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Secrets That Will Make You Smile, instead of cry {on Secret Week}

SECRET WEEK PRESENTS: SARAH’S “make you smile” secrets I like to watch my LCD Widescreen TV on “Stretch” so all the skinny girls look a little fatter. I use about a {…Read More…}


A Future Momma’s Plea: Secrets #5 Revealed {on Secret Week}

I know my “secret” isn’t much of a secret, everyone in my life knows how badly I want a baby, but I don’t think anybody really understands or realizes just how {…Read More…}


A Daughter’s Confession: Secret #4 {on Secret Week}

Elle is oh-so-brave for sharing her deepest, darkest thoughts with us… Here is Elle’s secret. It makes me feel like an evil person:I sort of look forward to life without {…Read More…}


A Tired Momma’s Secret Revealed {on Secret Week}

SECRET WEEK: secret #3{need to get caught up, click here} This Momma’s secret is intense–and it touched me to the very core. Here it is: Dear LMM readers, My secret {…Read More…}


SECRET SERIES WEEK {your secrets revealed}

Overwhelmed doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt as your secrets began pouring into my inbox. I was touched. Moved. Emotional. Sympathetic. Inspired. But most of all, I was {…Read More…}


Heel Skin and an Eye Ball {true story}

Today I received a looooong overdo pedicure. As in 5 months overdo. It had pretty much gotten to the point that it was either get a pedicure, or else move {…Read More…}


Meet Cozette Couture {and see me try to take pictures of myself}

I can see you, hehe. {and yes, I have freckles} I know I have been giving you little teeny sneak peaks, but please allow me to officially introduce you to our new {…Read More…}


I want to know your secret

I Want to Know YOUR Secret {see end of post for details} {and I reveal another “mini” secret} When I started this blog, it was for one reason more than {…Read More…}


Home Alone and it feels so…weird

Home alone. For the first time in longer than I can remember. A list of “To Do’s” a mile long–and now’s my chance to cross them off without a toddler {…Read More…}


I’m so clever {or am I pathetic}

Clever or Pathetic? {am I the only one, you can be honest} Wanna know a secret? So I was asked to make a salad for an activity at our Church {…Read More…}


Am I the only one who…

Pure randomness, so bare with me {or is it bear with me?} Am I the only one who… jumps with surprise every time I open a Pillsbury crescent roll tube {…Read More…}


I was gonna blog today, but…

Need I say more?


Vintage Baseball Party

Vintage Baseball Baby Shower {in case you were wondering, it was a big HIT} Get it, “hit”, as in home run?! A dear friend of mine is preggo with her {…Read More…}


Deep Pocket Scarf TUTORIAL {by my girl Delia}

Meet Delia! We like Delia. Delia has a blog. We LOVE Delia’s blog. She makes us smile, because she is real, and she is beautiful, and we like real, beautiful {…Read More…}


Silhouette WINNER

Drum Roll Please… the Winner of the $50 accessories package from none other than Silhouette is… Congrats to comment #85 The Webster’s {email me when you read this} It’s time {…Read More…}


a little bit awkward, a little bit awesome

This post was inspired by Sydney, the author of my new favorite blog the Daybook. I emailed her once,and she emailed back. Which pretty much makes us bff {and makes {…Read More…}

eat il_fullxfull.189012687

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Maple Frosting Recipe

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Maple Frosting {by Momma Go Round}and the three Inner Hooker WINNERS! We have a visitor today, and she just so happens to be one of my favorite {…Read More…}


These are the moments…

These are the moments… But I forget that. Every day.Every day I find myself thinking “I can’t wait for the day that ________”.Over the years that blank has been filled {…Read More…}


Pretty Things for You {$50 Giveaway}

No, your eyes are not deceiving you!Because YES we are having another giveaway this week, woo-hoo!And I am really excited about this one!Y’all remember the beautiful Keren from Free Pretty {…Read More…}

craft IMG_0154

DIY Glamour Gloves {Tutorial}

DIY Glamour Gloves {Tutorial} It’s officially gloves and scarf weather, and that makes me happy. That being said, I am a little tired of my plain ole boring gloves, and today {…Read More…}