The ER, twice in one week.

sawyer stitches

sawyer cowboy
Bow Tie c/o: Lemons & Lace, Moccs c/o: Freshly Picked

This little cowboy had a rough week.
And so did his Mommy and Daddy.

Two trips to the ER for Sawyer in one week–totally unrelated incidents.

Incident #1
It began with him getting “projectile” sick at the airport after a miserable 2.5 hour flight headed to visit Ben’s parents for Thanksgiving week. Next began the scary cough.  Which escalated into a 105 degree fever.  And then he was struggling to catch his breath in the middle of the night.  Our usually energetic and independent baby suddenly wanted nothing more than to lie completely still on his Daddy’s chest. He didn’t even have enough breath to cry–poor little guy. Late Tuesday night he went to the ER where we learned that his oxygen levels were dangerously low. He had a severe case of croup. They gave him epinephrin and steroids and his breathing was much better by morning. However, his high fever and cough lasted for 3 more days. We spent almost every day of our vacation indoors tending to his fever.

Incident #2
By Friday night his fever had finally broken, and we flew home Saturday evening. I was relieved to get back into my routine with two healthy boys. However, only a few hours after settling in, Sawyer tripped and hit his head on the corner of an ottoman. It seemed no different from any spill he had taken before. But when I picked him up and saw all the blood…I knew stitches.  6 stitches to be exact. Directly through his eye brow.

What a stud.

And let’s not pretend that I wasn’t a wreck through this whole thing.
Because I was.
Mostly on the inside though.
On the outside, I tried my hardest to be the brave Momma he needed me to be.
Feeling helpless is the hardest part of parenting–I think.

sawyer bowtie 6

sawyer bowtie 2

sawyer bowtie 3

sawyer bowtie 4

sawyer bowtie 1

cowboy moccasins




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  1. No matter WHAT all he’s been through, he’s stinkin’ cute and the pics are adorable! Ah motherhood.

  2. Oh the pangs of being a Mama….My babygirl had the exact same stitch job when when she was around his age….she was jumping on the bed (maybe I should have said something about that) and bounced right into the two-drawer stand….I was “strong” too but on the inside I was just frazzled….She is 19 now and doesn’t jump on the bed anymore….well as far as I know! (smile)….Your son is adorable and I love this blog! 🙂

  3. I’m so sorry your little one has been sick. I understand the ER visits. My daughter (who is now 12) got pushed into the corner of a sink at daycare when she was 4…on her dad’s birthday! It cut about an inch gap in her forehead. Let me just say the forehead is not a good place to cut; nothing but vessels. But she was a trooper and they Dermabonded her skin back in place. She still remembers the the name of the child who pushed her. Poor kid; he’ll never live it down…

  4. Oh, he’s precious even with a band-aid on his eyebrow. Poor guy…and poor mama. I hate to say it, but you’ve only just begun with boy stuff! I can’t even count all the mishaps of mine. If I didn’t have photos to document it all I wouldn’t remember most of them. Too many. I hope he’s all better now with the croup.

  5. Poor guy! Those trips to the E.R. can be scary (we’ve got two boys and have had quite a few of those!). Glad to see your little man is doing well. Love his little mocs, I just discovered Freshly Picked!

  6. ummmmm, you do know that the scar from his stitches is going to make him even MORE irresistible, right? Which, for the record, I didn’t think was even possible.

    Hang in there mama, it’s hard…it’s a good thing God makes ’em cute! 😉

  7. He is simply adorable! I can’t imagine having a sick baby when I’m away from home. It’s always a huge fear of mine. You are a trooper! So glad he’s better and that he’s so brave!!


  8. He is a precious little cowboy. So sorry your Thanksgiving was spent in such a mess!

  9. that kid is seriously one of the cutest kids i have ever seen. stitches and cowboy hat and all 😉 glad you’re ALL on the mend!

