Queen Bee Market

queen bee market 13Mique, Me, Nina

Last weekend was Queen Bee Market in San Diego. I look forward to this weekend for months because it’s one of the rare opportunities that I get to see (in person) so many of the products and people I love.  It just amazes me how talented so many of you are–and buying handmade is just about my favorite thing ever. My friend Mique organizes the entire event; she’s a rock star!

queen bee market 11

Me, Nina

mique and ashleyMique, Me

Stuck in the Coop had some of the cutest goodies ever! Mix and match charms, completely unique.

queen bee market 3

splot shop
I fell in love with these pillow covers from Splot Shop and ordered a few to arrive in time for Christmas.

merry christmas pillow

queen bee market 1

 I’m wearing my new favorite, insanely comfortable baseball tee from The Printed Palette. It says “I’ll be in my teepee”. I picked the boys up some matching ones as well.

**All the below photos were taken by Blackbird Ink Photography.**

View More: http://theblackbirdink.pass.us/qbmnov13 See that “JOY” sign in the back of Flea Market Sundays booth? I bought that bad boy for Christmas. Love it!

View More: http://theblackbirdink.pass.us/qbmnov13

Evie Ivy happens to be one of my all time favorite shops.  I bought a “be brave” sign this time.

View More: http://theblackbirdink.pass.us/qbmnov13

I am OBSESSED with Junk Art Gypsyz and have been forever. And for some crazy reason I still haven’t made a purchase yet. Do you ever love a collection so much, that you become overwhelmed with loving so many pieces that you can’t make a decision? Because I’m pretty sure that’s what happening for me in this case.

View More: http://theblackbirdink.pass.us/qbmnov13
I can hardly believe that this QBM was the first I had heard of Stacy Lynn skirts. I bought a chambray one, but really I wanted one in every color. (shh, but I’ve already worn it twice this week). It has pockets you guys!

queen bee market 8

View More: http://theblackbirdink.pass.us/qbmnov13

View More: http://theblackbirdink.pass.us/qbmnov13

Ashley of The Shine Project, who I love and admire so much, was also at QBM. It was so great to catch up, listen to her give a truly inspirational talk, see her two beautiful children and give her a big hug for all the goodness she is putting out into the world. Please check out Threads, an amazing line of jewelry made by at risk youth.

View More: http://theblackbirdink.pass.us/qbmnov13
View More: http://theblackbirdink.pass.us/qbmnov13
View More: http://theblackbirdink.pass.us/qbmnov13

I was swooning over this absolutely adorable nativity by Creme De La Gems.
You’ve got to check out their princess lockets!

View More: http://theblackbirdink.pass.us/qbmnov13
View More: http://theblackbirdink.pass.us/qbmnov13
Salty Bison, oh Salty Bison, how I love thee.  I have been drooling over their work for quite some time now, and meeting these two awesome gals in person was just perfect. I even brought home the most fantastic piece from them that I can’t wait to show you. Also, you know that U.S. map that usually hangs over my fireplace–thats from them too.

If you want to see more Queen Bee goodness, check out #queenbeemarket on Instagram.

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  1. ugh…i need to move California closer to me. next year I must crash another QBM…with you, of course.


  2. Wow, our hair really did look spectacular 😉

  3. I bought that skirt too!! I’m obsessed with it! 🙂

  4. I just finished a craft show this today and now I’m going to spend all of my earnings on these awesome shops! That little nativity scene is SUPER precious! Thanks for posting 🙂

  5. I LOVE Junk Art Gypsyz!! I got their ampersand for the dessert table at my wedding. It was so hard to pick what color I wanted but I went with the rustic brown. It’s now used as a light for my dressed, obsessed!!

  6. Thank you thank you thank you for coming to QBM, for being a support and listen to be blab over and over and over as I stressed over every little detail. Again, I’m lucky to have you in my life.
    Kristi- you are coming next year!
    Nina- both of you looked FABULOUS at QBM.
    Megan- happy you were a part.
    xoxoxo Ash!

  7. I LOVE the very first picture of you, Mique and Nina! It was so fun to meet you and Nina in person! Everything at the queen bee was drool worthy! Thanks for the shout out!

  8. You don’t take a bad picture, I swear! Looks like so much fun. Maybe I’ll join next time.

  9. That looks like a great time!

  10. This looks like so much fun!

  11. Oh my gosh! That looks like so much fun! I absolutely adore a good craft fair. Love, love, love homemade goodies…

  12. Oh my goodness. I love it all! I’m going next year for sure!

  13. WOW, that place looks amazing! I could spend a fortune there!

  14. Great pics of the Queen Bee Market! What a fantastic show that was. So many fun products and great people!! It was so fun seeing you and I hope you enjoy the JOY sign. Really looking forward to next year!

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