Farmers Market Dinner Party Part 1

Do you remember me telling you about that cooking club I joined with one of my favorite friends?
You know, the dinner party I went to where said friend choked on a giblet of corn?
You can read about our enchanting evening here.
Well, this month it was our turn to host and prepare the meal.
And Brittney and I were pretty “into” our theme: Farmers Market.

Which means that nearly every item we used in our dishes, we actually hand picked at the local Underwood Family Farm.

Basically, we got poked by thorns, had dust caked between our toes and nearly broke our backs in 100 degree weather all in the name of a fresh and yummy meal for our dear friends–and it was totally worth it!

Because there was so much that went into this evening, I’m going to break things up into two posts. This post will show you our prep-work for the dinner. And tomorrow I will post the results and final presentation–with some good stories that include a smoke alarm, a feta cheese incident, and a nearly raw dessert.

Our trip to the farm to pick the produce the day before. We even brought the kiddies.

We filled an entire wagon with produce.  People were staring.

Then Brittney and I went our separate ways to put the kids down for a nap.
Brittney worked on prepping all the food, because she is pretty much a pro chef {if you ask me}, and there was no sense in having me ruin everything.

The beginnings of our Mediterranean salad.

To die for stuffed peppers.  I’m not gonna lie–at first I was skeptical–but then Brittney introduced me to this version of stuffed peppers, and I am a fan for life. I even had a dream about them the other night–they are that good.

And a from scratch cheesecake with fresh picked raspberries.

And while Brittney was busy slaving away in her kitchen, I was at home cleaning, crafting and organizing for the big event.  Menu design, place settings, finding enough seats, drinks, flowers, candles, moving furniture–you name it.


I made each guest a custom vintage yo yo brooch that I attached to their napkins,

 Stay tuned tomorrow to see how it all came together, and for more details on our menu and recipes.

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  1. SO cute!!! LOVE what you did for the napkin rings!! Excited to see the post tomorrow because I think you may be convincing me to attempt a similar shindig for my besties!!

  2. can’t wait to see!

  3. Awesome! Can’t wait for the next post! I love farmers markets and fresh veggies! What a great thing to do for the sweet ladies in your life, I am sure they LOVED it!

  4. How fun!! Looking forward to seeing how it all came together!

  5. Wow, I love that! Everything looks so good and fun. I really like those brooches!

  6. i was just going to ask for the recipes!!!! those stuffed peppers look AMAZING!!!!! It’s 9am over here in England and my stomach wants them for breakfast!!! lol. i’ll have to read your next post next week as we’ll be out of town – but now i have something to look forward to!! 🙂

  7. I am soo jealous I want to though an adorable dinner party with all homemade foods =] I wish I had the energy and time to cook all natural, maybe as the boys get a little older… And I would love the recipes too

  8. Looks like a fantastic start. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  9. how fun! everything looks amazing and i can’t wait to see how it all comes together!!

  10. I am lusting over that food now!

  11. how fun! that’s a LOT of produce 🙂 excited to see the rest!

  12. Melissa Hinkle says:

    that looks like so much fun and I can’t wait to see the final pics! adorable matching aprons btw..

  13. I need to pick me up some of these kind of friends. The you kind that make homemade brooches for napkins and cheesecake from fresh berries. Where can I find your type? Do you hangout in co ops and flea markets? Can’t wait to see the rest!

  14. The napkin rings are ADORABLE! Great idea. I hope we get to see the recipe for the stuffed peppers. Yum.

  15. I so love those napkin rings! How fun to shop and plan for such an event. IT is great you have a good friend to do this with. Can’t wait to see the results. 🙂

  16. I am not a stuffed peppers fan but those look AMAZING, and I would absolutely try one. This party already looks so cute!

  17. everything looks great, cant wait to see the finished product! where are your dishes from?? i loveee those! i am looking at getting some new ones myself and those are simple and classy. and love the aprons 🙂 too cute.

