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My Make Over with Mary Kay

Scroll down for an awesome giveaway! I’m the worst when it comes to makeup.  Never having learned any formal technique and often overwhelmed by online tutorials, I’ve become complacent just {…Read More…}

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My Style: Petunia Cake Cafe Carryall

This bag! This beautiful, beautiful bag! The Petunia Pickle Bottom Cafe Carryall from the Cake Collection. It’s so pretty and luxurious and soft–AND practical! Complete with a changing pad, stroller {…Read More…}

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Dressing for the Season with J.Jill

(be sure to scroll to the end of the post for a J.Jill $100 giveaway!) Fall is hands down my absolute favorite season of all.  There’s so much nostalgia and fond memories {…Read More…}

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My Sunday Best With J.Jill

(be sure to scroll to the end of the post for a J.Jill $100 giveaway) I remember one day over the summer being particularly tough on me.  My heart had {…Read More…}

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Best Hair Curling Secret EVER: a video

I know, I know–how many hair curling tutorials can there really be?  I’ve gone a bit overboard on these posts, but I can’t help and share new techniques with y’all as {…Read More…}

style what to pack for a weekend getaway

How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway

I’m generally pretty terrible at packing for a trip.  I take way longer than necessary to get everything together. I over-pack.  And I end up bringing a bunch of mis-matched {…Read More…}

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How to Color Your Hair With Chalk

The whole color trend that’s going on right now is so fun.  I’ve really wanted to give it a whirl but I’ve been too nervous to pull the trigger.  So {…Read More…}

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how to get rid of cowlicks and add volume

I’ve spent most of my life as a blonde. But every few years or so I can tell that my hair needs a break from the bleach. Fried blonde is {…Read More…}

style lily jade diaper bags

Lily Jade: The Caroline Bag

Introducing my new, classic red Lily Jade bag.  My kids are to the age that carrying a diaper bag around is no longer a “must-have”.  I’ve now entered that stage {…Read More…}

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Never Never Give Up

                                                                                                    Glasses / Necklace J.Crew similar You know my friend Ashley over at The Shine Project. That girl. She just keeps creating more and more awesome each and every day. {…Read More…}

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how to: beach waves for short hair

I recently posted about my adventures in chopping off all my hair for the first time in 15 years.  Not sure what came over me, because then I went and {…Read More…}

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Whats In My Bag

What is it about getting a new bag that makes me absolutely giddy? Even more than shoes or makeup or jewelry. I’m pretty sure that a bags are my retail {…Read More…}

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Love Linen

{scroll to the end of the post for a big discount code and a $100 credit giveaway}Do you want to know something I’ve learned in the trenches of motherhood? Tight {…Read More…}

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What’s In My Kid Free Bag

On the rare occasion that I go out-and-about without the two boys in tow, I get almost giddy at the chance to put together a purse not filled with diapers, {…Read More…}

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Brickyard Buffalo Guest Editor

Shirt // Pants // Shoes (not part of below BYB deal) This special week has been in the works for several months now, and I am so excited that it {…Read More…}

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How to Wear Pink Lipstick

One of my favorite things about blogging is being able to introduce you guys to some of my favorite “real life” friends–as in those friends I see in person on {…Read More…}

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The Boho Crown Braid Tutorial

  In addition to being a super talented music maker, my gal pal Brooke White is a beauty school drop-out. Which means that she is also crazy talented when it comes {…Read More…}

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What’s In My Bag

What Sawyer’s wearing: Hat // Pants // Mocs Purse c/o Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel in Marigold Medallions  This purse, well…it has my heart. There’s nothing quite like carrying around {…Read More…}

style 3 ways to wear a white button up shirt

3 Ways to Wear a White Button Up Shirt

The classic white button-up shirt has been my go-to for as long as I can remember. My fashion foundation. My old faithful. My sure thing. Between juggling a baby and {…Read More…}

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Quick Ways to Dress Up Your Top Knot

So thrilled to be a style contributor here on Little Miss Momma. I think so highly of Ashley so I am honored to be on her team! My name is {…Read More…}