Cake Pop Recipe

 Easy Cake Pop Recipe
Perfect for any party or get together, these super easy cake pops are sure to rock your world!  A quick shout out to my beautiful and talented sista-in-law, Lyndsi, who was patient in teaching me to make these glorious yummies.
Cake Pops
 Want to learn how to make these for yourself?
How to make cake pops
Here are the step by step instructions with pictures.
Feel free to leave a comment with any questions.
Ready, set, go!
Cake pop ingredients
Cake Pop Supplies:
Devils Food cake mix {and ingredients listed on box}
1/2 package of chocolate frosting
White Chocolate Candy Melts {2 bags from Michael’s}
Candy sticks {from Michael’s}
Gel Food Coloring {NOT liquid}
Vegetable Oil Spray
Shortening {large spoon full}
Step One:
Line your large cake pan with foil. 
Foil in pan
Now grease the foil with vegetable oil spray. 
Step Two:
Follow the recipe on your cake mix and bake your cake as directed. 
Cake batter
 Allow the cake to cool.
Cooked cake
 Step Three:
Put your baked cake in a large mixing bowl.
Cake for cake pops
 Use your hands to crumble the entire cake. 
Crumble up cake for cake pops
Add about 1/2 of the package of chocolate frosting to the crumbled cake.
The chocolate frosting is what acts as a glue to hold the cake balls together.
Cake and frosting for cake pops
Now its time to get dirty.
Use your hands to mix the frosting evenly throughout the crumbled cake mix until the cake mix is well moistened. 
Cake pop batter
Your cake mix should be moist enough to shape into a large mound and keep its shape.
Cake pop dough
  And if your hands don’t look like this, then you’re doing it wrong {lol}.
Messy cake pop hands
Step Four:
Roll your cake mix into 1 inch balls using the palms of your hands.
Cake pop ball
You should be able to get 35-40 cake balls from a single batch of cake mix.
Cake pop balls
Step Five:
Now we prepare the chocolate shell.  Pour one entire package of white chocolate candy melts into a microwave safe bowl.  Follow the melting instructions on the package.  *Be sure not to burn the candy melts or they will taste super yucky*
Candy melts
Pull out your melted white chocolate and stir thoroughly with a spoon until COMPLETELY smooth.  Once smooth, add a large spoon full of shortening {Crisco} to the white chocolate to thin out the consistency a bit. Stir thoroughly again.
Melted candy
Step Six:
Take a cake pop and dip into the white chocolate about 1 inch. 
Dip in stick
 And then place it into the center of your cake ball.
This will act as a glue keeping your cake pop and stick attached.
Cake pop stick
Then place your cake pop in the Styrofoam to harden.
Continue with the remaining cake pops. 
Cake pops
Step Seven:
Now you are ready to coat your cake pops in the delicious white chocolate.
This is the most tricky step of the entire recipe.  It took me some practice before I was good at evenly coating the chocolate on the pop.
Dip in stick
The key is to place the pop in the chocolate at a sideways angle with one hand.  Using the other hand, spoon the chocolate mixture all around the pop.  Try to do this as quickly as possible before the chocolate begins to harden and get lumpy. 
Dip cake pop
Once you have evenly coated the pop, gently tap the stick on the side of the bowl to get off any excess chocolate that would drip.
Frosted cake pops
Step Eight:
Now its time to make your pops look extra pretty.  Use the remainder of your white chocolate for the drizzle.  If you run out, make more following the steps above. Add the GEL food coloring of your choice until you receive your desired color.  The liquid food coloring will immediately harden and ruin your chocolate. 
Pink frosting
Fill a Ziploc bag with your colored white chocolate.  Cut a small hole in one corner of the Ziploc back so that you can drizzle the colored chocolate over your pops.
UPDATE: I have just learned how to keep your cake pops from falling off the stick when you try to cover them in chocolate!  After you shape the cake into little balls, put them in the freezer for about 10 minutes so they are super chilled.  Then continue with the recipe.  They will be “more solid” and therefor hold onto the stick better. 
Frosted cake pops
Now let your cake pops dry and then you are done!
Lyndsi and I preferred the way the cake pops taste after they have chilled in the refrigerator for a bit. 
I am so making these at the next baby shower I throw {that’s right Kristyn}!
How pretty are these bad boys?! 
Pretty cake pops
Pretty cake pops
Cake pop recipe
Cake pops
We had a handful of hungry little kiddos anxiously awaiting the completion of our cake pop project.  Let’s just say the cake pops were a big hit amongst my niece and nephews.
 Check out my Nephew {Lil C}–it doesn’t get much cuter than this:
baby with cake pops
 Here’s the rest of the adorable gang eating their yummies:
Kids love cake pops
Half eaten cake pop
Happy Baking!
Click HERE to check out all the parties I link to!

