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Sunday Inspiration: Something Divine

A little bit of Sunday inspiration from a gal whose faith and courage inspire me daily. I feel like this is going to be my new rut song–the song I {…Read More…}

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People To Follow On Instagram

It’s no secret that Instagram is by far my favorite social media outlet. As with all social media, we each get to decide how we’re going to use it.  Will {…Read More…}

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3 Books

I’ve gotten pretty lucky with my recent book selections.  The universe must know the words I’ve needed to hear and the way my heart has needed to be touched, because {…Read More…}

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American Blogger Trailer

I got goosebumps watching this trailer. And then I felt overwhelmingly humbled to play even a small role in the film. The trailer is beautiful you guys. And this community {…Read More…}

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Dating Our Children

It’s extra special for me when I get to share my real life best friends with you–the gals who I’m lucky enough to see on a regular basis, whose kiddos {…Read More…}

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Fit and Healthy

I’ve been sharing a bit about my new “healthier living” journey with you guys. And for the most part it’s been going great. I’ve lost 10 pounds, felt increased energy, {…Read More…}

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Lunch Pails & Lipstick

A pretty cool day today. Today I’m over at Lunch Pails & Lipstick sharing the story that makes me the most happy. Some of you have already read it. For {…Read More…}

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Close to My Heart

Some of you may already know Jeannett and her blog, Life Rearranged. If you don’t, I would put it at the top of your “to-read” list. This week she shared {…Read More…}

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Some Words, Just Because

I know we’re all on pinterest. And I know we all probably have a “quote” board. And I know that this may be super redundant. I know. I know. I {…Read More…}

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The Out To Dinner Bag

Someone I admire and respect a lot, met our little family for an early dinner the other night. By the time we arrived at the casual pasta place around the {…Read More…}

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Finding Your Voice on Your Blog

GUEST POST: Alissa Circle, blogger at Rags to Stitches and Chief Strategy Officer of Pollinate Media Group A couple weeks ago, during one of the weekly Coffee Date vlog posts, I talked {…Read More…}

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Photography: Using the Sun in your Favor

Admit it, you’ve hoped for an overcast day when you know you are headed outside to take pictures of your kids in an adorable new outfit. Do you wish for {…Read More…}

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Tips + Tricks for Instagram

A big welcome to Alissa, our official Biz and Bloggy contributor. Thanks for putting together this fabulous post on Instagram Tips. _______________________________ Today I thought I would share with you {…Read More…}

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What the heck is SEO? Plus some quick SEO you can do on your blog now!

Welcome to Cyndi–our LMM Techy Contributor! Today she is going to share some wonderful tips and tricks about SEO for your blog! Take it away Cyndi. __________________________ Hi everyone! Today {…Read More…}

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Top Five Plugins to Enhance Your Blog & Connect with Your Readers

So I’m about to reveal a huge secret… Today’s guest post is written by my secret weapon. The girl responsible for any and every techy thing behind my blog—because I’m {…Read More…}

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The 5 Knows of Having a Handmade Business

Hi LMM friends! My name is Alissa aka Rags to Stitches. I have a lifestyle blog here… and I have a handmade shop here. Maybe you’ve seen my Neon Bow {…Read More…}

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Casey Wiegand: A Love Story

Today’s guest post, is by a girl I feel incredibly blessed to have as a part of my life. She’s real. She’s fabulous. And she’s pretty much the type of {…Read More…}

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An Honest Look at Lindsay’s Depression

Guest Post by Lindsay of Lee La La. DISCLAIMER: This post is about Lindsay’s battle with depression and experience with anti-depressants.  We know that depression is a devastating and serious {…Read More…}

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Loss and Heartache

I’ve talked to y’all about Casey before. About how she inspires me. About her strength. Her faith. Her story. Casey has blogged with us before…about her biggest fear. If you {…Read More…}

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How to Run Successful Online Promotions

Source: blog.workisnotajob.com via Ashley on Pinterest Live and learn. That’s the nature of life, and that’s the nature of business. And it seems that as I navigate my way further {…Read More…}