Thank You for Doing the Impossible

No words.
That’s what happened as I tried to write this post.
This post thanking our veterans for what they do.
Thanking them for the sacrifices they make.
Thanking them for the courage they show.
Thanking them for the freedom they provide me and those I love.

And then the tears.
That’s what happens when I think about their families.
The ones left behind.
The ones waiting daily in anxious anticipation for any news.
To them, I send an extra heartfelt thank you.
Thank you for enduring what I don’t think I could.
Thank you for being strong for me.
For us.

This video gets me every time.
Grab a tissue. Or a box.

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  1. This post means so much to me. My husband is a marine & I know first hand how hard it is when they are away for months at a time.. it’s not easy, but it has made me a stronger person & I am so proud of my husband. That video made me cry… thanks for the warning! haha sometimes it’s good to have a nice cry. I’m so blessed to have my husband home on this veterans day & I will hopefully never take for granted the time I have with him after having him be gone on countless deployments. Thank you so much for posting this Ashley. I hope you had a great weekend & a great veterans day!

    xx Liz Marie

  2. Thank you 🙂 from a military spouse :)))

  3. I’m an Army wife and seeing homecomings like these always bring tears. I am curious as to why the original owner of this video added a song in a foreign language to American Military video?

  4. That first picture just tears me apart. Nothing like it. 🙁

  5. Wow. You weren’t kidding about the whole box! I’m so far removed from this that I catch myself not being aware of these circumstances. Bless the hearts of the soldiers, the children, the wives, the families! Thank YOU!

  6. I always struggle watching videos like these. They are so touching. My dad served in Viet Nam, my husband served in the First Gulf War and now my son is serving in the Air Force. I am so grateful for our military and their willingness to serve and sacrifice time with their loved ones.

  7. terrible idea to watch this while at work. ugh!

    great tribute, ashley.

  8. Girl, you need a disclaimer on your blog. Not suitable for pregnant women!

    That video was so beautiful. Thank you, to the men and women, who serve their countries so selflessly.

  9. Oh my… The tears were rushing out. What a beautiful video. May God bless our soldiers.

  10. Muy emotivo.
    En las noticias de TVE (España)sólo se habían visto un par de imágenes
    Very emotional.
    In the news on TVE(Spain) had seen only a couple of images

  11. I’m an Air Force wife but am one of the lucky ones that does not have to worry about deployments. The courage of these men, my husband included, to defend a country of strangers is amazing.
    This has totally brought tears to my eyes thinking of all military spouses out there and their children. I am an emotional wreck right now lol.

  12. I’m the mother of a U.S. Marine. Thank you for writing this. xo

  13. My husband was in the Marines for 13 yrs. My kids and I went through 4 deployments. Seeing those reunions brought back so many memories. My 17 yr old son is planning on joining when he graduates (Ugh!!!!). Thank you for posting this!!

  14. I got teary eyed! Thanks for posting this!

  15. I’m an Air Force wife and Reservist. Thank you for this, Ashley. 🙂

  16. Stephanie B says:

    I saw lots of posts from wives and mothers, so here is one from me, a former Marine (served 4 years during the Gulf War); your welcome 🙂

  17. Thank you for posting this, I am a military wife and sometimes it does get really hard. But knowing there are so many great people like you, that are out there supporting our husbands/wives, helps me able to get through a particular tough day! God Bless!

  18. Wow, watching this at 4:30 in the morning while nursing one of my little ones, is asking for trouble. My family may have to evacuate our home due to the flooding caused by my tears. I can’t even imagine how these families do it. My heartbreaks for the moms and dads that defend our freedoms and for the tiny little love bugs they leave behind. Truly an emotional video. Thanks for posting love “grateful in Canada”

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