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  1. Nancy @ Live love laugh says:

    I have seen these before and said -forget it-too difficult, but your tutorial is great! I really want to try these-especially after seeing your cuties loving them!

  2. Nancy @ Live love laugh says:

    I have seen these before and said -forget it-too difficult, but your tutorial is great! I really want to try these-especially after seeing your cuties loving them!

  3. Stephanie says:

    This was the best tutorial I found when looking for a cake pop recipe and they turned out amazing! You are very talented! I am linking to you in my post about the ones I made! I just made these for NYE!

  4. The Thomas' says:

    So making these for my daughters V-day partay at school (3 yrs & 4 yrs) The kids will love them. PS: I find that using one of those mini crock pots is the BEST way to keep your melting chocolates at a nice consistency for a longer period of time. Cuz you know that when you have little kiddos running around, you get interrupted. Not so good when you are trying to work with melted chocolate. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the easy instructions!! I want to make cake pops for my kids' teachers for Valentine's Day and now I think I'll be able to do it.

  6. BAKED Cakes By Jenn says:

    Great tutorial!! I tried using white chocolate chips w/ heavy whipping cream as I would for a poured ganache and it wouldn't stick to the pop. Then i tried using candy melts and it was so think it kept pulling the pop off the stick so I combined the two and the combination turned solid!! I'm going to try your method next!!

  7. Hello, I am in Australia and would like to attempt these but shortening is hard to come by. I have found a place that has Crisco products and am wondering if I should buy the butter flavour or the normal one. Thank you

  8. I featured this great recipe on my blog
    I just made mine into balls and they just didn't turn out as great as yours, so I directed my viewers to your blog.


  9. Your cake pops look great. Thanks for the tip about the coloring gel. I read in Bakerella's Pop cake book that using food coloring would make the coating hard, but I didn't know that you could use the gel.

  10. Hi, I just used your recipie and they turned out great!! Your directions and photos were right on and it made it so easy! I am going to make these for my daughters birthday in a couple weeks! She loved them! Thank you!!!

  11. Stephanie {Luxe Boulevard} says:

    This is so awesome to see. I actually just saw cake pops at Starbucks last weekend and thought about getting some for my kids. But I couldn't honestly justify spending nearly $2 on a sucker, cake filled or not. You bet I will now be making these for my daughtes bday!

  12. Bec @ eleventhirtyish says:

    scrumdiddlyumptious! I make a super yummy vegan version of these as often as i can. The teachers at E&O's school love them as they are safe for those kiddos with allergies since there's no dairy or egg xx

  13. Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs says:

    So awesome! Ive been wondering how to make these things for a while now! They seem so easy! Thanks for sharing a tutorial! :)

  14. Anneris Morales says:

    te felicito. soy dominicana y hare estos cake pop..

  15. ohhh my goodness. you are my new favorite person (does that sound creepy?) so, ive been following your blog for a few weeks now. im a newbie and yours is my FAVE. even more so now that i was looking at your tutorials… and saw these babies!!! i am planning a baby shower and these are freaking PERFECT. thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  16. Did you chill your cake pops before coating them? I made some last night and followed Bakerella's suggestion to chill before dipping and my chocolate was cracking after coating. I think it was because the cake was too cold, so I'm wondering if I can skip the chilling and not have that problem. Thanks!

  17. vserrano32 says:

    Thank you for posting this i have been wondering how to make them. also, I was just wondering, about how many pops are made with one box of cake mix?

  18. aleelavine says:

    Hi! Checking out your tutorial on cake pops as I have ventured into this world myself a couple of days ago. I had trouble with the white candy melts drying…. it got strange, like almost little air bubbles or something as they were drying… have you had this happen to you at all?

