Beach Week

I know, I know–I have been a bit incognito for the past few days.
No posts, no product reviews, no crazy awesome tutorials, no adventures of Baby W.
What’s that you say?
You didn’t notice I was gone?
Well that’s okay, because I don’t imagine this post is going to knock your socks off with excitement.
Other than providing a hub of fun craft ideas, super etsy finds and rad giveaways–I like to remember that I am keeping this little blog to dialogue the journey of my little family.
And sometimes to those outside of our “little family”, that can be just plain boring.
So prepare to be bored as I show you what we’ve been up to for the last week on our family vacation to the “Beach House”.
No really, THE Beach House {of all beach houses}!
As soon as the hubby’s parents returned from their 3 year Church mission, all the siblings and grandchildren scheduled this fun trip–and now, finally Beach House week has arrived.
And we have all managed to keep super busy doing nothing {which is my kind of vacation}.
Momma has been working on her rainbow sandals tan line.
The need for a pedicure is soooo extreme at the moment that I felt compelled to hide my toes in the sand for this picture.
Baby W has been crab walking all over the beach–and NOT eating sand for the first time in his life.
Did I mention he’s walking–EVERYWHERE!
And cuddling.
And he says “bird” as he points to them in the sky {even if they’re an airplane}.
And he enjoys chillin with DaDa.
And then some more mummy walking.
And some sand throwing with his cousin Brandon.
Cute little piggies in the sand.
The week has only just begun.
And because I can’t stop thinking about my peeps while I am gone, I have already been brewing up some Beach House projects I can share with y’all this week.
For those of you who are feeling jealous about my week at the Beach House, please refer to this post for a more realistic portrait of what Beach Week will be like {it will make you feel better}
So stay tuned, for more adventures {and misadventures} of the Stock Family beach week!
I know, you’re overwhelmed with excitement right now.  I don’t blame you.
I mean, can it really get more exciting than this:

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