The One Where I Show You How I Put My Face On

Warning: I don’t know what I’m doing. 
I am not an authority on the do’s and don’ts of the “art of makeup”. 
I do things like lick a q-tip and then wipe off smeared mascara. 
I can’t live without lip gloss.
My eyebrows are two different shapes,
likely as a result of some plucking mishap in the past.
There is nothing I despise more
than putting on mascara–it feels like a chore,
but like many girlies, I feel naked without it.

So take whatever you read here with a grain of salt,
and then go find some other blog where the girl actually knows what she’s doing.

Here is the makeup I use right now.

1. Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation. Shade: Light {Sephora}
2. Bare Escentuals Bronzer. Shade: Faux Tan {Spehora}
3.Sonia Kashuk Blush {Sephora}
4. Benefit cream to powder foundation stick Shade: Paper Dolls {Sephora}
5. Stila Eyeshadow Trio. Shade: Gold Glow {Sephora}
6. Stila Smudge Pot. I use this as eye liner. {Sephora}
7. Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara. Shade: Black {Sephora}
8. Eye lash curler. {anywhere}
9. Lorac Lip Stain. Shade: Sweet Emotion–see below. {Sephora}

First I take my Benefit concealer and I color over all my blemishes.  You’ll notice there are A LOT of dots.

Then I take a sponge and blend in all the concealer.
Yes, it’s time for me to get a new sponge–ick.

Then I apply the bronzer. This is my MUST have make-up. Without it, I look pale and sick.  I once read in a magazine that you should apply bronzer wherever you would get a sunburn.  It should not be applied ALL over your face–that’s what I read anyway.

{right after bronzer}

Now I apply my mineral foundation over the top of the bronzer. This will help blend the bronzer and hide the rest of my pesky zits.

Then I use my blush and apply just on top of my cheekbones.

Now the basics are done, but I still look bleh until I put on my eye makeup.

I LOVE this Gold Glow Eyeshadow Trio by Stila.

First I apply the lightest shade one to my entire eye lid, and just a little teeny bit underneath the bottom of my eye.

Next I use both of the darker colors and apply to the upper crease of my eye lids, like so:

I use an eyeliner brush to apply a quick line of the Stila Smudge Pot under my eyes. I don’t use eyeliner on my upper eyelid, simply because I don’t know how to put it on.

Then I curl my eyelashes and put on my waterproof, black mascara.

But I still have my secret little somethin somethin left to put on.
My all-powerful, and very sassy Lorac lip stain, followed by a layer of lip gloss.

And that’s it.
Nothing special.

{Happy Mommy necklace by Starfish}
What make-up can you not live without???
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  1. Mandy @ Sugar Bee Craft Edition says:

    I just went to a make-up class, and they we big into brushes – you've got the type they mentioned – – I don't! I need to get myself some brushes!!

  2. Thank you, I was wondering about the eye shadow, because I have yet to find one that I actaully like! Except I have oily eyelids! :/ but thanks again gorgeous! :}

  3. Oh and btw, I have a method of applying top eyeliner with wet or pencil eyeliner! I can totally show you, if you want to know how!

  4. you should definitely look in to learning how to to do upper liquid eyeliner! it really makes your eyes pop, you will love it. i promise. just go into your local sephora and ask them. its easier than you think!

  5. Your routine is similar to mine- fast and easy! Perfect for us busy gals! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  6. I use the minerals as well … when I do my makeup. Never thought to do the bronzer under the foundation.
    For oily eye lids try a primer. It is a beautiful thing! Makes your shawdow bullet proof.

  7. Hey you pretty much do the same as me but you def gave me better advice to put the bronzer on before foundation I never heard that but i def. think ur on the right track with that so i wanna try it out.. OH and for upper eyeliner i always think it was easier to start with a pencil (more control) but u should def try it out again you would prob love it!!

  8. like you, I feel naked without mascara.
    my top 3 must have on:
    brow powder

  9. Oh my goodness, I was going to do a post about my fave make-up this week! Crazy!

    Oh, and I cannot live without bronzer and eyeliner. If for some crazy reason they stopped manufacturing those two things, my life would be over..

    And you're right about the bronzer. It's purpose is to give a sunkissed look, which is why you put it only on your bonier prominences ( I only put it on my cheeks though)

  10. You look fabulous and fresh! I'm curious about the staying power of your makeup. Is it still on your face at the end of the day? I have 5 kids and by the end of the day I feel like everything has faded away?! Loving that lip stain.

  11. Harward Family says:

    So pretty! I want to try the bronzer under my mineral make up! I was wondering what color the Lorac lip stain was? It is so pretty!

  12. hotpants™ says:

    I really need to try out that concealer. I also really need to try Bare Minerals. You put your bronzer on first? Interesting… I never thought to do that.

