World’s Easiest Bohemian Hippie Headband TUTORIAL

Officially the World’s Easiest
Bohemian Headband Tutorial
{featured on Headband Week}
So by the end of the week, the creative portion of my brain has sorta fizzled.
And all I could come up with was this insanely easy braided headband.

I’ve noticed that these bohemian braided leather headbands have been all the rage lately {at least according to Claire’s Accessories at the mall}.  And all you need to know how to do is BRAID–and then you too can have your very own Bohemian Hippie Style Headband!
All you need are 2 pieces of leather cord {purchased at Michael’s}
And one strand of gold chain {purchased in the jewelry section at Michael’s}
I used 3 feet of each {for a VERY long headband–shrinks when you braid}
*You could even use three pieces of fabirc or ribbon*

Then all you do is tie a knot at the end and braid the three strands together!
Yep, that’s it!
And you can wear this headband hippie style…

Or Princess style…

I love the way its soooo long that the strands hang down in your hair.

And guess what?
It can even be worn as a wrap bracelet!
Remember to stop by on Friday and link up to our Headband Linky Party!
Gotta love Headband Week!
Happy Headbanding!
I will be linking up to these radical link partaaay’s!

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