  19. Ashley @ Little Miss Momma says:

    Hmmm, Alle I have never had that happen to me before. The only thing I can think of is that maybe you didn't add enough Crisco to the candy melts?? Also, make sure you stir the candy melts REALLY well before you start to dip the pops.
    hope this helps a bit :)

    • I was wondering (Since people have been having trouble and in my town I don’t have a Michaels
      -You know how you make candy buckeyes? When you coat the peanut butter balls with the chocolate it would be the same as coating the cake pops with choc. right? Wonder if the same would work here is what I do…… Get a double broiler (make sure you put a little water in the bottom pan) then add a bag of white chocolate chips and a half of a block of Paraffin wax (It is at wal-mart it is used also for jellies) the wax makes it thinner and the double broiler keeps the chocolate at an even temp so it doen’t get lumpy.. If you use the candy melts I am sure you could add the wax to that as well couldn’t you? kind of the same thing
      And the pariffin wax has no taste you would think it would but all it is is a thinning agent for the chocolate so it will coat evenly . I Can’t wait to make them!!! I think I am going to use the white choc chips, wax, And double broiler it just sounds easier and if it coats the buckeyes which is in balls why wouldn’t work for cake =)

  20. Shirley Raymond says:

    I thank you for sharing this recipe. I bake for my restaurant and plan to have this for Good Friday (Easter)we will are closed on Sundays. Anyway I will post back how they go over with all my customers. Claudia's Place Midland Texas.

  21. Rebel Chick says:

    I just found your blog today and I just finished making these! :) Your recipe & instructions were so much easier to follow than most other blogs posts I found.
    Thank you so much! They came out adorable!

  22. Anonymous says:
  23. AshleeElizabeth says:

    You are my heroine!!!

  24. Thanks! Always wanted to know how to make those cake pops.

  25. maura trujillo says:

    genil el tutorial …. muy facil de seguir thank you.

  26. this was a really cool thing to do…however i must say i did mine with my great nephews and great nieces…mine obviously werent as nice as yours lol but we all had a real blast…thanks for sharing it :)

  27. Anonymous says:

    I have never seen these before, my kid's birthday coming up. So going to give it a try!!! Thanks cool tutorial.

  28. gonna try this for sure 😉

  29. Oh my god so cute!! I was hesitating about making these for my son's upcoming first birthday party but after seeing how easy it can be, I'm definitely doing it!! I love your blog by the way, I got here from someone else's blog that made cake pops based on your tutorial. I just started my crafty mommy blog and your blog is a true inspiration. Thanks for the tutorial and you definitely got a new follower!

    Melissa @ knitpurlbaby

  30. Anonymous says:

    I'm thinking if trying these but would like to know how many days in advance I can make them for a bake sale? Do you know how ling they keep?

  31. Melissa @ knit purl baby says:

    Yay I made some cake pops using your tutorial!!! They didn't turn out as pretty but they were yummy! Thanks for the tips!

    cake pops @ knit purl baby

  32. penelope perez says:

    Thank you for sharing this fabulous recipe
    I was looking for my daughter's birthday

  33. I haven't bought Crisco for decades, can olive oil be used instead?

    • I haven’t made this, but olive oil has a taste which would affect the taste of the pop, I would definitely not use it.

  34. Gabriela Sofia says:

    Hi! omg I am totally considering this for my wedding instead of cake! I have seen/eaten these before but your step by step instructions have gotten rave reviews by me and my friends on FB and Twitter 😀 Hooray for sharing! thanks so much!
    Gabi from

  35. Darlene says:

    Wow I am very impressed with your page. I do a lot of cake for the grandkids and I going to now try the Cake Pop's Thank you,
    Mimi of 7 :)

  36. Jazzica says:

    Thank you very much for the step by step instructions for the recipe :)

  37. Pop.O.Licious says:

    Those look great! Love your cake pop eating crew :)

  38. the pops look great. Can you use any flavor of cake mix and icing, such as red velvet cake mix and cream cheese icing?

  39. Wow that's amazing looks like a lot of work but well worth it!!

    *I work for Bass Pecan Company and every year they have a recipe contest where you can win $1000. You so check it out!! If you like baking with pecans this is perfect for you
    Bass Recipe Blog

  40. Ropella4 says:

    These lok awesome, I am going to make them for my daughter birthday, but in was wondering how far. Inadvnace can I make them? Will they store well in freezer or in fridege for a week??? I also LOVE your blog, your an inspiration!!

  41. Love this receipe. I had 3 mishaps but then got the knack of it…Turned out great!

  42. Anonymous says:

    I tried to make these tonight. It is a little tricky. I didn't finish all yet but I wanted to post this tip I found out the hard way. Do not make your balls to big. All the chocolate is too heavy for the cake to stay on the stick. I also bought hot pink sugar sprinkles instead of doing the swirls they look super cute. Thanks for the idea. Jamie

  43. Roopa Iyer says:

    Oh the importance of reading directions! I added WAY to much frosting, and it ended up becoming soupy- deliciously soupy, but not what is needed lol. I'm going to try again.