  13. Woodard Gang says:

    Oops…left a comment about this post on your previous one. My make-up comment would totally not make sense on the post about worrying about your boy!

  14. I cannot live without my bobbi brown concealer. Love it! I used bare minerals in high school but haven't touched it since. Recently I've been reading SO many blogs about people who love it I'm thinking it's time I give it another shot.

  15. Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs says:

    You are so gorgeous!!!! I love your eyes. And your makeup always looks so natural, I love it.
    I did a post just like this last week! 🙂 What a coincidence! I even have a linky party for it going on, I would love for you to link up this post!

  16. You are so cute and look good even with concealor dots all over your face 🙂 thanks for sharing, I'm always in need of make up tips.

  17. You are too cute, and I love that you wear light make up. I can't live without my skincare and foundation.

  18. Mommyblogger says:

    I LOVE the Bare Minerals foundation. I use it all the time 🙂

  19. The WholeFamDamily says:

    ha! i love it! i cannot live without concealer for my undereye circles , mascara and lipgloss. those are my 3 MUST-HAVES! i am dying for that benefit foundation stick, it looks like it covers well, i use mineral makeup too so that's the only "foundation" i use really is for concealing. Do you feel that it works well? all stuff usually settles into my wrinkles (wahhhh i'm OLD) so how do you like that for concealing under your eyes??
    i always have lipgloss on, i need to get those colors cuz i love them!! i'm a pinkish-purply kind of lip girl and i have like a billion in various shades of the exact same color, ahahaha!
    you're so adorable!

  20. I'm in love with that very same eye shadow at the moment…it's definitely a staple in my make-up application!!! oh and I must say your lips/colour looks absolutely fabulous!

  21. Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top says:

    I need that stick thing. Bad! haha! I think it's your pretty lip gloss that makes your face. It just lights your whole face up. 🙂

  22. Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top says:

    Oh yeah, I hate putting mascara on too but I look way too bare without it.

  23. Fabulous. I don't know what I'm doing either, but I apply and hope that it actually looks as good as I think it does. I can't live without BareMinerals Bisque. It is the best concealer EVER!

  24. ilene @ muchloveilly says:

    i loved these pictures and you looked absolultey gorgeous, friend – w/ or w/o makeup!!!

    makeup i can't live without – eyeliner!! loooove my makeup forever liner – the kind that comes in a little tub. love it!!

  25. ilene @ muchloveilly says:

    i loved these pictures and you looked absolultey gorgeous, friend – w/ or w/o makeup!!!

    makeup i can't live without – eyeliner!! loooove my makeup forever liner – the kind that comes in a little tub. love it!!

  26. I cant live without concealer, of any kind…my fav at this time would be Sonia Kashuks from Target. I have always wanted to try the bare essentials line but was scared that it would just melt off my face in the Louisiana heat, any thoughts about that?

  27. I can't live without Brow Zing by Benefit. It's a textured wax for the brows. I have a hole on one eyebrow (just a patch where hair doesn't grow – not sure why) and it really helps and looks natural.

  28. so this is your secret to having no eye bags!

    Just Better Together

  29. Pink Princess says:

    When I wear my glasses I hardly put on makeup, but when I wear my contact I always do wear eyeshadow, mascara. I have permanent eyeliner YAY for permanent eyeliner…never to hassle with that ever again ♥ (had it done in Thailand last year, a little painful but afterwards YOOHOO!!)
    The thing I can';t and WON'T live without is either regular lipstick or colored gloss. I look SO neked without color on my lips ( ( don't have color in my lips, period lol)

  30. I like your make-up : it looks very natural, but really pretty… And it doesn't take too much time! I use a very easy make-up routine that I learned someday in a video on the internet : I put on my foundation and concealer, then I take my blush and apply it on the top of my cheekbones. Then I also apply the blush to my lids and then top it of with mascara. It looks very simple and natural but still looks like you made an effort! I have this fantastic blush, with 5 shades in one, which also doubles a bit as a bronzer (it's from Bodyshop), but in the video I saw, the makeup-artist used a normal, just-one-colour-blush and he only mentioned the need for it to match your skin tone. When I remember it, I laso use loose powder after the foundation, I guess it does the same thing as the mineral foundation on your routine :)It really takes me just 3 minutes to put on, so it's a very easy make-up to do when in a hurry (and now I have no more excuses to not putting on make-up:P )

  31. Genevieve Le Bel says:

    This post was SO TOTALLY entertaining!!! lmaooooo I wish I had the nerve to go naked for all of creation but HELL NO!!! You rock superchick! Loved it!!!
    Genevieve =)

  32. I love spying on others and seeing what they use, how they use it… Thanks!
    I can't live without NARS Orgasm blush, Philosophy Supernatural mineral foundation, and Bare Minerals Warmth. I am off to get that Lorac lipstain TODAY!

