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Quick Backyard Patio Makeover in a Weekend

You guys, our back yard has been dismal and sad for over 3 years now.  When we first moved into our home, we had grand plans of a dream backyard for {…Read More…}

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Our Master Bedroom Update

You guys, it feels important that I share what a long time coming this project has been for Ben and me.  We are coming up on 10 years of marriage {…Read More…}

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Master Bedroom Decor Inspiration

Our bedroom before mold…I didn’t dislike our old master bedroom–but it’s a bit too warm and dark for our taste.  Also, it’s officially time to retire those Target throw pillows. {…Read More…}

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Sawyer’s Big Boy Room Tour

A BIG thank you to Erik Hokom of for photographing Sawyer’s big boy room. I’m so excited to be sharing Sawyer’s big boy room today.  It just might be {…Read More…}

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Finding My “Home Style”: A Journey

A few of my friends have been reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, a book about purging unnecessary possessions from our life.  One night my {…Read More…}

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A Beautiful Mess: Tour of My Happy Place & HUGE Giveaway

Scroll through the post for a super awesome and exciting giveaway of a vintage treasure! Also, this is not a sponsored post–I’m simply a huge fan, gushing about my love {…Read More…}

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Christmas Home Tour 2014

Christmas time–oh, Christmas time.  I always get all nostalgic and giddy at this time of year.  And it is by far my favorite holiday for decorating.  I didn’t stray to {…Read More…}

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The Barn Owl Primitives Creative Studio Tour

  I am so excited to share something with y’all that I’ve been itching to share for a long time–the Barn Owl Primitives studio tour!  Kristi, the founder of BOP, {…Read More…}

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Inspired Art: Beth Allen

I absolutely love stumbling upon unexpected beauty and inspiration.  It can happen when I’m in a boutique, when I’m browsing etsy, when I’m reading a blog or book, when I’m {…Read More…}

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Our Family Computer Corner

A big thanks to Intel for sponsoring today’s post about our new Intel All-in-One PC! #IntelAIO It has always been important to both Ben and me that we keep the family {…Read More…}

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas–in pictures. As the boys get older, this time of year becomes more and more exciting. Man do I love seeing the holidays {…Read More…}

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Our First Halloween Fireplace

This Halloween nearly passed without a single decoration making its way into our home. And I was okay with it. We’ve never decorated for Halloween in the past because the {…Read More…}

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I’m Finally Gonna Do This

Growing up, my bedroom was my sanctuary. My safe place. To study. Read. Paint my nails. Talk with friends on my pink “Clueless” phone. I had a mom, aunt and {…Read More…}

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Kitchen Remodel With Paint: The After

Our kitchen has been transformed! And, I’m pretty excited about it! You can read about the beginning of our kitchen remodel adventure here (I will include link to previous post). {…Read More…}

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Our Living Room and a B.O.P. Giveaway

GIVEAWAY CLOSED and Winners selected: Congrats to Natasha Flores and Denise Burridge.  You have been sent an email with details about claiming your prize. *** I call this my happy {…Read More…}

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Our Kitchen Remodel With Paint: The Before

We moved into our first home in November.  Most of the houses in our town are old, and ours is no exception.  However, we were excited because most of our {…Read More…}

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Whatever Craft Weekend Part 2: The Shopping

Now, onto the antiquing portion of Whatever Craft Weekend. To read Part One about the Craft House and our projects, click here. After our fun first night of sewing ruffle {…Read More…}

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Whatever Craft Weekend Part 1: The House, Swag & Crafts

You guys, I don’t even have words to describe this past weekend that I spent in Kansas at the Whatever Craft Weekend. I’ve attended many “events” and “activities” in my {…Read More…}

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Sawyer’s Baby Nursery

Sawyer’s room is a special place for our little family. When we moved into our house just before Christmas, his room was the first and only one to be unpacked {…Read More…}

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Friends Don’t Let Friends…

Now, I’m a fan of my chain stores too (ode to Target)–but as I’ve mentioned before, nothing makes me more giddy then spending an afternoon at my local Antique Mart. {…Read More…}