  44. says:

    Yummmmmmm… These are my favorite. I usually use red velvet cake mix with cream cheese frosting mixed in. The chocolate/chocolate combo looks delish too.
    I'm going to try putting my next batch on sticks like you did – I usually just make them like truffles. Cute post!

  45. Jayna Rae says:

    Very cute and delicious. I love cake pops, especially chocolate which always surprises me because I do not like chocolate cake. I think that the frosting being mixed in moistens it up enough for me to like em.

  46. I love making these, but when I use the food coloring(just like the one you show), it does'nt come out right. It comes out too thick and I can't use it. Can you help?


  47. Anonymous says:

    You created the best recipe instructions I've ever seen! Thank you for the step-by-step pictures and for the added "cute-ness" with the pics of the kids enjoying the cake pops :) Thank you for being so thorough and for sharing all of the great tips!

  48. Anonymous says:

    I just made these, but used the 'root-beer' cake trick (instant cake mix and 2.5 cups of root beer to make the cake, nothing else) and they turned out fantastic! Thanks for the recipe, love it!

  49. Anonymous says:

    Question: is the crisco shortening
    liquid or solid?

    Great demo, thanks!


  50. These little babies are awesome! Not only because they taste AMAZING but also because they are what led me to your wonderful blog.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for this recip! I love to buy them at Starbucks, but at $1.50 each, it gets pricy! I made your recipe and they were amazing and all for about $8! Thanks so much!

  52. Priscilla says:

    Wow, these look so yummy! Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial. Yippee … I'm off to bake.

  53. Maritza Sanchez says:

    Help! I just tried this and I got everything nicely done until the melting of the chocolate came. I Put in a bowl of white chocolate in the microwave for 1 minute and it didn't melt :/ it burned! Ugh I'm so frustrated and just wasted good white chocolate! What did I do wrong?

  54. Alison Curtice says:

    I looked at dozens of recipes for cake pops and decided to give your recipe a try!! I used a white cake, vanilla icing and pink candy melts! They turned out great!! My brother said they were even better than Starbucks (maybe he didn't want to hurt my feelings)!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!! Love it!!

  55. Beckyhomecky says:

    Hi, Do you have any idea how many cups of cake you have when crumbled? And have you ever tried homemade icing instead fo the canned variety?

  56. hardwired says:

    Thanks for the tutorial,
    I am a guy that can cook , but not a guy that bakes very well, I try new stuff all the time, Just tried these on sunday and brought them to work on Monday, they were so gone!!! everyone loved em. Making some more tonight. Thanks again

  57. thanx for the tutorial my cake pops cake out great!

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  63. Really interesting piece of information, I loved it!

  64. great product! A++++

  65. I really would like to make these for a shower this weekend. How far in advance can these be made?

  66. Claudia Rodriguez says:

    can u use any kind of cake mix and frosting or is this one only good for chocolate??

  67. ok i know i am retarded. but my cake pops slipped down the stick when i put the on the “drying” foam.
    so i just put the cake balls on a plate still tasted good but not near as fun to serve………. disappointing! :(

  68. Your tutorial was great but I am having problems. My pops keep falling off the sticks when I dip them in chocolate. At first I thought I made them too heavy with too much frosting but it did the same thing the second time around. Can anyone help????

    • UPDATE: I have just learned how to keep your cake pops from falling off the stick when you try to cover them in chocolate! After you shape the cake into little balls, put them in the freezer for about 10 minutes so they are super chilled. Then continue with the recipe. They will be “more solid” and therefor hold onto the stick better.

  69. amanda beals says:

    omg i had a cake pop at starbucks and my sis wanted to try and make it. now i know how to

  70. Wow! You explained how to make these so well! I’m so excited to try to make them! Thank you! Yours turned out lovely! :)

  71. I make cakes and when I cut the top off to level them I take the extra cake and mix it w/my icing, just enough so it is moist like the pictures. You do want to refridgerate the ball after you dip the stick in melted chiocolate and put them in the balls. this helps them harding some and makes it alot easier to dip them in the melted chocolate w/out falling off the sticks. I have at times let them sit in the fridge overnight and that is when they were the best. I did them couple of times before I figured it out. I do bake cakes like instructed above but rather use the cake I cut off the ones I bake so that don’t go to waste. They have been a big hit by everyone that tries them!