  33. Awesome tutorial! I need the Lorac lipstain too. What color is it?

  34. I always wondered about the powdered foundation. Looks like it works good!
    Love your bracelet!

  35. your gorgeous…xoxo

  36. You are gorgeous with or without makeup! I love your blog. I awarded you a stylish blogger award on my blog today, just wanted to let you know 🙂

  37. Girl, you are so incredibly BEAUTIFUL that you wouldn't need makeup! Although I'm sure you hear that all the time! Not to mention your HAIR! They jealousy is a sin…I guess I'm guilty!

  38. Yey!!! I emailed you about a make-up tutorial a couple weeks ago! I never even thought about bronzer…now I'll go out and get some in the next day or two because I DO always feels pale!

    Thanks so much for this tutorial. Your make-up always looks flawless and fun, especially the lip stain color!

  39. Ok three things. LOVE your blog, you are gorgeous!

    Do you absolutely love your camera? I have wanting to upgrade and the one you used in this post is one I am considering.

    And thirdly, where can I find that headband that you are wearing in your "about me" pictures? I must have!!

    Thank you thank you!!


  40. this is a fabulous make up tutorial! seriously, i have been trying to tweak and improve my make up application and i will for sure use some of your tips. thanks for sharing 🙂

  41. Not sure how I came across your blog, but I'm glad I did! You are *gorgeous* and your son is beautiful!! Great blog on how you put on your makeup…now we need to know how to do our hair as beautiful as yours!!

  42. Debber Doo says:

    Agreed^^^ lol

  43. You're so cute, LMM! Now can you tell us all what you do to style your hair??

  44. I am so excited that i won! Did you get my email? I am thriled to get a new purse! Thanks so much!

    You are absolutely gorgeous! I agree with Kim… now could you tell us how you style your hair???

    We are all singing the jungle book song, I wanna be like you! Shooby do! We wanna walk like you, talk like you tooo!!! 😉

  45. AshleyMarie says:

    You are so gorgeous and this was so helpful!! Thank you so much for sharing! Maren couldn't have said it better, I really do want to be like you haha!! You are just so amazing.:)

  46. Thanks so much for sharing. Sephora is my new go to for makeup too! Do they ever do a sample for the eye shadow you use? I want to try it, but I don't want to waste 30.00 either. Thanks for all the makeup advice! You are so darn cute even without your makeup on. I'm jealous!

  47. Our Seven Dwarfs says:

    What a great post! I need to look into some of your makeup. You are so brave and beautiful to do this!

    We are big fans of your blog so we awarded you the "Stylish Blogger Award." Please follow the link to get the details.

    Shannon & Jill of Our Seven Dwarfs

  48. You are too stink'n cute! Thanks for sharing your secrets with us. =)

  49. I am so ecstatic that I stumbled across Little Miss Momma, I just spent hours diving into your tutorials and blogs – old and new. You're absolutely beautiful; your family is beautiful, your words are beautiful, your crafts are beautiful, your layout is even beautiful. Just from reading snippets from tonight, I am so touched and inspired to be myself and to be creative, reading your secret brought tears to my eyes, I feel like I've known you for years! LMM is now on the top of my favorites list and I couldn't be more thankful. I can't wait to follow LMM more! Your family is very lucky to have you and so are we!

  50. LOVE that you started off au naturel … I have been debating doing a make-up post because I am so scared of posting my 'before' pic. I promise I am not hideous or anything, but being able to be raw and clean takes a lot of confidence! I just haven't gotten there yet. You rocked this post though … very nice job! You are gorgeous … even with all the dots! Ha ha! :o)

  51. ahhh! i love this! your entire blog always makes me smile!

    and by the way, you're just as pretty without the makeup! just sayin'!

  52. Okay, hello Gorgeous much? You make me want to rush out and buy all the products you use! I too have the issue of looking ill when I get my foundation on (yes, I'm that pale) but I never thought of bronzer! Genius! Thanks for sharing!

  53. Life with the Websters! says:

    I really am horrible with make-up {I, also, have no clue how to line my top lids :(} and have been meaning to hit up Mac or Clinique or somwhere to get them to teach me a few things and re-stock my make-up bag! I definately love the eyeshadow you used! Thanks for the tips!

  54. Your make up looks great.
    i really need to do better with my own.

  55. MEL [V] DESIGNS says:

    Love your makeup – what color is your lip-stain? I love it!

  56. Natalia Lynn says:

    Cute post! I love the Stila eye colors. So beautiful and all in one place! I think I might have to get me some. I'm guessing Sephora?

