For the Love Of {fashion}

When I was pregnant,
and feeling miserable and squishy and I didn’t fit into anything I tried on,
I would read this blog and secretly covet her style.
Her style is realistic for a Momma–which I love!
Not to mention her ability to look totally hot while pregnant.
You’re gonna want to pin these outfits!
Please give Andrea a warm welcome.
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Hi Little Miss Momma readers.  My name is Andrea and I blog at For the Love Of, a blog dedicated to the art of approachable style.  First let me say thanks to Ashley for having me and allowing me to introduce myself to all you lovely readers!  I’m thrilled and honored.

I’m a wife to her college sweetheart, and mother to my 7-year-old daughter Taylor, 5-year-old son Syd, and our newest addition, 2 week old baby boy Hayden. In 2011, after 12 years of working in the fashion industry, I left my job to be a stay at home mom, but I now feel even busier than before! When I’m not driving the kids around, I’m busy reading, cooking, eating, drinking chai tea lattes and plotting a way to get the craft room I’ve always dreamed of. I’ve been blogging for a few years now, and initially started out at my life and family blog Four Flights of Fancy, but when I left my career last year, I decided to branch out and start a style blog to write about my true passion; fashion, DIY projects, daily style posts, and the people and things that inspire me to live a creative life on a daily basis.

So what exactly does approachable style mean?  Well, I believe fashion should be fun, not intimidating or overwhelming.  I believe daily style, especially where a mother is concerned, should be simple and not fussy or complicated.  I believe nail polish is an important part of any outfit, and that cap sleeves are one of the least flattering silhouettes that was ever invented.  I also believe that with enough thought, every woman can create a closet they love and should never have to look into it and say “I don’t have a thing to where”, if they focus on the idea of lifestyle dressing.

The key to lifestyle dressing is to build a wardrobe that all blends in seamlessly together so there’s no “work wardrobe”, “weekend wardrobe” and “dressy wardrobe”. It can all be intermixed (for the most part) and be worn for most facets of your life.  Eventually the end goal is to have a closet that breathes versatility so that you don’t have to go out and shop every time you have a special event; you can instead shop your own closet.  A closet that is a good mix of low price on-trend items, and classic investment pieces that you can wear for years to come.  You may even luck out and be able to wear some items pre-pregnancy, during your maternity phase, and even postpartum before you lose the baby weight, as evidence with this pleated skirt I bought last year.

      {pre-pregnancy last year}
     {maternity phase this summer}
     {1 week postpartum}
I have a huge affinity for dresses and with the right choice, you can have it carry you through just about any occasion or event.  I try to go for bold prints that are interesting and different, rather than simple and understated, because you can afford to take a few more risks when wearing a dress.  They’re supposed to make a statement and be fun.  I also love the ease in which it takes to get dressed when wearing a dress; no matching of tops and bottoms to contend with.  Just slip one piece on, add a pair of shoes and you’re done and out the door.
     {Tucker for Target dress I bought 2 years ago and wore it pre-pregnancy and during my pregnancy}
    {forever 21 dress worn throughout my entire pregnancy}
     {Isabella Oliver maternity dress that I can continue to wear postpartum with a vest or denim jacket}
When I’m not in dresses, I’m usually just wearing a simple pair of jeans, or a unique pair of pants, and pairing them with some sort of interesting top to make my statement.  I go for comfort, which is most important in your bottom, but don’t think you necessarily have to sacrifice style for comfort.  A sparkly top, refined blazer, or a cute pair of dressed up “sweat pants”, as seen below, add instant style without being fussy or overly done.
When you only post outfit photos once or twice a week, it is easy to portray a vast, never-ending wardrobe, but if you follow me long enough you will see that I often wear the same pair of gladiator sandals over and over again, or the same pair of pants or top, but mix it up so it keeps me looking and feeling fresh.
So just a little style summary:
– Focus on building a closet centered around lifestyle dressing; clothes that work in multiple facets of your life.
– Fall for the dress; dresses are easy to wear and make a bold statement, and can often be worn to multiple events and occasions.
– Go for unique pieces that will stand out and make statement and that you can style different ways, instead of basic items that will only make it appear that you are wearing the same thing over and over again.
Thanks so much Ashley for having me, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little bit about my “theories” on style 😉
You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram @fourflights, and of course my blog!  I love hearing from readers and love being social, so please visit me and say hi!

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