What Would You Do?

Answer at age 8: Marry Uncle Jessie from Full House.
Answer at age 12: Play soccer in the Olympics.
Answer at 16: Get a full ride scholarship to Harvard.
Answer at 19: Be the editor of my very own lifestyle magazine.
Oh, how our dreams and aspirations change over the years…
Answers TODAY:
I would run a marathon.
I would sit down and write the book I’ve always dreamed and “talked” about writing.
I would face my BIGGEST fear, and I would dance in front of real people {instead of rockin out alone in front of the mirror}.
What would you do?
Twenty years from now
You will be more disappointed
By the things you didn’t do
Than by the ones you did,
So throw off the bowlines,
Sail away from the safe harbor,
Catch the trade wins in your sails,
-Mark Twain

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