A Beautiful Mess: Tour of My Happy Place & HUGE Giveaway

Scroll through the post for a super awesome and exciting giveaway of a vintage treasure!
Also, this is not a sponsored post–I’m simply a huge fan, gushing about my love for A Beautiful Mess Antiques.

I think we all need a place to escape–a happy place.  When we have a bit of time for ourselves this “happy place” is the first spot we think to visit.  It may be for a couple hours or only a few minutes.  Regardless of how long we’re there, the point is that we can clear our minds, take a deep breath and rejuvenate.

For the past five years, the Whizin Market Square has been my go-to place to escape. This sweet little corner of Agoura Hills, CA is filled with antique stores, oddities, design shops, unique boutiques and delicious food.  I usually start with a jumbo coconut chocolate chip and walnut cookie from The Blue Table.  Then I take a stroll through each shop, taking note of goodies for my dream home wish list.  Then I save the best for last–my absolute favorite store in the entire community–A Beautiful Mess by Kymberley Fraser.

You guys, this shop! It’s a dream–truly!  And so is it’s owner!  As a frequent visitor and slightly obsessed fan-girl of her style and and design, Kymberley has been forced to get to know me over the years.  I’ll never forget how gracious and kind she was the first time I pulled out my camera and asked her shyly if I could snap some photos of her shop for my blog. Now, nearly 4 years and hundreds of photographs later, I’m proud to call her a friend.

This woman has a gift and it is an absolute pleasure of mine to walk through her shop and admire her talents.  Kymberley has been a Los Angeles designer for nearly 20 years now!  And she has also developed 3 Fine Grains; her own line of custom furniture, bedding, and pillows, along with many other unique and timeless designs.  She was recently featured on the cover (THE COVER) of 805 Magazine, an out-of-this-world local publication who features only the best-of-the-best. You can check out a digital copy of the entire issue here.

Today, I’d love to take on a tour of my happy place, A Beautiful Mess.  And because Kymberley is so sweet, she is generously giving away the most beautiful pillow made of vintage fabric (scroll down to see).

a beautiful mess antique mart
See that gray couch right there? The one with the amazing indigo throw pillows on it…mark my words, that couch will be mine–one day, that couch will be mine! It’s heaven!
a beautiful mess antique store
Follow A Beautiful Mess on Instagram for updates on promotions and latest vintage treasures–remember, they can ship right to your door if you’re not local.
audrey hepburn quote
ikat antique pillow
Psst, that’s the amazing pillow she’s giving away!!! Scroll down for more info on how to enter!
vintage levi jacket
Let’s take a moment to talk about these vintage Levi jackets that I have been eyeing for months.  Every time I come into the store I try on the latest styles and then tell Kymberley that if my husband ever meanders into the store to be sure to send him in the direction of the Levis.  Also, I insist on trying one on every time I’m in the store too.

best levi jacket ever
a beautiful mess
Disregard my awkward stance and cowlick, and instead admire the handiwork on the back of this jacket! Wow!
a beautiful mess living room
Also, remember a while back when I shared my fun cuff bracelet with y’all?  This is where I got it!  Remember, if you’re not local, they are happy to ship directly to your door step! So be sure to follow along on IG and Facebook so you can see what she has in stock–or check out her online catalog. The custom jewelry is almost always my go-to gift for friends.

stamped leather cuffs
coin purses
twine and twig
vintage leather jacket

a beautiful mess dining table
antler place setting
antique mart pics
agoura antique mart a beautiful mess

indigo vintage pillows
These pillows!
coco chanel quote
christmas tags
brown leather chairs
This chair is leather with a velvet cushion–so fabulous!

rustic christmas tree
The sweetest Christmas tree I ever did see.
star ornament
Kymberley’s mom made this incredible macrame Santa Claus by hand. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it–obsessed!

santa macrame

There you have it! My happy happy happy place.  Glorious, right!
And now for the awesome giveaway c/o A Beautiful Mess.
See this stunning, Vintage Indigo Ikat Pillow. It has a $350 value!
And it could be yours!
Enter below!
Here are quick links to our Instagram pages to follow for entry:
A Beautiful Mess & Little Miss Momma
a Rafflecopter giveaway

ikat vintage pillow
vintage pillow giveaway
best levi jacket ever

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  1. My happy place is the beach!

  2. This store is gorgeous! This pillow looks awesome and would look great on my leather couch. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!
    I am especially loving the jewelry in all the photos!

  3. My Happy Place is HOME, no doubt about it!! ~Sonya

  4. I would love to put this somewhere in my new house come Spring!!

  5. My happy place is in bed at night with my hubby, almost one-year-old, and a good book!

  6. My Craft Shack in the Backyard. LOL! The only girly place I have

  7. Erin Jordan says:

    My happy place is home!!!