  10. It seems that the ER was the place to be this weekend! My littlest guy (7) hit the top of his head on the 45 degree angle of a wooden banister on Thanksgiving. I too knew, as soon as I saw all the blood, that we were in for an ER trip. 4 staples to the skull later and he’s no worse for wear! I feel your pain! Calm on the outside, a wreck on the inside. I don’t do helpless well. Oh yeah, and on the way home from the hospital we hit a DEER and wrecked our car! When it rains, it pours! As always, I look back now and say… could’ve been worse! Glad your little guy is ok!

  11. aaawwww poor baby! {and momma} that had to be a rough trip! It’s hard enough having sick kids but then not being in your own home is even harder! AND THEN to come home and get stitches! aw! I would have been a mess! Love you guys! Kiss S a kiss from me!

  12. That is crazy. Glad he is better. You got some great photos of him in this photoshoot.

  13. oh what a handsome little guy. no longer a baby is he ? we did have some really interesting holidays through the years and it is not without several trips to the ER .injuries, asthma, For some reason it really helps zero in on the things we have to be thankful for.Happy post thanksgiving day.

  14. Ashley, he is to darn cute! I cannot imagine how brave you have to had been, I am dreading those days, I know they will be here soon enough for me. Hope everyone is feeling better now though!

  15. Oh my goodness! Poor little guy! We rarely traveled in the winter with the little ones for THAT reason. It would never fail, we would be tending to sickness on vacay. I’d rather tend sickness at home. Poor baby…POOR MAMA

  16. So sad, but sooooooooooooooo cute!!!

  17. I remember when one of our son’s had to have stitches on his forehead. The sight of the blood made me woozy, and I had to sit down. So much for strong mama! Hoping that’s the last you see of the ER for a good, long while.

  18. Oh, the joys of parenthood! I’m glad he’s feeling better though! xoxo. You’re a great mom! 🙂

  19. He is just adorable!! When my son was 22 months old, he had a very similar accident that ended up with 6 stitches to the eyelid. Of course the accident happened at 9pm on a night when the ER was a full house! I was a mess the whole time as well, and even ended up fainting in the ER after the procedure was done! I think we ended up going home around 2am that night!

    Keep up the good work! Your boys are so cute!

  20. such a sweet little boy! i’m glad he’s feeling better. he’s absolutely adorable!

  21. Both of your guys are adorable. Sorry about your Thanksgiving went this way so next Thanksgiving have his parents come to your house. I hated when my children would be sick or needed to make a hospital visit. But you have to agree he looked so darn cute stitches and his cowboy hat. They both need to be in the movies. Maybe you should post them on you tube.

  22. Poor baby!! But let me just say- he is one handsome boy! Way to stay strong momma!

  23. We had a week like that many years ago. First the lip and then the forehead. My little guy was about the same age as yours. Now he is 38.

  24. We were in the hospital thanksgiving night for a bad case of croup for our 17 month old little guy too… :((( so sorry to hear y’all were going through the same thing!

  25. Ugh…. So sorry for you but glad he’s feeling better…. Feeling helpless is definitely in the top 5 hardest things about being a parent!!!

  26. Ugh! Rough week, eh? So sorry… the good news is, he is SO stinkin’ adorable. That cowboy hat? That bowtie? Those eyes? Precious. I totally agree with you about feeling helpless in parenting. Hang in there, Mama!

  27. Hey Ashley, I just wanted to say thank you for sponsoring my blog. I truly appreciate it. But more importantly, Sawyer is just TOO adorable!!! Oh those little dimples..makes me want to pinch those cheeks!

  28. Being a Mommy can sure be tough! I love these pics of his sweet little self!! Adorable!! 🙂

  29. He is so cute! Holy moly. I can’t believe you had to deal with all of that! Lola had croup once at his age and it is so scary! Nothing worse than being sick over a holiday out of town. Poor kid. Soooo stressful for you! xxxx

  30. Those eyes kill me. Seriously, and the bow tie, too cute. Such a little stud.

    Ryder has a scar under his lip (last years Christmas present from Noah), from when he had to have four stitches. Now, whenever I see the little scar, I think of that Christmas day. In the moment, it sucked, but almost a year later, it’s a fond memories of a yet another Huss family holiday. 🙂

    Plus, scars on guys are way cute.

  31. Those pictures. Ash, you are killing me!

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