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Baby, You’re a Firework

The Fourth of July makes me think of fireworks.And fireworks make me think of this song.And this song makes my heart race with inspiration,and motivation,and awesomeness.And awesomeness makes me think {…Read More…}


4th of July Party Ideas

Fourth of July Party Ideas Oooo, this is one of my favorite holidays for so many reasons. Inspiration. Gratitude. Patriotism. And here are some of the pretty reasons that I {…Read More…}


Hello Summer

Hello Summer {inspired by Lisa Leonard’s Hello Monday Series} Hello chubby cheeks, and melted sticky popsicle that collects in the creases of your neck. Hello tan Summer {and shoe-less} toddler toes. {…Read More…}


Trader Joe’s Salad Recipe

Trader Joe’s Five Minute Arugula Salad This is seriously one of my favorite salads to make and eat. It appears to be supper fancy, but really it takes about 5 {…Read More…}


Lisa Leonard Giveaway: TWO WINNERS

Lisa Leonard Designs Giveaway {and a few anecdotes} You know that dinner party I went to the other night? I don’t know if I told you, but I only knew a {…Read More…}


Four Course Summer Dinner Party

Four Course Summer Dinner Party Honestly, I’m drooling even as I write this post. Last night I had a BLAST. There was yummy food. There was tear induced laughter. There {…Read More…}


Self Image

It’s self image month over at the Shine Project. And today, you’ll find me over there giving my two cents.


A Change in Plans

My evenings usually go like this:Hubs gets home.Dinner of some sort.Possible, and likely frozen yogurt run.A slow sunset stroll.Change into my favorite PINK sweats and one of Ben’s t-shirts.Curl up on {…Read More…}


A Peek at the Kitchen in Our New Place

Hooray, the kitchen is unpacked. Not quite shabby chic, not quite urban farmhouse, not quite french bistro–so we’re going with Chateau Chic. And I don’t really think that’s an actual design {…Read More…}


My Deepest Fears

When life is going really peachy for me I tend to do two things. 1. worry 2. feel guilty I think to myself, Wow, this is pretty great. Do I {…Read More…}


Anthropologie Knock Off Bobby Pins Tutorial

Anthropologie Knock Off Vintage Yo Yo Bobby Pins {As seen on the fabulous Kojo Designs} I originally posted this fun tutorial on Kojo Designs a while back. During my moving interim, {…Read More…}


No, Baby W is not driving the moving truck

Ya know, moving really isn’t that much fun. It can be exciting, sure. But fun…no way. And I’ve been having an exciting and un-fun week. Full of heavy boxes, back {…Read More…}


On Sunday, I Showered

Dress: Old Navy, Sweater: Old Navy, Shoes: Soda, Flower: Fossil Outlet, Watch: Fossil Outlet, Necklace: Lisa Leonard Designs On Sunday I showered.  AND did my hair. AND then put on {…Read More…}


Dreading Bedtime

Baby W works on mastering his pouty face–he has become an expert. Today’s post inspired by Casey’s touching words yesterday. Every night, and I mean every night for the last {…Read More…}


A Momma’s Fears

So there’s this girland her name is Casey {cool, right!).I go to her blogand I stare at her pictures like a creeper.She is gorgeous,and so is her family.But the best {…Read More…}


Woman’s Day

Yep, little ol’ me got a little feature in this months issue of Women’s Day Magazine.  Remember this tutorial from back in the day?  Well, some of WD’s people thought it {…Read More…}


Taquitos Recipe

Homemade Taquitos Recipe Never dry, always crunchy, with a touch of salt. Seriously better than any taquitos you’ll order at a restaurant. Mmmmm, Mmmmm good. Since as far back as {…Read More…}


We’re Moving

We’re Moving.     And we’re pretty excited about it. We like change around these parts. The hubs and I get the “itch” to move, to try out a different neighborhood, {…Read More…}


Dear Grandma

Dear Ga-Ma, I love you because…you have more patience with me than give me your undivided attention every second that we’re smell like baby give my tummy {…Read More…}


Beauty Care Regimen

So here is the 411 on my day-to-day beauty care products.  Nothing special here, all super affordable, and all used daily.  I feel it is important to note that I {…Read More…}