  72. Diane Musgrove says:

    I had a ball making the cake pops. I made the “Starbucks” birthday cake one. They turned out beautiful & looked just like them, however I did not like the taste of the chocolate on the outside. I only used a tablespoon of the Crisco shortening and I could totally taste the shortening. Is there a substitute for the shortening? Is it just me?

    I’m also wondering if I can use the same chocolate I use on my Christmas pretzels? I purchase the chocolate drops at Henry’s/ Sprouts and it is a delicious chocolate. Comes in both white chocolate and chocolate. I dip half the pretzel in white and half in the dark then sprinkle in Holiday sprinkle…..sorry, a little side tracked here.

    Also, I refrigerated the balls on foil for 15 minutes prior to frosting and they dipped perfectly. Didn’t loose a single pop off the stick.

  73. Samantha Castor says:

    I was wondering if you can substitute the shortening with vegetable oil? I hardly ever cook. I can’t really justify wasting $6 on a can of shortening to use once. Would using like a teaspoon or tablespoon of oil instead?

  74. I made these last night. They really were as easy as you described. However, my “frosting” cracked on some of them. They still tasted good and looked ok too.

  75. jacqueline ortiz says:

    well it looks pretty easy I hope I can make them,those you made are beautiful

  76. Hi there! Thanks so much for this post…

    When I first tried making cake pops, I encountered A LOT of the problems that people are mentioning here (like the balls falling off the stick!). I discovered (through trial and error) that you need to make sure you use enough frosting to ensure that the cake balls rolls properly. If they are still a bit crumbly and falling apart as you roll them, then add a bit more frosting to the dough mixture.

    Also, I try not to make the cake balls too large and heavy. About 1.5 inches is perfect – I use the OXO good grip small cookie scoop to ensure a consistent, perfect size and not too heavy. (Still a decent bite or two of cake though!)

    Then, as others have suggested above, I chill the balls to set them (an hour or two in the fridge or 15 minutes in the freezer). Make sure that once you have chilled them you don’t try to dip them straight out of the fridge or freezer. If the balls are still cold through when you dip them in the candy coating, they expand as they heat up and can crack your beautiful coating!

    If you like these tips and could use a few more, I’d love it if you could visit my Cake Pop Recipes Blog! … trust me… I’ve made every mistake in the book so you don’t have to :-)

  77. Hello I wanted to write you some lines just to say that I love your blog and it inspires me a lot in my daily life and for my own blog I have alredy post your creative and brilliant ideas. Thank you very much

    • i love the pop cakes there so fun to make with my mom and i love to make them for my friends too its so cool i mad like animal shaps to anyway i love cake pops :) <3

  78. hello, I wanted to write you some lines just to say that I love your blog and it inspires me a lot in my daily life. I have shared your ideas in my own blogand
    Thank you very much from Spain

  79. thegoodwitch says:

    thank you for this!!! i am going to try your recipe this weekend. i appreciate all the pictures and the detailed instructions. your cake pops turned out great!

  80. This is amazing! The perfect instructions, I love your pictures and how you break it all down. I also love the comment about using a mini crock pot to keep the melting chocolate consistent. I’m going to make some of these for my halloween party (different decorations ofcourse) and you made it easy for me. Wonderful!

  81. stephanie says:

    I have got to say I was a little disappointed. The recipe seemed easy enough and I was excited to make my german chocolate cake pops with white chocolate outside. But 1 the chocolate kept dripping and it was extremely frustrating, and the cake kept falling off the stick. Another problem I encountered was that i didn’t have a cake pop holder and they kept falling over. i turned them upside down and that ended in disaster.

    this is definitely not for an amateur
    p.s. yes i did dip the sticks in the coating then froze them before i actully coated them..

    • hi stephanie, sorry this recipe was frustrating. I have certainly had my fair share of disaster cake pop sessions. If you froze the cake but were still having problems keep the cake on the stick, I would try adding a bit more frosting to the cake before you shape the balls–then, once they are shaped, you can chill them in the fridge. This might help keep them from crumbling apart. hope this helps :)

  82. Hi there! Such a fab and comprehensive recipe! Thanks for sharing. I must admit I encountered numerous challenges – cake falling down the stick and a major icing disaster. I made the cake balls entirely too big, so I’ll be sure to make them a lot smaller next time. Also, I completely forgot to buy Crisco when I was at the store. . .and yeah, it was downhill from there! I’m definitely going to take another shot at these – they’re super adorable, and really actually simple to make if you follow the instructions. I figure I’ll go with the old saying, practice makes perfect.

