grow 7 months pregnant

Learning to Embrace the Belly

{29 weeks pregnant} I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but the reality is… that aside from the beautiful end result, being pregnant is about my least favorite thing in the world. {…Read More…}

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Little Surprises

 My boys, on a casual Friday night. Lil W was born bald as bald can be. And, aside from some peach fuzz, his sweet noggin stayed that way for over {…Read More…}

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We’re Having A…

  It was only a matter of seconds into the ultrasound before the first jumbo image flashed on the screen. Imagine that’s the view if you were changing the baby’s {…Read More…}

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Some Big News

It had been 7 months in the making–or rather trying. And it was an early Sunday morning. I had spent the night before hunched over a toilet. I’ll spare you the {…Read More…}