Baby W Goes to the Farm

And it was more fun than I could have imagined!
Earlier this week I dressed Baby W in his overalls and we headed to the farm.

Where we met up with this guy.
{Baby W’s bestest buddy–LJ}
I made sure to wear these bad boys so that I would fit in with the farm folk.
{yes, those are gray cowgirl boots}
And I even wore my farm shirt and posed on a pile of hay

Our first order of business was to introduce Baby W to all the farm animals from his books.
We saw one of these pretty little guys
and two of these giant stinky boys
And got mad-dogged by one of these
And then we saw a massive, gigantic, humongous one of these:
Who proceeded to do this:
Which made Baby W do this:
This really is a picture of Lil W watching the pig pee a river.
Note LJ’s thug pant leg in the background.
And then, just when we thought the animal portion of our trip couldn’t get any better…
We met the goats!
Goats that roam free on beams above your head without falling!
While I was freaked out that a goat would fall on my head,
Baby W was doing this:
To get a better look at this:
After meeting the animals, I gave Lil W one of these
And we headed off to do this
Which was LJ’s favorite part of the trip
After picking berries, celery, carrots, lettuce and other fun produce, I headed over to the shop to check out their amazing selection of yummy goodness and take zillions of pictures:
I picked out my favorites and brought them home to make my famous vegetable beef soup with fresh produce.
I know, I know, how very pioneer woman of me.
By the end of our glorious visit, its safe to say Baby W was all tuckered out
{with berry juice on his chubby cheeks}
All in all…Great day at the farm!
Now go visit Blue Cricket Design, because today {tuesday}
she is featuring one of my favorite tutorials!

I was featured green
Plus Becca just rocks!

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