Things You Should Know About Me If We Are Going to Be BFF

Things you should know about me if we are going to be BFF: I am only 4’11 tall. {I’m a pipsqueak}. I pee in front of my hubby. When I {…Read More…}


WINNER and Last Minute Gift Idea

WINNER TIME! CONGRATS to comment #86 Ranae of Remake with Ranae {check your email} You WON the Madison Reece Giveaway! Stop by the Madison Reece shop for lovely handmade home {…Read More…}


A Moment of Panic in Momma-hood

It can strike at any time. At the park. At the dinner table. In the shower. This time it happened at the grocery store. At first, everything is fine. I {…Read More…}


the Superest Super Hero Spotted in Las Vegas

Baby W’s first trip to Las Vegas.  With a visit to the Lion Habitat, where Baby W nearly fell out of his stroller with excitement as he grrrrowled at all {…Read More…}

craft felt christmas trees

Felt Christmas Tree TUTORIAL {by Tatertots and Jello}

Today we basically have a celebrity guest blogging with us–a crafting celebrity, that is!Jen, of TT&J is best known for her neato subway art projects and burlap creations–and for being {…Read More…}


Some Exciting News About Your Secrets

As you know, I was overwhelmed with the number of “confessions” I received in my inbox during Secret Week.  Your honesty and courage touched me to the very core. There {…Read More…}


Let’s Take a Look at My NEW Mustard Yellow Purse

I Have a Crush on My NEW Purse You know that feeling when you want to see someone succeed so bad because you believe in what they do, and because {…Read More…}


I’m not really sure there are words for this post…

Merry Christmas from Baby W


Madison Reece Giveaway & A WINNER

Where do I begin? Do I start by telling you that the name of this glorious shop just so happens to be two of my top pick baby names if {…Read More…}


Yellow Cardigan, Red Converse and Dimples

Warning: You WILL get sick of seeing my family by the end of this post because I think I included all 40 billion pictures we took.  You know my girl {…Read More…}

craft IMG_15661

Pom Pom Bib Necklace Tutorial

Pom Pom Bib Necklace Tutorial {totally anthro-esk} Do you remember my Pom Pom headband tutorial a while back?  I was inspired to turn those Pom’s into an anthropologie inspired necklace.  {…Read More…}

grow Yep, Baby W is a genius AND a future NBA star

Yep, Baby W is a genius AND a future NBA star

It’s amazing how naturally Baby W picks up on EVERYTHING. He is just such a smarty pants, and I’m certain he has a future in the NBA {or at least {…Read More…}


Scrumdiddlyumptious Chocolate Pudding Desert

Chocolate Pudding Desert {and it’s off the hook} This scrumdiddlyumptious desert is the perfect dish to bring to your next holiday party. It has four super yummy layers. A crushed {…Read More…}


Secret Series Finale: Brave Women Reveal Tough Secrets {link up YOUR secrets}

Secret Series Conclusion {link up your secrets} A Step Momma’s Secret: I’m ashamed of my secret but I know that others may share the same one. I’m not sure that {…Read More…}


A Wife’s Secret Revealed {hilarious, if you ask me}

Have you noticed that Secret Week can be a bit intense at times. So let’s lighten things up for a minute, shall we. This secret makes me smile {and giggle}. {…Read More…}


Life after an accident {secret revealed}

{get caught up on Secret Week here} Nichelle’s Secret: January 4th of this year, I was in a sledding accident. I broke 3 bones in my back, 8 ribs, dislocated {…Read More…}


Two Survivors Secrets Revealed {on Secret Week}

{click here if you need to get the scoop on the Secret Series} Today’s SECRET post is longer than usual, but that’s because I think its an important topic. Something {…Read More…}


Cozette Couture Giveaway {super chic headband}

Cozette Couture GIVEAWAY **woohoo!** I would say we’re looooong over-do for a super sweet giveaway, wouldn’t you say?! Y’all know Cozette Couture and all of her shop’s glorious hotness! And {…Read More…}


Roller Coaster

This evening I had about 15 minuted of down time in my crazy busy day. The hubby was working late and Baby W was hinting for some cuddle time. And {…Read More…}


Secrets That Will Make You Smile, instead of cry {on Secret Week}

SECRET WEEK PRESENTS: SARAH’S “make you smile” secrets I like to watch my LCD Widescreen TV on “Stretch” so all the skinny girls look a little fatter. I use about a {…Read More…}