5 Minute Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Recipe

The boys know its going to be a good day when Auntie Debbie (Bubbie) comes over with a fun idea she found on Facebook. This time it was a 5 minute ice cream sandwich cake–and ice cream sandwiches happen to be their favorite dessert. We grabbed a box of ice cream sandwiches (we used 9), a jar of chocolate syrup and a jar of caramel syrup, a can of whipped cream and some fun holiday sprinkles.  Bubbie let the boys stack the sandwiches and she helped them spread the glue (syrups) between each layer.  Then they covered it with whipped cream and sprinkles.  Be sure that you cut against the grain of the ice cream when serving.  And serve immediately, before the whipped cream melts, lol. I’m sure this would work if you covered it in cool whip instead and popped it in the freezer so it lasted for longer before melting.  But this 5 minute version was a blast and super yummy! Thanks Bubbie!


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  1. I LOVE ice cream sandwhiches, this is totally my next birthday cake!

  2. This looks absolutely incredible! I need to go buy some immediately!

  3. So easy, thank you for sharing :3 What I need for easy weekend dessert

  4. Wow, this is amazing.

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