How to Make a Lace Tie Bracelet {no sew}

How to Make a Lace Tie Bracelet {using scrap fabric} My creative wheels are struggling lately, so I totally understand if you hate this tutorial. But I sorta hope you {…Read More…}


The Scoop on My Cameras

A handful of you have asked for the scoop on my camera. Let me begin by reminding you that I have NO idea what I’m doing when it comes to {…Read More…}


Another Edition of Awkward and Awesome

As inspired by The Daybook. In my house, we refer to Sydney, of The Daybook, as my “girlfriend”.When the hubby asks what inspired me to mix stripes with polka dots, I {…Read More…}


Sadie Jane: Simply Delicious {anthro bedroom that is off the hook}

Meet Sadie Jane of Simply Delicious,she is beautiful,she is talented,she has the most precious little family,and she has some mad design skills.Read her guest post todayfor the scoop on her {…Read More…}


Poo Happens

There’s a first time for everything… And last night we had our first official bath time floater. floater{s} to be exact. At first, he was ashamed. And then he thought {…Read More…}


SNEAK PEAK at the LMM Spring Line {now available}

Spring is in the Air The Little Miss Momma Spring collection was inspired by the whimsy and elegance of the quintessential English cottage and garden.  I had the fabulous opportunity {…Read More…}


Quotes To Live By

{source} {source} What quotes do you live by?


Some Fads Never Die

Totally linking this post up to: Some fads fade away. Shoulder Pads MC Hammer Pants Big Hair Glamour Shots Slap Bracelets Boy Bands And then, some things never go out {…Read More…}


Modern Bird Studios GIVEAWAY & Discount

Modern Bird Studios Giveaway {and a discount} I’m silly, I know. Because in my mind there is this arbitrary list of milestones I envision for my family as the years {…Read More…}


Airports Make Me Cry

No one ever tells you that having children will make you all weepy. Or that something as simple as a Pampers commercial will suddenly bring you to tears. And that {…Read More…}


The Art of Taking an Impromtu Family Portrait {with toddlers}

We tried, we really did… And yes, my child is the only one bouncing off the walls in every picture. And for those of you who watch Modern Family, you {…Read More…}


WINNER and a Silhouette Update {discount code}

Let’s get straight to the details, shall we. The WINNER of the Purse Bling Giveaway: is Comment #418 1neProud Mama And that is the header for her super awesome blog. Please {…Read More…}


Comin at’cha from Chey-Town

Coming at’cha from Chey-town {aka Cheyenne, WY}. Where the snow is fresh, the family is abundant, the outfits are not snow appropriate, the hubby takes a snow shovel to channel {…Read More…}


Our Valentines Day {moustache style}

This year I decided I wasn’t going to let Valentines Day get the best of us. No matter how simple our evening would turn out,  I was determined that we {…Read More…}


One Year Ago Today {a blogiversary}

Blogiversary {one year ago today…} {taken about a year ago}  One year ago today, I logged into blogger and spent a few hours typing in every clever blog name I {…Read More…}


The Value of Hard Work

{my Momma and baby me} {my Momma and baby me} One of the things I most appreciate about my Momma, was how she instilled the value of hard work within me {…Read More…}


The One Where I Show You How I Put My Face On

Warning: I don’t know what I’m doing.  I am not an authority on the do’s and don’ts of the “art of makeup”.  I do things like lick a q-tip and {…Read More…}


It’s My Job to Worry, right?

So I’ve determinedthat it’s a Momma’s job to worry.We worry when they’re in our bellies.Is he kicking enough?Is he getting enough nutrients?Was that bath I took too hot?Is he facing {…Read More…}


What’s In My Purse {and a GIVEAWAY & Discount}

What’s In My Purse {and a giveaway & discount} Every year I make a New Years resolution to get myself organized. Like clock work, on January 1st, I head out {…Read More…}


Your TOP 5 Questions About Interior Design Answered

GUEST BLOGGER: Your TOP 5 Questions About Interior Design Answered by a Professional {scroll down for details about a FREE $150 Color Consult} My name is Cyndi Broadhead, I am {…Read More…}