Anthropologie Bobby Pin Knock Off

I’m over here today:
Teaching you how to make these Anthro-inspired vintage pretties:
Stop by and say hi, will ya.
I would like that.

Ashley Stock
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  1. Jayna Rae says:

    How fun!!! I will stop by right now. My mustache necklace arrived today. I will be putting it away until my birthday next month. It will be my gift from my two boys. Aren't they so sweet?

  2. Karina Wetzel says:

    Oh Lovely they Look Beautiful!! I'm stopping by right now 🙂

  3. Those are darling. I'm sorry I haven't commented for a while but I'm still stalking your blog. It's always so cute and fun. I'll go over to kojo's and check them out.

  4. Cute. And beautiful pictures!

  5. Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts says:

    I liked your versions better than the inspiration – great job!

  6. Love them!!!

  7. PeaceLoveApplesauce says:

    These are so cute!!

  8. Oh! I love these!!! My girls and I will be sporting them soon. Thanks for sharing this!

  9. I would get the brown paisley hair clip and pin…and the vintage lace bows – all stuff for my own hair or they will be accessories on bags.

  10. Following LMM and glad to!

  11. I went to see the tutorial but it took me to the home page and despite looking I couldn't find it. Can you help me?

  12. I couldn't find the tutorial either help..
    [email protected]

  13. I can't find the tutorial 🙁 can someone please tell me how to find it? Thanks!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    these are so cute! i love them!

  15. I couldn't find the tutorial either.

  16. ashley @ little miss momma says:

    Sorry everyone, go here for the tutorial:

  17. Glenda M says:

    Love your vintage pretties. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Naomi Perkin says:

    Hey, I came across these on Pinterest and I love them! Could you possibly let me know how to make them? 🙂 thanks, Naomi x

  19. Judy Allen says:

    Hi just saying the bracelet.

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