a little bit Awkward, a little bit Awesome {through my childhood years}

a little bit Awkward, a little bit Awesome Through My Childhood A little while back, I was inspired by my bud, Sydney of the Daybook, to write this post about {…Read More…}


Camera Stache, That Shirt Again, Side Pony Tail {and a DISCOUNT}

Camera Stache, That Shirt Again, Side Pony Tail and a Discount {scroll down for discount code} Why, hello there. The answer to your question is YES. Yes, I am wearing {…Read More…}


How to Get Sponsors for Your Blog

How to Get Sponsors and Advertising for Your Blog I have received this question in my inbox a lot lately, and I have struggled to respond because there is no quick {…Read More…}


Happy Mommy {and a GIVEAWAY just in time for Valentines Day}

Happy Mommy and a GIVEAWAY {and a 30% OFF coupon code} Happiness is: smushy cheeks and animal cracker breath, waterproof sheets and a race car bed, pixar movies and pop-up books, {…Read More…}


Give Me a Caption Please

I need a caption… And the BEST caption gets a RING from the Little Miss Momma shop! How about that? I will pick a winner on Friday. ______________________________________________________________ Meet Loxly {…Read More…}


Silhouette Subway Art {13th Article of Faith}

Silhouette Subway Art {13th Article of Faith} YES, I realize that it looks a bit like I applied these vinyl letters while off roading. So please don’t look too closely, {…Read More…}


Rad Vinyl Giveaway and a HUGE Discount {Say It OnTthe Wall}

Since we’re all BFF, I already know that y’all are suckers for vinyl just like me. Like you lay in bed at night thinking about all the surfaces in your {…Read More…}


I’m Here to Stay

Little Miss Momma: Etched in Stone {Shirt: Gap, Necklace: Jessica N Designs, Camera Strap: Mel V} MOMENT OF PURE HONESTY: Sometimes, Little Miss Momma has one of those days. The {…Read More…}

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Drift Wood Peace Sign Tutorial

Drift Wood Peace Sign If you would like to read about my FIRST attempt {and fail} of this project, click HERE. I promise you will chuckle. I think this is {…Read More…}


Two things I needed today…

There were two things that I desperately wanted to do today: pedicure and bubble bath As you can see, Mommy alone time only permitted one: {meet my snaggle toes} And {…Read More…}


Peace Out {or not}

So I had grand plans for this tutorial. But “this tutorial” had other plans for me. Sometimes I receive “craft visions”, if you will. And as I played at the {…Read More…}


Silhouette Heat Transfer Material on Apparel {my first project}

Silhouette Heat Transfer Apparel I don’t mean to toot my own “crafty” horn, but seriously, could these black and white onesies get any cuter? Well, I suppose they would be cuter {…Read More…}


I {heart} Your Faces {link party}

Self-Portrait Link Party: Yep, we’re really doing this. We’re busting out the camera, setting aside our fears, stepping out of our comfort zone, channeling our spunk, embracing the beauty that {…Read More…}


Couture at it’s Finest {and a HUGE discount}

{scroll down for discount info} So lately, I have been obsessing over bib necklaces. Seriously obsessing. I used to be accessory challenged, but then, certain insanely stylish bloggers inspired me {…Read More…}


Pom Pom Necklace and Headband Link Partaaaay

I Wanna See Your Pom Pom’s {link up your projects at the end of this post} I like to party. You like to party. Why not party together? Shall we?! {…Read More…}


I’m a Bit of a Softy…and my necklace will tell you the story {and a discount}

Once you get to know me,you’ll find out really quickly that I’m a huge sap. Like I’m really into sentimental stuff.Love letters, scrap books, family heirlooms.You get the idea. So {…Read More…}

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What You See Is What You Get

What you see is what you get. This blog is me. Every bit of it. The good, the bad, the ugly. The crafty, the spunky, the silly, the happy, the {…Read More…}


What Matters

I can always count on this face,  to remind me what matters most.


Barn Owl Primitives Winner

It’s that time again, time to announce the WINNER of $75 to the fabulous Barn Owl Primitives shop! Are you excited? I am. And the WINNER IS… Comment #29: Kara {…Read More…}


Vintage Wanna Bee in the house

Oh, how I love my new beret. It makes me feel so very sophisticated, and…French. Like I should be sipping hot chocolate from a real mug in a quaint coffee {…Read More…}