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Sisterhood of Secrets

I’ve written and re-written this post maybe a hundred times.  I knew there was so much that needed to be said, so many emotions to share…and I’ve been struggling to {…Read More…}



If you have been reading Little Miss Momma for a whilethen you may remember the Secret Week I hosted back in November.An entire week dedicated to revealing your deepest darkest secrets.It {…Read More…}

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I posted my secret nearly a year ago. I made myself vulnerable. I put it all out there, in hopes that the exposure would give me some control, some resolve {…Read More…}


Have you heard about the Sisterhood?

It’s official. The Sisterhood has launched. Your secrets revealed. New secrets every week. Join the Sisterhood today. {all of Secret Week has been re-posted to the new Sisterhood of Secrets {…Read More…}


Some Exciting News About Your Secrets

As you know, I was overwhelmed with the number of “confessions” I received in my inbox during Secret Week.  Your honesty and courage touched me to the very core. There {…Read More…}


Secret Series Finale: Brave Women Reveal Tough Secrets {link up YOUR secrets}

Secret Series Conclusion {link up your secrets} A Step Momma’s Secret: I’m ashamed of my secret but I know that others may share the same one. I’m not sure that {…Read More…}


A Wife’s Secret Revealed {hilarious, if you ask me}

Have you noticed that Secret Week can be a bit intense at times. So let’s lighten things up for a minute, shall we. This secret makes me smile {and giggle}. {…Read More…}


Life after an accident {secret revealed}

{get caught up on Secret Week here} Nichelle’s Secret: January 4th of this year, I was in a sledding accident. I broke 3 bones in my back, 8 ribs, dislocated {…Read More…}


Two Survivors Secrets Revealed {on Secret Week}

{click here if you need to get the scoop on the Secret Series} Today’s SECRET post is longer than usual, but that’s because I think its an important topic. Something {…Read More…}


Secrets That Will Make You Smile, instead of cry {on Secret Week}

SECRET WEEK PRESENTS: SARAH’S “make you smile” secrets I like to watch my LCD Widescreen TV on “Stretch” so all the skinny girls look a little fatter. I use about a {…Read More…}


A Future Momma’s Plea: Secrets #5 Revealed {on Secret Week}

I know my “secret” isn’t much of a secret, everyone in my life knows how badly I want a baby, but I don’t think anybody really understands or realizes just how {…Read More…}


A Daughter’s Confession: Secret #4 {on Secret Week}

Elle is oh-so-brave for sharing her deepest, darkest thoughts with us… Here is Elle’s secret. It makes me feel like an evil person:I sort of look forward to life without {…Read More…}


A Tired Momma’s Secret Revealed {on Secret Week}

SECRET WEEK: secret #3{need to get caught up, click here} This Momma’s secret is intense–and it touched me to the very core. Here it is: Dear LMM readers, My secret {…Read More…}


SECRET SERIES WEEK {your secrets revealed}

Overwhelmed doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt as your secrets began pouring into my inbox. I was touched. Moved. Emotional. Sympathetic. Inspired. But most of all, I was {…Read More…}


I want to know your secret

I Want to Know YOUR Secret {see end of post for details} {and I reveal another “mini” secret} When I started this blog, it was for one reason more than {…Read More…}

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I Have a Secret

I have a secret. It is personal. I have had this secret since I was 9 years old. My secret embarrasses me, but I am not ashamed. My secret is {…Read More…}