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While I wouldn’t consider myself a photographer, taking photos of the people and things I love has always been a passion of mine. Birthdays, vacations, first days of school and beach days–capturing their milestones brings me endless joy.  And for this reason, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 has been on my wish list for a while now.  I was giddy when I unwrapped my Instax earlier this week and even more excited to give it a try on my special beach date with Sawyer over the weekend. It was a blast being able to snap pictures of our little dude in his element and then have the photos in our hands immediately after taking them!  Also, the Instax was perfect for Sawyer to try his hand at taking photos too.

A few years ago, a friend of mine whose kids are a little bit older than ours, gave me some priceless advice about “dating our children”. Quality one on one time, discovering and speaking their love language, undivided attention and affection. While Wes was at a play date, Ben and I took advantage of our time with Sawyer and spent an afternoon at the beach.  Sawyer is still young–but it is my hope that these special dates will build his trust in our relationship and that we’ll learn how to communicate with one another about every day life and especially the tough stuff.
We put our feet in the freezing cold water, built sand volcanoes, chased seagulls, collected shells & drift wood and buried Sawyer in the sand–and we captured it all with our new Instax.

As soon as we got home, I got to work on creating a fun photo project to document our day.  And since I used the Instax, our photos were all ready to be used.  We brought home a beautiful piece of drift wood that we found on the beach and I created a Instax photo mobile using fishing line and hot glue. So fun and so easy!

Untitled design (8)SARA
Step One:  Tie one end of the fishing line around the drift wood in a double knot.  Cut fishing line at the desired length. Repeat this step until you have 4 strands of fishing line tied and evenly spaced on the drift wood.

Step Two: On the backside of the driftwood, place a dime sized amount of hot glue on the back of each fishing line to secure it in place.

Step Three: Select the Instax photos you want to use for your mobile and determine how you want them laid out. Keeping the drift wood with the backside facing up, begin to hot glue your photos in place by applying a strip of hot glue to the back of the photo and then laying the fishing line into the strip of glue.  Allow the glue plenty of time to dry before moving your mobile around.  When you are done gluing all your photos into place, trim any excess fishing line.

Happy crafting and INSTAX pic taking!  I would love to hear about your favorite moments to capture in photos in the comments section for a chance to WIN a $100 Visa gift card. 

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  1. Kate PItre says:

    I’ve been eyeing one of these for months!

  2. Would LOVE to win this little gem!

  3. I LOVE your driftwood mobile! It turned out so beautiful! I also like capturing memories at beach days (we’re Floridians and when I was in high school, my trunk was always beach ready), but also I like getting snapshots from everyday life which is why phones that you can take pictures on are so awesome. #technologyforthewin #stillcantbelievephonestakepictures #stuckinthetwentiethcentury

  4. Rachael S says:

    My brother is getting married and these are so fun to have at wedding receptions!!

  5. Sweepstakes: What a fun day! Makes me think about what special days I can plan with my kids individually.

  6. We were planning to use one of these at our wedding – I’d love to not add the expense of one to our ever expanding budget!!

  7. My favorite moments to capture lately have been the everyday moments – digging in the dirt, playing on the swing set, just really capturing my boys in their elements. I want to soak up and remember the stages they’re in.

  8. Kayla Allen says:

    I would love to capture the happy moments between my 2 girls

  9. glad you had some special time with Sawyer; great idea using the driftwood as a display!
    capturing the everyday moments is so important…they grow up way too fast! xx

  10. Whitney S says:

    I would love one of these cameras! Your little project turned out super cute too! I like to take pics of big moments in my kids life and have been trying to take everyday ones as well!!

  11. I like capturing photos when people don’t know they are getting their picture taken.

  12. Dennette S. says:

    I love to capture any moment I can on camera with my kids. Probably the moments where they aren’t looking at the camera are the best ones.

  13. Mami2jcn says:

    I love to capture moments at the beach when we’re on our family vacation.

  14. Mami2jcn says:


  15. I like to capture happy moments when we celebrate holidays

  16. I love to capture the little beautiful moments that happen during all the regular life! 🙂

  17. i love capturing moments anytime I get to see my friends/family. even mundane meetings and gatherings will be precious photos later!

