I like to be positive.
Not unicorns and princesses positive,
But I like to find the silver lining in all of life’s lessons.

When I have a bad day,
I write about it.
And by the time I’ve finished the post,
I’ve usually found that silver lining.
The lesson to be learned.
The reason for the trial.

It has been a blessing to me.
A coping mechanism.
A support system.

And that’s why I started blogging.
To tell my story.
My personal journey.
My love story.
My adventures as a mom.

I’m certainly not here to paint a picture of a momma and wife who has it all together.
I’m not here to make you feel bad.
I’m here to be honest.
Which means I tell it like it is.

Because it’s hard.
Being a wife.
Finding balance.

But boy is it ever worth it.
And I talk about that a lot too.

I talk about those days…
the ones where you meltdown.
Where nothing goes as planned, you’re certain you’re failing as a mother and you haven’t gotten a warm meal on the dinner table in weeks.

And then I talk about those other days…
the ones where you set aside your worries and fears,
you curl up with your squishy, wriggling babies
while holding hands with the one you love,
and you breathe in the moment.

Because it’s moments like these that get you through the meltdowns.
It’s moments like these that remind us why we’re working every day
to be the best version of ourselves.
It’s moments like these that remind us to be kind,
to be grateful,
to smile.

Ashley Stock {Little Miss Momma} is a California girl,  married to a Wyoming bred guy, and together they made two blue eyed baby boys.  She is a momma, wife, free lance writer, mommy blogger, an independent marketing consultant, and self-proclaimed glue gunning extraordinaire.  Upon graduating from the University of Southern California, she joined the world of high heels, blazers and briefcases–until she welcomed early retirement from a career in marketing and public relations to stay home with her little man.  Today you will find her keepin-it-real on her blog, Little Miss Momma, as she writes about life lessons as a Momma-in-training {with some crafting during nap time}.  She is best known as the girl who writes like she talks, who has cheerios stuck to her bum most days, who looks hideous in skinny jeans, who revealed her most personal secret on her blog, who wears sweatpants way more often than her hubby would prefer, and who sometimes super sizes a McDonald’s value meal to overcome a tough day.