  8. If I lived closer this would be my happy place too!!!

  9. As a constant visitor to your Blog, I was elated to see this giveaway! A lot of your giveaways are for US residents only and I am up here in Vancouver, BC wishing I just lived a mere 30 mins south! Thank you for this as it is RIGHT up my alley! xox Nicoal

  10. I adore this pillow!

  11. Tara Criddle says:

    My happy place is home!! Love your blog!

  12. The beach and target are my happy places

  13. The beach and target are my happy places. Everyone needs a happy place! Also- that pillow- GET ON MY BED ALREADY!! thanks for the chance to win!! Xoxo

  14. That is a beautiful store!! My happy place is home!

  15. I live in a small town right now while my husband finishes school, so there’s not a huge variety of places that I can get away to or that I can call my happy place. But, there is one and it’s called Lulu Bella Boutique (in Rexburg, ID). Google it for their online store. The lady that owns it is probably one of the sweetest people I know and they always have such cute clothes and recently added home decor. Their store is always decorated extremely cute and it’s a place that makes my heart happy just thinking about it (can’t you tell?). Thanks for the giveaway…the pillow is to die for along with that denim jacket!

  16. My happy place is anywhere my family is 🙂 Love my sweet lil girls & hubby so much!

  17. i would love this little shop! my happy place is home or the ocean or lake michigan or target!

  18. My favorite happy place is curled up on the porch on a sunny day with a good book!

  19. When I can be with our Grandchildren–that is my happiest place. We now live far away from all of them and it is such a wonderful joy when we can visit and be together…

  20. Kristin Golemon says:

    I need the necklace you are wearing in that first picture! Is it from this store? How can I find it?! Thanks so much.

  21. Alanna Staffel says:

    I love to grab local coffee and wander around Alamo Quarry Market or La Canterra (outdoor shopping malls in SA) 🙂

  22. Jolie Bess says:

    Mmmm, my happy place is Cannon Beach, OR where my fiancé proposed.

  23. I love Kym and her store too!! Great giveaway!! Hope I win 🙂

  24. in my sunroom

  25. Courtney+Warkentin says:

    This shop is so cute! My happy place is wherever my boyfriend and I are together

  26. Melissa Greco says:

    My happy place is in bed cuddling with my boyfriend. Not a care in the world :’)

  27. Home is my happy place. As a northern Californian, I’ve been fortunate to visit A Beautiful Mess a couple of times and love the treasures I got there. Kymberley is amazing and I love her aesthetic. Thank you to both of you for offering a chance to win that beautiful pillow! Fingers crossed!

  28. Julie Choquette says:

    I love Kymberly, too! I have been following her in Instagram & Facebook & get so much inspiration from her – her shop is my dream…..

  29. My happy place is anytime I’m outside at sunset and can stop and take a moment to take it in. To me that is the most beautiful time of day.

  30. my happy place is in my garden with my kids! although right now it’s in my livingroom by the fire listening to the rain! {totally obsessed with this gorgeous pillow!}

  31. Brynn Ellis says:

    This store is absolutely GORGEOUS and I hope to see it in person one day. The pillow is beautiful. My happy place is in the family room with all 5 of our kids laughing and hearing about their day. I think we would use the pillow as a “talking pillow ” and whoever has the pillow gets to share. Many family memories would be made with it….

  32. STUNNING! I’m redecorating my house (previously my husband’s bachelor pad) in blues and greens and that pillow would be perfect! Thanks for a fun giveaway 🙂

  33. My happy place is anywhere that my boyfriend and dogs are!!

  34. My happy place differs depending on the mood and season, but it’s always where my family or friends are.

  35. Shannon B. says:

    My happy place is home with my hubby, reading a book while he rubs my pregnant belly 🙂 I LOVE shops like this, and I love that she ships out! Thanks for the share, Ashley!

  36. My happy place currently is in our big comfy chair with a soft blanket & hot cup of coffee by our lit Christmas tree.

  37. Faith heimbrodt says:

    Santa I would love the white beaded stars and a cross necklace and leather braclet!!

  38. My favorite happy place is the beach I just love the ocean it is so calming.

  39. My happy place is a morning run on Leadbetter beach when the sun just starts to rise.

  40. elizabeth williams says:

    My happy place is my childhood hometown with my family

  41. The beach for sure!

  42. I love the park. We have a beautiful mini central park in Davenport, IA and it’s definitely my little happy place.

  43. This is gorgeous!!!

  44. at home with my husband

  45. My Happy Place was eating at Isabella’s (an Italian restaurant, which coincidentally just closed in Agoura Hills. My friends and I are looking for another Happy Place right now.

    I have never visited A Beautiful Mess, but it is on my list now.

  46. Amy Deeter says:

    the beach is defiantly my happy place to be

  47. Wow! Everything is so dreamy! Wish I lived closer to CA!

  48. My favorite place is in front of my Christmas tree on a cold night .

  49. So many things I want from there. SWOON

  50. Her shop looks amazing! Someday when I visit my CA friend we are going to have to make a trip there!

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