    Good luck to all of the first timers taking a shot at these bad boys, they’re actually quite tasty.

  83. I love them! great tutorial! Thanks

  84. Wow! This is exactly what I was looking for as far as instructions go. I’m attempting to make my first cake balls this weekend and had so many questions and now I have all the answers. I can’t rate the recipe, yet, but will after my party. 5 stars for the instructions!

  85. I made these (well some of my friends helped me while I ran around the house doing other things) for my sister’s baby shower…and well…they didn’t taste so great. I don’t know what went wrong but I tasted one (unfortunately not before we put them o ut) and it tasted so bad that I had to spit it out. It was sooo embarrassing. It almost tasted like c hemicals o r something. Do you think it could be that the chocolate burnt (even though I think the girls followed the directions right). OR could it be the crisco?

  86. This A Great Recipe I Am So EXCITED to share this with my family I Have Always Wanted At Cake Pop , But when you go to starbucks there like $4 Each so i decided to do this and they were actually better than starbucks:) Thx’s

  87. After reading this page, I made these. Only I made it with red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting for one batch, lemon cake with lemon frosting for the other batch, white chocolate for both, and instead of the food coloring, I used sprinkles. They were a huuuuge hit at my family thanksgiving get together! If you’re reading this, and you want to impress your family, show up with these things, seriously.

    P.S. The lemon cake with lemon frosting batch was SO good. I didn’t use the sticks with that batch which shaves off a lot of time making them. So if you’re feeling lazy, just make cake balls!! Here is a picture of the red velvets I did.

    Thank you for this recipe!

  88. Lindsey Abbott says:

    AWESOME tutorial! I like your sense of humor! Helped me out alot! I’m doing these as Christmas party gifts! :)

  89. I made these! Seriously AMAZING! I did christmasey ( its a word) ones…..this recipe is so easy and so worth it!

    Amanda @ Lillys&lollipops

  90. So I used a cardboard egg carton turned upside down and poked holes in it, instead of using a Styrofoam that I didn’t have the spacing was perfect for the after dipped pops. Just a tip for those of you with no foam.

  91. These are awsome im going to make some for my daughters b-day.this is a great idea!!!

  92. Christina says:

    Thank you so much for these easy-to-follow instructions!!! The pics really helped too! You’re awesome! :-)

  93. So I tried a version of these and they look terrible, lol. Taste is fine, but where i had problems is in the coating. It was just too thick. I wish I would have found this post before I made mine. The addition of the crisco to thin it out would have made all the difference. So, thank you for pointing that out, when no one else has.

  94. I made cake pops for the first time today for my daughter’s birthday. Some of the balls I made ended up with cracks, so they fell apart. Does that mean I didn’t use enough frosting? Also, any tips on distributing the frosting evenly with the cake? It seems to really stick in one spot, so it’s hard to get it around the other cake crumbs. Thanks!

  95. These are amazing, I am going to make them for my sister’s baby shower this weekend. My question is how long do they stay good for? I’m sure you know how shower planning goes and I have a million things to do so I was thinking I could make them a couple days before and just store them in an air tight container. Do you think that would work?

  96. I am making these for my daughter’s birthday party and I want to make them the day before the party. Once I am finished makinbg them and the shell dries how do i store them until the next afternoon? Thank you!

  97. Love your tutorial! I found via Pinterest. Wanting to make these for my daughter’s 3rd birthday but was wondering if anything else can be used in place of the shortening or crisco. I have family that cannot have either. Thanks!

  98. Michelle Fowler says:

    Thanks so much for the tutorial with pictures. AWESOME!!! I am going to attempt LaLaLoopsy cake balls for my daughter’s 4th birthday. I am so excited to try now. :)

  99. Made them for my daughter’s fifth birthday party as paty favors. The tutorial was terrific. Freezing the cake balls worked like a charm. I don’t think I added enough shortening to the candy, however, because I ended up having to “frost” the pops rather than pouring the candy on–so they were a bit lumpy. But it didn’t matter after decorating them–they looked awesome. I also went the CakeMate cookie writing icing to decorate because I’m lazy, it was easier, and it gave me more colors to work with and more decorations to make. I’ll likely make these again when my second daughter turns three in August. Thank you so much!

