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Introducing Chores to Young Children

The floors are freshly swept.  The room smells of lavender. The dishwasher is running.  Things are in order. All is good in the world. I walk through the house with {…Read More…}

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Greatest Gift

It’s time. Here you go.  They’re yours. To cherish. To nurture. To love.  And love them you most certainly will, just as I have loved you. This is the most {…Read More…}

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Alphabet Baby Shower

  Some friends and I were lucky enough to host a baby shower for a sweet momma who holds a special place in our hearts.  A friend who has had {…Read More…}

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hello Easter

{I’m joining Lisa Leonard for another Hello Monday} hello mellow Easter. hello to egg hunts and easter baskets and chocolate bunnies. hello to family and faith and tender memories. hello {…Read More…}

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10 Minute Bunny Tea Towel

Ah, spring is in the air and what’s more springy than sweet bunnies? Get your pin fingers ready and take a looksie at these 10 bunny themed projects then read {…Read More…}

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3 Books

I’ve gotten pretty lucky with my recent book selections.  The universe must know the words I’ve needed to hear and the way my heart has needed to be touched, because {…Read More…}

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American Blogger Trailer

I got goosebumps watching this trailer. And then I felt overwhelmingly humbled to play even a small role in the film. The trailer is beautiful you guys. And this community {…Read More…}

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Love Linen

{scroll to the end of the post for a big discount code and a $100 credit giveaway}Do you want to know something I’ve learned in the trenches of motherhood? Tight {…Read More…}

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Dating Our Children

It’s extra special for me when I get to share my real life best friends with you–the gals who I’m lucky enough to see on a regular basis, whose kiddos {…Read More…}

live the agoura great race runner


I ran my very first half marathon over the weekend. And I almost didn’t do it.  I made a bunch of excuses. And I almost backed out. Then sure enough, {…Read More…}

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1,001 Questions

Family Hike Spring, 2014 It’s 7:30 pm and we’re in the car, leaving the park and heading home to start the bedtime routine. Wes: Mommy, why can’t we see the {…Read More…}

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Fit and Healthy

I’ve been sharing a bit about my new “healthier living” journey with you guys. And for the most part it’s been going great. I’ve lost 10 pounds, felt increased energy, {…Read More…}

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{3 Things} Celebrity Girl Crush

A new series: A simple list of three things — a different theme — every week, just for fun. Play along if you like. Leave your list or a link {…Read More…}

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Preparing for Kindergarten

A big thanks to Intel for sponsoring today’s post about our new Intel All-in-One PC! #IntelAIO Wesley is headed to Kindergarten in the Fall–and to be honest, I’m kind of freaking {…Read More…}

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Easy Oreo Cake Pops (no bake)

Y’all know that I have a mild obsession for cake pops. But they can be time consuming and sometimes I need a pretty and delicious dessert in a pinch.  So {…Read More…}

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Polaroid Spring Banner

It’s the 10th day of the month, so I’ve gathered my creative blogging friends, and we came up with a PASTEL theme to create projects around, since SPRING is upon {…Read More…}

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Hawaii Part 2

 Read part 1 here. In my last post I talked all about our experience at the Disney Aulani.  Because there was so much to do, we only spent 2 of {…Read More…}

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Our Family Computer Corner

A big thanks to Intel for sponsoring today’s post about our new Intel All-in-One PC! #IntelAIO It has always been important to both Ben and me that we keep the family {…Read More…}

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Hawaii Part 1

Oh you guys, this really was the most fabulous vacation.  Ben had never been to Hawaii and I hadn’t been since I was 15 years old and my best friend {…Read More…}

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Pillows for a Year Giveaway

Everyone loves a surprise in the mail right? Well the winner of today’s giveaway will be getting Happy Mail every month for the next year!! We have joined together with {…Read More…}