Loving the little yo yo stuff you have!

    Hows Sawyer doing? Is baby W adjusting well??

  6. SUPER cute!!!

  7. Beautiful ideas for beautiful baby! I loved the above all pieces and just wanna say that God bless you.

  8. Very clever!

  9. How creative and very cute. I love the doily necklace and the earrings. Thanks you for sharing.

  10. Love it – the aqua doily necklace is my absolute favorite! :)

  11. I’m glad I’m not alone! I always check the scrapbooking aisle at the craft store for jewelry supplies!

  12. This is such a cute and clever idea! Thanks for sharing! This will be a great gift for my sisters for their birthdays or Christmas!

  13. So cute! What’s crazy is I just did a post about making earrings out of the metal flowers from that same scrapbooking line at Joanns! How fun to come across your blog today and see you did the same with the other embellishments;)

    Here is my blog post:

    I may have to go back for the appliques now…I hated leaving them behind last time;)

  14. So Easy! These are my favorite type of crafts, the ones that take 5 minutes so you can get it started AND completed by the time the baby wakes up from his nap ;)


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