  100. Robin Hale says:

    You. have the knack to make readers want to go and do this recipe immediately with reassurance. I am glad I came across your site. Now… I look forward to an illustrated book from you now. ~ Thanks for giving me the recipe and pictures to wanna do this …. ~ Robin Hale

  101. I am so excited to try these for my son’s 4th birthday party. I’ll decorate them as Power Ranger heads! But, could you tell me how early I can make these in advance? Would I need to freeze them? Thank you so much for all the pictures. This visual learner LOVES picture tutorials! :)

  102. Thanks for the great Cake Pop recipe the pictures helped alot….

  103. Great recipe!! But do not suggest Micheals take a look see at great items ar even greater prices on cake boxes, candy sticks ribbons etc!

  104. I am so glad I came across this tutorial. I have made tons of cake pops but can’t ever figure how to get it not to come off the stick. You answered my question!!!! Yay!

  105. me and a friend decided to make these for my 2 year old daughter for her birthday, i must say that after a LONG day of rolling, freezing, dipping…THEY TASTED TERRIBLE! i don’t know what i did wrong, i followed step by step and they tasted like mush…i don’t know

  106. Made these using chocolate cake & lemon frosting mixed in….soo good! I used the floored candy melt instead of food coloring.

  107. Alexandra says:

    Thank you so much for all the tips! I had a general idea of how to make them, but the chocolate on chocolate insides were a hit. I made them for the first time ever on my mom’s birthday and I was shocked that all my older relatives were fans! I will be making these again FOR SURE (:

  108. Can anyone tell me if I can use a different flavor of cake mix? (My daughter does not like chocolate)

  109. I tried cake pops a few days ago without reading any directions and I failed miserably at keeping the balls on the stick as I dipped. Dipping the stick in the candy melts first sounds like the solution!

  110. Hi. Love your recipe, can’t wait to try it. Did you use plastic or paper lollipop sticks?

  111. Christina says:

    How bad would the cake pops turn out if I forgot the vegetable oil? Because I forgot it.

  112. Valerie V says:

    I made these for the first time ever for my daughter’s 17th birthday party. The recipe was super easy to follow, and they came out great!! I used white rainbow chip cake mix and frosting with light cocoa candy melts. While the chocolate was still wet, I sprinkled the pops with rainbow sprinkles.

    Everyone (preteens, teens, and adults) in the house LOVED them and came back for more! Thanks!

  113. Samantha says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am about as close to useless as you can get in the kitchen but really wanted to actually make something for my daughters birthday! I tried these (sprinkles instead of chocolate lines) and they are great (not perfectly even coating, but sprinkles somewhat cover that!).

    I had a couple fall off the stick, but that was fine!

    There is going to be a VERY proud little 4 year old at pre-school tomorrow!!!!

  114. :):) Thank you so Much they were DELISIOUS and you Tutorial made it so so easy!!!!!!!

  115. Crisco Shortening Solution.

    Substitute Coconut Oil for Crisco.
    Coconut oil is a Solid at 72 degrees.
    Add 2 to 3 tbs of coconut oil to white chocolates to thin.
    When refrigerated will aid in hardening.
    I add 4 tbs of coconut oil to the frosting, stirring thoroughly, then mix with cake crumbs.
    Refrigerating & freezing with the coconut oil helps solidify and hold together while enhansing the flavor.

    Instead of corn oil or the evil Canola Oil – i do All my baking with coconut oil .
    Increased Moistness and Additional flavor is the result.

  116. I have to admit I cringed for a second when you crumbled the entire cake! lol Cake pops are definitely something that I would want to try making soon. You did a wonderful job!

  117. Marissa says:

    I posted my pictures on pinterest, but I just used your recipe to inspire a slightly altered version. I’m currently working as a tour actor/director for a children’s theatre company where I am in a different city/town each week, staying in hotels/motels. Therefore, I have no kitchen or oven, and my supplies are very limited. So essentially, I made your recipe using leftover brownies instead of cake, peanut butter for frosting, melted Hershey’s milk chocolate for the white chocolate, a coffee stirrer for the stick, and an upside down disposable coffee cup for the styrofoam. And it worked great! Thanks for your inspiration while I’m on the road, and can’t bake too much!

  118. I made cake pops for the first time and found it was pretty easy, albeit time consuming! However, my only problem was the stick going through the cake ball. The tip on using the candy as a glue is genius and will certainly try it next time. Thanks for the tutorial, it was awesome!