  57. Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: says:

    As a former professional makeup artist and "traveling pro" for Stila I fully approve of this post. I also use Benefit's playsticks. What color are you? I'm "spin the bottle"

  58. This Chick says:

    I was nearing the end of my makeup stash and needing a rehaul when I saw your post. I tried, and purchased, the Play Sticks concealer and oh my word. LOVE it. It lasted all day long and was so light going on I didn't feel like any product was on my face. Sweet!

  59. Mommy Melissa says:

    I have worked in the cosmetics industry for years and currently work at MAC so here are my faves over the years:MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder, Revlon ColorStay Foundation,NARS laguna bronzer,Bobbi Brown Apricot Blush,Shu Umera eyelash curler,MAC Comfort Cream,MAC fluidline in blacktrack,MAC Paintpot in Bare Study,Stila lipgloss in Raspberry,MAC liptick in Sweetie,MAC Beurre and Soar Lipliner. Okay, I'll stop now…I could go on forever 🙂

  60. I loved this post!!! Where did you get your eye shadow from?? I've got to get some! I've been wanting to do a more natural look for awhile now. Thanks for the tips! Oh and I would have never thought to do my bronzer first… Definitely going to be doing that from now on.

  61. PeaceLoveApplesauce says:

    I want to try that lip stain.. I've heard great things!!

  62. Kyle-Michelle-Kaylie says:

    i know other people asked you, but i didnt see an answer from you..
    what color is that lip stain?! i love it!

  63. Stephanie says:

    After a trip to Sephora, I am thinking the lip stain is Sheer Emotion…it is the lightest/pinkest of the three available colors. But it still looks pretty dark. Do you dilute it?

  64. Kyle-Michelle-Kaylie says:

    im curious if you dilute it also? i went to sephora tonight because i wanted to get it and it and all three colors looked alot darker than it looks here on the blog.

  65. Ashley @ Little Miss Momma says:

    Some more details about the LIP STAIN:

    -I don't dilute it, but I hardly use any at all and then I put a chapstick over it, and then a lip gloss over that.

  66. I just found your blog and Love it! You are too cute…my sister's and I are making the pom pom neckace tonight 🙂 Just thought I'd comment because I too hate putting on mascara but cannot live without it! Also use a Qtip to wipe away unwanted blotches….it's just funny to find out that other people have the same funny quirks as you.
    Love your blog~

    April 2, 2011 4:06 PM

  67. Dpesanator says:

    my friend has a youtube channel that is wonderful! its freshblush (just type that into the search box and it should come up as 2nd or 3rd) i know she is a teen but her tips are pretty good

  68. I just started reading your blog, and I love it! Thanks for the makeup tips – I also CANNOT live without my BareMinerals bronzer! You are fabulous!

  69. I wonder if some of this content could have been taken from a feed, it’s all over the internet and various peoples websites, unless you’re the first maker?

  70. I LOVE this tutorial!! You are so beautiful and you have the best tips ever! I would LOVE to see a video tutorial of you putting on eye-shadow. I was trying to search for some videos on you tube and none of them appeal to me, I know you would do an amazing job at one! 🙂

  71. Vilma Smole says:

    I love this tutorial.. Thanks for sharing with us how u do ur makeup. I also love ur hair color.. Im tryin to go lighter do to already having gray hairs (runs in the family & am only 30) i think the lighter i go the better for the grays.. Not sure still..

    Thanks again.. U did an awesome job.

  72. Hey! I am by no means a makeup expert either but I have done makeup for a wedding party or two. You should always do foundation first. It should not be applied like a mask but only in the areas with discoloration to help even it out. Use a light touch as it won’t entirely cover spots. Keep it natural looking. Take concealer onto spots and blend, blend, blend. Then take a highlighter and dab it onto the high spots of your face. Or under your eyes and onto your cheekbones to make you look awake. If you’re like me, you cheeks tend to maintain some color depending on the environment around you. If not, I recommend a cream blush as it does not sit on the skin. It blends in for a more natural finish. Apply it on your cheekbones more towards your temples than the apples. Bronzer is not necessary and I don’t even use it. It can look muddy very quickly. Use it very lightly in the hollows of your cheeks and at the temples. It shouldn’t add color but more of shadow to define your features. Matte colors work best. For the eyes you have it down. Base color all over the lid, darker color in the crease ombre-ing outward. Always curl your lashes and apply mascara. I use Sonia Kashuk’s. It doesn’t clump and combs with a comb to make sure that it doesn’t. I apply lip balm and am out the door. You are a beautiful woman and are brave to bare your face on the web. Thank you! Hope you may find some of my tips helpful and as always have a lovely day!

  73. I love the “be awesome today” sign!!

  74. Sorry! I commented on wrong post!

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  1. […] been longing for this lip stain since I saw Little Miss Momma’s post about her makeup.  I just haven’t been willing to shell out $20.00 for it – but you better believe that […]

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