  18. how stinking cute!!! i can’t wait to see your table all decorated and the meal. you will have to post some recipes for us. 🙂

  19. This looks AHmazing. The cheesecake I must have the recipe for! And I’m not a huge fan of peppers but those stuffed ones could sway me :). Will you be posting recipes??? Making everything with fresh produce hand-picked will no doubt have been more work but I bet it made it all taste phenomenal!

  20. This is a great idea! Can’t wait to see the final products!

  21. Everything so far looks amazing– those peppers– I have to try!
    Can’t wait to see the next post!

  22. What a fun idea! I love going to our Farmer’s Market…this might have to happen in the very near future now!! Thanks for bringing a smile to my day Ashley….you rock!

  23. I don’t think you could have picked a better theme! With your shabby chic crafty side and the farmers market food – I just can’t wait to see the final product!!!

  24. Wow, you two ladies are beyond impressive!!!! And cute. Those stuffed peppers do look might awesome….go ladies go!!!! And the brooches? I.die. Just a lil…

  25. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pics! The stuffed peppers look gorgeous! I love how you guys go all out with lots of little details…..that’s what people notice at these get togethers. You guys look like you did a beautiful job, thanks for sharing!

  26. Yummer’s! By the way… Your blog look’s fabulous! Great design !

  27. I looove stuffed peppers! so good! and my fiance and i are officially taking our engagement pictures in September at Underwood Family Farms! We’re getting married at Walnut Grove (directly behind it) and they’re letting us in to Underwood for pics! I hope they have a lot growing by then!

  28. that looks like so much fun! it kind of reminds me of the Finer Things club pam and oscar and toby had on the office that jim would always try to join. having a nice night just for the fun of it. cute:)

  29. Yo yo broach slash napkin rings… BRILLIANT! I can’t wait to see part 2! 🙂

  30. i love the theme and may have to steal the idea for a party! everything looks amazing..

  31. Wow, can’t wait to see the rest tomorrow. You guys look like you worked hard, and it looks fabulous. If you get a chance, post the stuffed-pepper recipe!

  32. Great – great – great ideas! Fun on so many levels. I may steal your ideas! I would like to ask about your dinner plates. They are beautiful. Where did you find those?

  33. That looks like the most delicious, healthy dinner party ever. Nice job.

  34. Looks like SO much fun! What a great theme! Can’t wait to see how it all came together. 🙂

  35. Oh my goshhhhhhh!!!!!! Everything looks amazing!!!!!

  36. I just recently found your blog and love reading it! This is such a fun idea and cant wait to see more on the event!

  37. Everything looks delicious!!!

  38. yum, looks like you guys did a lot of hard work!
    where did you get the adorable aprons?

  39. Ahhhhhhh!!!! I can’t wait to see the pictures from the party!! I’m planning a farmer’s market party for my CK’s 2nd birthday (in February- I’m ridiculous) because she loves VegieTales and I’m not so much for cartoon birthday parties. Probably going to have to steal some inspiration from your post tomorrow. This was a fab and super cute idea.

  40. Wendy Orme says:

    Wow…you guys really went to a lot of work and it all looks so fantastic! As a side note: I think you meant a “niblet” of corn, maybe…a “giblet” is chicken guts.

  41. I LOVE your aprons!!! Everything looks great, especially those stuffed peppers. Can’t wait for the recipe.

  42. What an amazing party! (just read part 2 as well) Everything looks gorgeous! What dressing did you use on your mediterranean salad? It looks so delish!

  43. I loved those adorable napkin rings so much I included the photo and a link to your site on my blog today when I rounded up a group of diy napkin rings suitable for home staging.

    I had to send my readers to KoJo Designs for the tutorial, but I think some of my readers will become your followers because your site is lovely and creative and smart and inspiring, and and and…

    Thanks and best wishes.

  44. SO cute!!!


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