How to Stay Positive

This little girl has it ALL figured out. I’m serious! My personal challenge for the day: Gratitude List By the end of the day I will compile a list of {…Read More…}


Charm Design Clutch Purse GIVEAWAY

Who ever said there was such a thing as having too many purses? Well, maybe your husband–but for the sake of this post, his opinion is irrelevant. Because today you have {…Read More…}


Mommy’s Memory Box

Mommy’s Memory Box I’m an only child. And maybe that’s the reason that as a child I was obsessed with my Momma’s stories about her adventures {and mis-adventures} with her brother and {…Read More…}


Meet Charm Design {i heart purses}

Have you ever felt like going out for a night on the town, just so that you can show off your new outfit or accessory? Well that’s exactly how I {…Read More…}


Things That Are Official #2 {in pictures}

Things That Are Official This Week {in pictures} #2 Baby W officially gnaws through my furniture like a little puppy.  Baby W had his first official bite of Lemon Sorbet. And {…Read More…}


Shelf Design

Living Room Shelf Makeover {re-design} This has been on my “to do list” for months now. When winter ended I knew my shelves needed a punch of springtime color–but the {…Read More…}


Let’s Get Organized, Shall We

PART I {the embarrassing part} You know when you’ve been out of town for a while, and then you get back and you feel like your life {and home} have {…Read More…}


A year ago today…

A Year Ago Today A year ago yesterday I was 40 pounds heavier. {42 pounds to be exact–yes, I’m serious} A year ago yesterday I felt like a third grader {…Read More…}


Tutorials I’m Loving Now

So it’s time to share some of my bookmarked tutorials with my favorite peeps. I fell in love with each of these projects and have added them to my mile {…Read More…}

eat 2010-07-03+Wyoming+Pics+amp+Cake+Ball1

Cake Pop Recipe

 Easy Cake Pop Recipe Perfect for any party or get together, these super easy cake pops are sure to rock your world!  A quick shout out to my beautiful and {…Read More…}


Dear Nearly One Year Old Baby W…

Dear nearly one year old Baby W, In just 6 short days you will be turning ONE–and I am in complete denial. I can hardly fathom how you went from {…Read More…}


Sew a Button Headband Tutorial

Sew a Button Headband {Tutorial} One of the first things you’ll learn about me if you visit my list of tutorials, is that I LOVE BUTTONS! Button bracelets, button earrings, {…Read More…}


Guest Blogger Love Stitched {{TUTORIAL}}

I am super excited to be handing over LMM to one of my all-time favorite crafty bloggers–Brittany at Love Stitched! Good luck finding a more talented chica {she sews, she {…Read More…}


This is why…

You need to have a professional license to cut hair. And clearly I don’t have one.


Dear Target

Dear Target, Forget Disneyland!  For me, you are the happiest place on Earth. I can honestly say that visiting you is the one errand I actually look forward to. The {…Read More…}


Baby Footprint Plaque Tutorial

Baby Footprint Plaque Tutorial {Featuring Mod Podge, of course} I had grand plans of having this project completed before Father’s Day so that I could share this gift idea with {…Read More…}


Daddy Day

Happy Very First Daddy’s Day to my Hubby Hubster Baby W wanted you to have this: His very first work of art, painted especially for you. And let Mommy tell {…Read More…}


Chocolate Chip Banana Nut Muffins

Chocolate Chip Banana Nut Muffins {they will rock your world} The other day Baby W was a bit under the weather and took an unexpected 2.5 hour nap.  NEVER before has {…Read More…}


Cry it Out Method

I tried it… After the longest 45 minutes of my life, it worked… And when I went to check on Baby W, this is what I found. *And his cuteness {…Read More…}


Baby W Goes to the Farm

Underwood Family Farms that is… And it was more fun than I could have imagined! Earlier this week I dressed Baby W in his overalls and we headed to the farm. {…Read More…}