Whooo Me? and a GIVEAWAY

GIVEAWAY, DISCOUNT and a Monster Baby–oh my!
Baby W is at that new glorious stage of toddler-hood where he gets into everything.
And when I say everything, I literally mean EVERYTHING!

Take for example, the broiler on my 100 year old stove/oven.
It’s the kind of broiler that they so geniously installed on the BOTTOM of the oven so that an unsuspecting toddler will curiously attempt to throw their toys into the molten hot drawer…

No regard for the life threatening third degree burns he could get, Baby W’s favorite morning activity is to sprint {more of a speedy waddle actually} into the kitchen, pull open the broiler, and then…

He waits…

Because it’s no fun to do something bad if your Momma isn’t watching.

I dash after him, and as soon as I enter to room he holds up his toy, looks over his shoulder at Momma, tosses his toy in the broiler and then gives me his infamous bad boy look that says:

And this routine continues about 172 times a day.

So when I was lucky enough to pick out my favorite item in the Buzzy Weez shop, this onesie had Baby W written all over it:

{btw: that is inevitable Baby W drool, not a defect–when he loves something, he drools on it}

Buzzy Weez is a shop full of onzeez and the like for your wee little tykes
{how cute are these designs AND these kiddos?!}

Josie Larsen, is a Momma and talented artist who created Buzzy Weez as an outlet for all the fun ideas and characters swirling around in her head.

And today Buzzy Weez is sponsoring a Little Miss Momma **GIVEAWAY**!
One lucky WINNER will get to
CHOOSE their FAVORITE item in the Buzzy Weez shop!!! 

Good luck picking just one favorite–seriously!
{scroll down to ENTER to WIN}

Before we get to some pictures of Baby W wearing his new favorite shirt, can I just say that I am in love with the fact that his Whoo Me shirt is a onesie!
In some small way snapping a onesie on Lil W makes me feel like I still have my tiny little baby, helps me feel like I am slowing down this whole growing up business, even if only a little bit–and that makes me smile {plus the onesie accentuates his cute little tummy and the cotton is uber soft}!

He’s clapping with excitement over his new shirt!

Whoo Me? No, I wouldn’t drool all down the front of my brand new onesie the second Mommy put it on me to take pictures!

And then drool some more…

Whoo Me? I wouldn’t attempt to eat a rock from the front yard!

Whoo Me? I wouldn’t try to jump off the chair while Momma is taking pictures!

Whoo Me? I wouldn’t be a bad boy and refuse to take a cute picture with my Momma…

Wanna place an order NOW for a little tike you love oh so much!
Throughout the duration of the giveaway, get
FREE SHIPPING on your order!
{type Little Miss Momma in the notes at checkout and you will be refunded the cost of shipping}

Ready to WIN your favorite design in the Buzzy Weez shop?!
You can enter up to 8 times for this giveaway:

1. MANDATORY! Head over to the Buzzy Weez shop and let me know which items are your favorite! Be sure to list the name of the item so I know you stopped by their shop.
Sample comment: My favorite is the Whoo Me? onesie.
2. Become a public blog follower of Little Miss Momma
Sample comment: I am a blog follower of LMM
3. Become a facebook fan of Buzzy Weez
Sample comment: I am a facebook fan of BW under the name Jane Doe
4.Become a facebook fan of LMM
Sample comment: I am a facebook fan of LMM under the name Jane Doe
5. Blog about this giveaway. (leave a link)
Sample comment: I blogged about this giveaway at
6. Link to this giveaway on Facebook (leave a link)
Sample comment: I facebooked a link to this giveaway at this link: http://janedoefacebook
7. Add the Little Miss Momma Button to your blog.
Sample comment: I added the LMM button to my blog at

BONUS ENTRY: Click on the Top Mommy Blogs Button below
Sample comment: I voted for LMM as a top mommy blog

Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

*Please leave a separate comment for each thing you do.*

Don’t forget to leave your email so I can contact you!!

Good Luck!

Contest will end Friday October 8th at 11:59 pm (MST)
Winner will be announced Saturday October 9th, 2010

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