  18. Julie Wood says:

    We make photos fun by taking pictures of something we love doing. Pictures at the water park, lake, water skiing. Those are the best photos that are fun! I also have a nice scrapbook that I put my pictures in!

  19. Julie Wood says:


  20. The best moments to capture are those spent interacting and having fun with family, especially outside in nature. I love to take pictures of family vacations spent hiking, skiing or biking!

  21. We like to capture family moments when we are on vacation, like the kids in front of a lake or at a museum.

  22. My favorite moments to capture in photos are action photos when no one is looking at the camera.

  23. Great post and super cute project!

  24. i am obsessed with taking pictures of my kids! 🙂

  25. Veronica U says:

    My favorite moments to capture are views when my husband and I go on weekend hikes!

  26. Dawn Monroe says:

    I love my pictures of my grandkids dressed up for Halloween.

  27. Tara Robinson says:

    We got our awesome Nikon stolen from us at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel!! This sounds like such a fun camera to purchase!

  28. Yes PLEASE!!! This camera would be such a dream 🙂 🙂 love love the instant memories it captures! Especially as i’ve had a hard time with developing my pictures in the past 6-7yrs….. yikes…. 🙂

  29. Bridget Miller says:

    I love this idea, I’m don’t print my pictures out as much as I should! This would be a game changer!

  30. My favorite moments to capture photos are when people are going about life and don’t know I’m about to take a picture of them. I love seeing people’s natural expressions.

  31. I love taking pics around the holidays and birthdays.

  32. Definitely taking pictures of my kids would be my favorite.


  33. Margaret Smith says:

    I love to scrapbook and I have lots of stickers, designs, and special decoration’s to make our photo books look great. Thanks so much.

  34. Margaret Smith says:
  35. Jessie C. says:

    Daily life, meal times are my favorite moments to capture in photos.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  36. Jessie C. says:


  37. Lisa Brown says:

    My favorite moments to capture are weddings and family birthdays, especially the kids.

  38. Lisa Brown says:


  39. I love to capture everyday type things – brushing teeth with their little hands holding the toothbrush, cereal bowls and hands with spoons, building Legos, waiting for the bus, doing homework, helping with dinner prep and table setup, sleeping.

  40. Any moments that include my family, primarily my husband and two small boys.

  41. Anastasia Falling says:

    The moments I love to capture are….. pretty much EVERY MOMENT!! lol Especially the every day stuff of life because those are the moments that blend together in my memory and a photo makes them stand out 🙂

  42. Anastasia Falling says:
  43. Madeline says:

    I like to capture special days like birthdays and vacations. Once in a while I’ll capture a regular day too just for remembrance sake.

  44. Madeline says:
  45. Madeleine Hart says:

    I would love to use one of these to document a few upcoming trips I have this spring. Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. I like to capture every day, uneventful moments in pictures..opposed to events where people pose for the camera. I like those small things we do daily that make the real memories.

  47. My favorite moments to capture in a photograph is when my boys are playing baseball. I love looking back at their growth on the field through the years. Sometimes my wife can’t make it to the games so we can put pictures with our story about the game!

  48. Ashley! I love the DIY photo display! And have been wanting one of these cameras FOR-E-VER. ha!! Capturing my family in the moment is always my favorite. 🙂

  49. Janice Cooper says:

    I love to capture moments at the park and holidays with the entire family.

  50. Janice Cooper says:
  51. I’d love to have more opportunities to shoot photos with couples — I love capturing stolen kisses and gentle touches! As it stands, my favorite moments to photograph are the ordinary, every-day things from our lives that only we know the story behind.

  52. Now that my kids are all young adults, my favorite moments to capture are anytime they are all together!

  53. Rebecca Graham says:

    Our vacation photos are a lot of fun.

  54. maria cantu says:

    I’ve been taking photos of our pet cat.


  56. I love to travel! It would be amazing to capture some of the most exciting and adventurous times of my life with one of these awesome cameras!! Not to mention the endless crafting the photos could help blossom!!