  119. Love it love it love it!

  120. Shakiya says:

    I thought I bought the food coloring that you suggested but just like you prescribed…. Lol the chocolate melted on site… How would I know I purchased GEL instead of LIQUID!!!

  121. Hi, Just made cake pops for the first time – cakes themselves were fine, but I wanted to cover them in ??icing ??frosting (but not melted chocolate). Tried a recipe which a blogger wrote forr an icing to put on to ice donuts which was 62.5ml (1/4 cup milk), tsp vanilla extract – warmed on stove, then add 500g sifted icing sugar icing sugar and liquid food colouring – very solidy – more milk made it work better – but then so runny when dipping and a long time to dry enough to place upright. also very very sugary (even for someone with a very sweet tooth). Do you have a recipe for icing or frosting I could use which would allow me to dip the pops giving good coverage and not having everything slide off??

  122. Would this recipe still work if I used a vanilla cake??? I have made the suggested one before but I want to mix it up now. Thanks!!!

  123. First time trying to make cake pops so I typed in easy cake pop recipe and this came up and boy am I glad it did! I used moist yellow cake and cream cheese frosting instead, but other than that I followed the recipe and they turned out yummy and with a perfect conistency. I’m not a big baker, but I wanted to try these for a fourth of July party, and they were a huge hit! Even someone commented that they don’t like cake pops but that these were the best ones they have ever had. So a big thank you for sharing this recipe!

  124. Thank you for the step by step instruction. I can’t cook to save my life but after three times of making this I finally master in cake pops. You are awesome! Everyone at my daughter’s birthday party loves it!!!!

  125. 5 star
    Your tut. told me what I needed to know about how to thin
    the icing. Thank u 100 fold. Can u tell me
    how long I can keep the pops in the ice box? The baby shower is 7 days away. Should I put the finished
    product in the freezer?

  126. Thank you for this tutorial! I am making these for my engagement party this coming Sunday and am so excited! I was told to keep them in the fridge to help them last longer but I am worried I may not have enough space for all of them. Will they go bad if they sit out for a day or two? How should they be covered? Thanks for any help/suggestions you may have.

  127. Melinda Ozgun says:

    This recipe was awesome I LOVE CAKE POPS <3

  128. Dalia Montano says:

    I found your tutorial very simple. Thanks for sharing! Making them for children from our church, im sure they will love them!

  129. Shelby Morgan says:

    question, can i leave them out for the night or should i put them in the fridge for the night? or the freezer? Thanks for the amazing tutorial!

  130. Hey Ashley! An oldie but a goodie recipe. SO simple to make, and the looks on the kids’ faces tell us everything we need to know about the taste. I’ve hat tipped the post over at my blog – Easy Cake Pops! – which hopefully some rookie bakers will stumble upon and come your way. :)


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  132. These are wonderful, Ashley. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I’m making them today with my grandson for the 4th of July with appropriate decorations. I like to place a surprise in the center, perhaps a cherry, or a small round piece of caramel. The kids love them so much that I make an adult version for the parents. The adult version cake is baked replacing liquid with Kahlua (or your choice of liqueur). Then for the coating, you can purchase candy oil flavorings for liquere’s at cake decorating supply stores. I’m not sure if Michael’s has it, but you can certainly order them online. They make great adult treats too! Of course, the alcohol cooks out leaving only the flavor, and the oils don’t contain alcohol, so if the kids happen to get one — no problem!

  133. What’s up to all, the contents existing at this web site are truly awesome for people experience, well, keep up the good work fellows.

  134. Toniann Mandato says:

    How far in advanced could you make them without going bad, I have a babyshower to attend to on sunday and im making her the cake pops but I don’t know when to start them

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  136. Hi I will like to know that the food coloring you used does it have gelatin

  137. Making these today

  138. Thank you for sharing this. I hope to make it this Sun… many thanks… I don’t really know how to make my own frosting…. Can I just use the ones that I searched from the Internet? BEST WISHES :) :*

  139. No wonder your aunt is so proud of you – great blog – great pics! Keep up the great work…little miss momma! :>)

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  142. These are too cute! My kids have been asking for pop cakes (they’ve seen them at Star Bucks) and I did buy them there couple of times. But they seem so wet and ugly inside.. So I dicided to make my own and just bought the pop cake mold tray. I do bake different things but never made those. Was looking for a recipe and yours popped out and here I am. This whole time I thought they are made from scrach but as it turns out it’s a cake mix! I guess it makes it easier that way:) I will try it for sure! Thanks!

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