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Debbie Downer

or Negative Natalie–whichever term you prefer to call me today. Because every now and then I have one of those days where I could stand to “do without” certain things. {…Read More…}


What Would You Do?

Answer at age 8: Marry Uncle Jessie from Full House. Answer at age 12: Play soccer in the Olympics. Answer at 16: Get a full ride scholarship to Harvard. Answer {…Read More…}

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Dear Anonymous…

I never would have imagined that my little post about a poopy diaper could have caused so much commotion… Or stirred up so much emotion within me… {read this post {…Read More…}


Do you remember the 80’s and 90’s: PART 2

After reading all your fab comments on my previous post about memories from my childhood, I couldn’t just leave it at that.  So thank you for your inspiration for this {…Read More…}


Do you remember?

Do you remember the 80’s and early 90’s? You’ve just gotta love family vacations… Staying up late at night, gathered around the table together… Talking about the most random topics {…Read More…}


Beach Week

BEACH WEEK I know, I know–I have been a bit incognito for the past few days. No posts, no product reviews, no crazy awesome tutorials, no adventures of Baby W. {…Read More…}


Floating Around in My Mind

Soooo, I have all these thoughts for posts lately–but none are substantial enough to stand on their own.  Which is why I have decided to post this smorgasbord of the {…Read More…}


All The Little Things

Completing yesterday’s daily challenge {compile a gratitude list}, proved to be just what I needed. My list went on and on and on… Now, I had planned on sharing this {…Read More…}


How to Stay Positive

This little girl has it ALL figured out. I’m serious! My personal challenge for the day: Gratitude List By the end of the day I will compile a list of {…Read More…}


This is why…

You need to have a professional license to cut hair. And clearly I don’t have one.


Dear Target

Dear Target, Forget Disneyland!  For me, you are the happiest place on Earth. I can honestly say that visiting you is the one errand I actually look forward to. The {…Read More…}

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Cramps, where art thou?

Cramps, where art thou? It just hit me the other day. Uhhh, when was the last time Aunt Flow came to visit me. I mean, every 30 days, like clock {…Read More…}


I know its Summer Time When…

How do I know it’s summer time, you ask? My feet tell me, that’s how! During the summer I wear one thing on my feet, and one thing only–my totally {…Read More…}

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I Have a Secret

I have a secret. It is personal. I have had this secret since I was 9 years old. My secret embarrasses me, but I am not ashamed. My secret is {…Read More…}

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Enjoy the Journey: Top 10 Moments in My Life

Enjoy the Journey Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away.   I am kinda a {…Read More…}


Breaking the Rules for Mr. Darcy

Have I ever mentioned how much I {love} everything Jane Austen–because I do! I’m afraid that I am your typical girly girl who turns to mush inside whenever I think {…Read More…}


"Get Off My Bum" iPod Playlist Needed

“Get Off My Bum” iPod Playlist Needed Last week I was re-reading a recent post I wrote about my bad attitude when it comes to any form of exercise ever {…Read More…}