  57. My favorite moments to capture in photos would be when my kids taste the treats that I prepare for them. They always have a big smiles with ohhhh..and arrrs. 🙂

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  58. Margaret Smith says:

    Anytime with my kids is one of my favorite moments. They grow so fast and I love to record those memories. Especially when they are being silly and having fun. Thanks so much.

  59. Margaret Smith says:
  60. Susan Smith says:

    I make photos fun by snapping them when people aren’t paying attention! It’s especially fun to do this when they are being silly.

  61. Susan Smith says:
  62. Stephanie Sorenson says:

    We are taking a big family trip to the beach to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday! My kids have never been to the beach, and this camera would be a terrific way to catch all the first moments they’ll get to experience!

  63. Wanda McHenry says:

    I make photos fun by snapping an unexpected picture. They are so exciting!

  64. Wanda McHenry says:
  65. Angel Jacklyn says:

    I love capturing photos when people are laughing

  66. Angel Jacklyn says:
  67. I like to take photos during holidays. It’s amazing to watch my kids grow from year to year.

  68. Shawn Gallagher says:
  69. Shawn Gallagher says:

    I like posting them on Facebook then sitting back and reading what everyone says… because it’s fun

  70. sherri crawford says:

    dress up with the grandkids

  71. I make photos fun by taking candid shots, so everything doesn’t look so formal and planned.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  72. TWEET–

  73. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I would love to capture my granddaughter eating her first foods on film!

  74. Stephanie Phelps says:
  75. Our friends entered a short filmmaking competition recently, and I’ll take along my Instax camera to the theater for the movie premiere to take photos of everyone on the red carpet.

  76. Family vacations!

  77. Henria O. says:

    Birthdays and family vacations are our favorite things to photograph.
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  78. My favorite moments to take photos of are when I am out in nature and see something truly unique. I love to take macro shots of flowers and insects and plants and see all the tiny details our human eyes miss.

  79. Capture all the best memories with your pets and loved ones that you can.
    pixelberrypie at yahoo dot com

  80. Nicola S says:

    Would love to use that to capture sweet moments at all the weddings I will be attending this summer 🙂 Also perfect for family BBQs!

  81. My favorite moments to capture are when no one knows I’m taking the pictures.

  82. I would say every moments about my son!!!

  83. Faith J. says:

    Photos are more fun when they come out instantly

  84. Faith J. says:
  85. Tabathia B says:

    I love to capture moments with my family during gatherings and during vacations

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  86. Tabathia B says:
  87. Erica Best says:

    family get together

  88. Erica Best says:
  89. Thomas Murphy says:

    I like to capture family vacations.

  90. Barbara Montag says:

    I enjoy taking random pictures of the grand kids.
    Get my favorite pictures that way!
    thank you

  91. Barbara Montag says:
  92. Denise L says:

    I love the everyday moments I capture candidly. One of my all time favorites is a picture of my two-year-old daughter drinking from the water fountain at the Zoo. SO sweet and shows how big she had gotten in just two years!

  93. Denise L says:
  94. Kathryn C says:
  95. Kathryn C says:

    #SweepstakesEntry- comment

    We love making our photos fun by including our pets in the pictures as well


  96. Elizabeth pergande says:

    I make photos fun by being happy with candid pictures. It makes it go faster if I am not picky but just capture the special moment. truckredford(at)Gmail(Dot)com

  97. Elizabeth pergande says:
  98. Kim Henrichs says:

    My favorite moments to capture are sunrises and sunsets. It makes me so happy!

  99. Whitney Bellows says:

    We love to capture photos of our two corgis playing outside.

  100. Bert Ruiz says:

    My favorite photos are the ones that capture my kids having fun

  101. Bert Ruiz says:
  102. Jessica To says:

    I used to always take pictures of my son sleeping but now that he’s older, I like to take pictures of him doing anything he enjoys.

  103. CR Williams says:

    I love to capture birthdays and everyday day to day activities.

  104. CR Williams says:
  105. Debbie B says:
  106. Debbie B says:

    i love surprise “in the moment’ photos rather than staged or posed pictures

  107. What a fantastic way to display pictures!

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